No Sacrifice Is Too Great - Part 1 of 3
This is a modern day erotic fairy tale of sorts, and just like in any fairy tale there is tragedy mixed in. But hang in there and stick with me the entire three part journey, I hope and think you will end up liking the destination you arrive at.

Cathy almost turned back numerous times on her way to the isolated cabin. Only idiots or desperate women grasping at straws are outside tonight. No civilized driveway to get to her destination, instead she's walking on a narrow trail through the forest. Trees tower on either side of her, their branches in the wavering, narrow beam of the flashlight she carries, look like skeletal hands reaching out to grab her. And she keeps hearing rustling noises nearby. Hoping whatever it is doesn't want her as it's next meal, Cathy continues down the trail. Finally the path opens up into a clearing, with the house she seeks almost camouflaged the way it's nestled among the trees, and the blowing snow doesn't help visibility any.

I can't believe I gave into this madness! Standing on the wrap-around porch, at the door of the cabin, her hand is poised to knock, but she hesitates. An inner voice keeps telling her, what she claims is impossible! This is a foolish trip to the middle of nowhere, in horrible weather that will end in nothing but disappointment. Surely Connie must have been playing a joke when she told me about this old gypsy woman. But she seemed so sincere, keeps running through Cathy's mind. And if there's any chance that it's true, I have to find out. I have to at least try!

The door opens as she stands there, hand mid-air.

"Are you going to stand there all night debating whether or not to knock? Come in, come in Cathy. I've been expecting you," the ancient looking woman who answered the door said in a heavily accented trembling voice. Her grip was surprisingly strong for such a frail looking woman as she pulled her into the house, closing out the howling wind and swirling snow with the slamming of the door.

"How did you know I was coming? And how do you know my name?" Cathy stared pointedly at her through narrowed eyes, brow furrowed as she struggled to think of a logical explanation to these questions.

"I know many, many things. You'd be surprised at how much I know," the old woman replied cryptically. "But first things first, let me take your coat." She turned, walking slowly, her cane banging against the wood floor as she made her way unsteadily, the short distance to the closet to hang Cathy's heavy, red winter coat.

"I came to see Madam Selena. Is she available?"

Turning from her task the old woman said, "I'm Madam Selena. Please come in, sit down, and we can chat." She indicated a dark purple silk chair in front of the blazing fire, with a shaky hand.

Cathy hesitated, uncertain if she really wanted to reveal her true reason for being here, and risk sounding insane.

"Come on girl, sit, sit. I need to get off my feet. Damn doctors say I can't stand for too long. They're a bunch of quacks if you ask me!" This outburst had the sound of a frequently repeated complaint.

Madame Selena sighed as she sank into the plush matching chair in front of the fire, the multiple different colored bracelets she wore tinkled at the movement. An end table sat between the two chairs, which were angled so the occupants could both take advantage of the warmth provided by the flames but still see each others faces to hold a conversation. A dainty china teapot sat on the table along with two cups on saucers.

The intense heat from the fire felt good after the long walk from Cathy's car to get to Madam Selena's cabin. It was a decent sized log home tucked in amongst the pine trees; it's closest neighbor about three quarters of a mile away. She would never have found it if Connie hadn't given such precise directions, and even then she had gotten lost once before finding her way to this remote spot.

"Ahhhh there's nothing better than a roaring fire and a hot cup of tea on such a raw night. Wouldn't you agree Cathy?" Without even waiting for an answer she went on to ask, "could you please pour my dear? I'm afraid my hand shakes too much now to do it without spilling."

Cathy poured the tea, and as Madam Selena put cream and sugar into her own cup, examined her more closely. She would guess the woman's age to be at least eighty, possibly older. Her long, thick hair had turned white, probably many years ago, and judging from her olive-skinned complexion had once upon a time been black. Despite the many deep wrinkles caused by old age, Cathy could tell that in her day, Madam Selena had been a beautiful woman. Up close like this, it was evident that something was wrong with her eyes, they're cloudy blue, almost milky looking from the cataracts slowly but surely stealing her eyesight.

Cathy looks down at her hands as she twists one of her rings around her finger over and over, unconsciously biting her bottom lip. She sighs heavily. Then taking a deep breath, she finally stammers out, "Madame Selena I came to see you-," Madam Selena's raised hand, stops Cathy mid-stream.

"I know exactly why you came to see me child, and I can give you what you want. But a spell of this magnitude needs a sacrifice, nothing like this is ever free."

"I don't care what the sacrifice is, I will give anything to have this." Cathy speaks firmly, mind made up even before she sought this woman out.

"Don't be so hasty, young one. Drink your tea and let's discuss it. I will tell you what I can do for you, and then tell you what's required in return. Does that sound acceptable?"

"Yes Ma'am, that sounds fine to me."

"Alright then, let's get down to business. I can make it so that when you wake up tomorrow you and your young man-"

"Brad," Cathy interjects, his name said lovingly.

"As I was saying, you and Brad will wake in a beautiful, small villa on a deserted, tropical, South Pacific island. A chef will be provided, and the supplies to prepare anything you want. Furthermore, the best and sexiest clothes that will accent your beautiful body, will be waiting for you and Brad."

"Since I know this is a concern, both of your family and financial obligations will be taken care of in your absence. And best of all, as long as you are on the island or in the surrounding waters, you won't get sick, and all of both your aches and pains will go away, along with any health issues either of you have. So you'll be totally free, without restriction, to do anything you want on the island. You'll be able to stay there for two weeks. How does all that sound to you Cathy?"

"It sounds better than perfect, but too good to be true. There's no way you can do all that. I've obviously wasted a trip coming to see you. You're either delusional, or playing some cruel joke on me." Cathy's face flushed, her words clipped, voice hoarse with pent up emotion, as her hands clench into fists in her lap.

"I assure you, I can and will do these things. But as I've said, there's a price."

"Yeah, well I don't have a first born child to give you, and I'm past my baby making days," Cathy says sarcastically, her voice dripping with contempt at this woman wasting her precious time.

The old woman laughs. "No, no, I'm not Rumpelstiltskin. That's not what I require from you my dear. No, I need ..."

Cathy pales, and tears fill her eyes when she hears what the sacrifice will be. But squaring her shoulders, she looks Madam Selena in the eye, and in a small but firmly determined voice says, "I agree to your terms."

The old gypsy woman tells Cathy with a satisfied smile, "good, good, you won't regret that decision." Madam Selena speaks a few phrases in a beautiful sounding foreign language, then says, "It's done, you'll wake in your man's arms tomorrow morning and have two weeks with him in paradise. Make the most of your time together, my child. It didn't come cheap."

Cathy quickly wraps up her meeting with Madam Selena, wanting to be gone as soon as possible to try and absorb the enormity of what she has just done. The old woman makes a cryptic remark as Cathy left saying, "never give up hope." Yeah. Sure, that's easy for her to say.

All through the long drive home the same thing keeps echoing in her mind, six months...SIX months...SIX MONTHS. Tears blur her vision, as she feels anew the agony and shock when her death sentence was announced. Six months was all the time she has left, or so the doctors say. It's an aggressive form of cancer, too far advanced to be treated. They mournfully apologized to her, saying she should get her affairs in order. That's why she'd sought out Madam Selena.

Cathy has already decided not to tell Brad for at least a couple more months, if not longer, although she has no idea how she can keep something this serious from him. She desperately wants to give him this perfect, happy memory of their time together in paradise, unmarred by sadness or talk of death. She wants these memories to comfort and sustain him, maybe even make him smile, after she's gone.

Plus, she refuses to leave this world without feeling his arms around her holding tight, their lips meeting for a first kiss, hands and lips exploring each other's bodies, and then finally becoming one. He always said they had plenty of time, but now time is running out, and they're playing real life Beat The Clock, even though he doesn't know it. Madam Selena could have asked for anything, and Cathy would have done or given it, no sacrifice is too great as far as she's concerned. After all, this very well may be the last time that she ever gets to see him, and she's desperate for that time. Cathy also needs it to happen now, before she's too sick to hide it from Brad, or to make the precious, carefree, joyful memories that she wants him to have.

Cathy knew the old gypsy woman didn't know that she was dying. But Madam Selena knew much more than Cathy realized, and more even than she herself. The old woman had foreseen the future, and the part that she would play in it. She just hoped that everything went smoothly. That was the tricky thing about free will, you make one wrong decision, or turn left when you should have turned right and everything can change. But, as long as everyone does as they should, things will work out as foretold, and everything will be good.

Arriving home, Cathy has some extreme landscaping to do, as she laughingly refers to it. Running herself a bubble bath, with a large amount of her raspberry, moisturizing body wash in it, she sinks into the bathtub with a content sigh. She shaves her legs, the heat of the water and the almost sensual slide of the razor up and down her legs, makes her think of Brad's hands caressing up them, then pushing them apart as wide as the tub will allow.

It's no longer her fingers running up her body, mentally it's his large, strong hands stroking up her rib cage. Reaching her breasts, Brad cups them in his hands, the sudden heat against her cool flesh makes Cathy shiver, nipples puckering even tighter than they already were. She moans softly and arches her back, pushing her breasts more firmly into his hands. It feels so good as he firmly kneads them, palms moving maddeningly over her nipples, teasing them.

The first slide of the razor on her pussy lips makes her gasp. The careful, delicate swipes start a tingle between her legs, that only intensifies the more skin she bares. The water moving, against her now bare and extremely sensitive skin, is deeply arousing. She runs her hand over the shaved area to make sure that her skin is completely smooth. Her deep inner muscles clench as she separates her folds, checking to see nothing was missed. Cathy's clit is begging for attention, her body desperately needs release.

Again she closes her eyes and Brad is there beside the tub, his lips close over her nipple, tongue and teeth alternately licking, sucking, and biting her pebbled flesh. Her moans echo against the tiles, and the water gently laps up the side of the tub as her hips undulate.

Cathy feels the scorching heat of Brad's lips on hers. Sweet little nibbling kisses at first, teasing her, making her long for more. It soon changes to a steamy, passionate kiss. His tongue doing all the talking, although he isn't saying a word, but she knows exactly what he wants. Her legs spread even wider, she moves her one to dangle over the side of the tub, giving him even more access to the treasure that he seeks.

Brad's fingers move over her now slick, and soapy folds; Cathy's hips buck. Her pussy lips and clit always ultra sensitive when they are freshly exposed. Even the feel of her panties against her shaved flesh is erotic, far less a finger gently stroking, looking to give her pleasure. His mouth catches the moans she's helpless to hold back. A finger dips in and out of her tight hole repeatedly, fresh pussy juices coat it. He brings it to his mouth, sucking his fingers like a person would with sweet icing, before diving in for more of her sweet treat.

Brad's fingers pound furiously into Cathy's pussy, pushing her rapidly toward release. When his thumb joins in the action strumming her clit, she can't hold back any longer. Her hips thrash up and down as her orgasm hits, the waves caused by her violent movements almost flow over the lip of the tub, but luckily they don't.

When Cathy comes back to herself, a couple fingers are still buried in her pussy, muscles still rhythmically squeezing them, and the water is still lapping up the sides of the bathtub. Holy shit! That felt so good she thinks. And if I can do that to myself, I can't even imagine how much better it will be when it's Brad. But I can't wait to find out!

part 2 cumming very soon...
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