No Sacrifice Is Too Great - Part 2 of 3
Pussy now silky smooth, except for a small patch of hair on her mound, like she knows Brad finds hot, she scrubs her body and face until it shines. After stepping out of the tub and drying off, she applies scented lotion to her arms and legs, wanting her skin to feel petal soft, and smell just as good as it feels and looks.

She goes to bed that night, not sure if her excitement will allow for any sleep. Cathy is hoping and praying that Madam Selena isn't a hoax, and that she'll soon be with Brad. Sleep is a long time in coming, even after making herself cum, which usually puts her right to sleep. But it finally does, and she manages to get about six hours of rest.

Becoming more aware as she awakens, Cathy notices how the mattress beneath her is softer, and the sheets are silky against her skin, as opposed to her usual flannel. The sound of unfamiliar birds are chirping outside, and there's a warm, gentle breeze wafting over her body. It smells like honeysuckles, mixed with other flowers that she's unfamiliar with, but it's a pleasing aroma.

Cathy turns her head to the left and opens her eyes. She's amazed when she sees the room through the opaque white mosquito netting draping the four poster canopy bed. The walls are slate blue, with crisp white trim. Heavy navy blue drapes frame the french doors, and sheer white curtains underneath flutter lazily in the slight wind. She assumes these doors lead to either a patio or a balcony. The beautifully finished teak furniture in the room, looks tropical in design. And the flooring is dark blue marble tile, with gray and white veins running in an irregular pattern through it, with stark white area rugs placed where needed. All in all, it's a beautiful and luxurious room. Cathy has never been in a room like this before, only seen them in the fancy decorating magazines.

She looks down to see what Madam Selena has chosen for her to wear the first time that Brad sees her. Cathy admires the woman's taste, she couldn't have chosen better herself. A sky blue, lace baby doll dress lovingly hugs her lush, curvy body, it's low-cut neckline leaves plenty of cleavage visible, and her bare skin plays peek-a-boo through the lace. Underneath the dress are matching lace panties. The blue of the outfit enhances the color of her eyes, and is the perfect complement to her long blond hair and fair complexion. She's looking ultra sexy and seductive, just the way she'd always hoped to look the first time Brad laid eyes on her.

Her hands grow clammy, and heart races, the sense of anticipation, almost more than she can bear. She finally works up the courage and turns her head to the right, her breath catches. There he is by her side. There's Brad. Before now she'd been terrified that she would never get to see him, never touch him or feel him touch her, never kiss him, or know what it felt like to feel him inside of her, making her his woman in every sense of the word. Cathy's emotions at finally seeing the man that has come to mean everything to her overwhelm her, and quiet sobs she can't hold back accompany the tears rolling down her cheeks.

She takes the opportunity while he's still asleep, to really examine her beloved in a way she never would be able to if he was awake. Her eyes miss nothing as she drinks in his quietly rugged masculinity. The pictures she'd seen didn't do his incredibly handsome, young looking face justice. She would have never guessed his true age. And asleep like this, he looks even younger, and so peaceful. While his eyes are closed now, Cathy knows that when they open, they're a heart-stopping gorgeous blue. She can't wait to see them in person!

Short, light brown hair, liberally sprinkled with a generous amount of silver, is combed back from his face. Looking at it, it's clear that not too far down the road the silver will overtake the brown. The same can be said of his bead and mustache, but she's always found that look sexy in a man, so she is definitely a happy camper. She can see it's thick, and Cathy's itching to run her fingers through it. She wonders, will it tickle when he kisses me, or is down between my thighs? It won't be long now until she finds out.

Cathy's heart races even faster as she gingerly pushes the sheet and blanket slowly down Brad's chest. She doesn't want to wake him quite yet, but soon. Her eyes follow the path of the covers. His wide shoulders greatly appeal to her, so does his lightly hairy barrel chest. He's not thin, and doesn't have "washboard" abs, and she can tell that it bothers him. But she's glad that he isn't. Cathy's always been attracted to a more substantial looking man, one that looks like he could hold his own in a fight, and protect her if push came to shove. Not some small, wimpy guy that looked like a strong breeze would blow him away, or worse yet, smaller than her. In Cathy's eyes Brad was perfect, even if he himself doesn't see it.

She gets bolder and takes a chance, slowly lowering the covers to the foot of the bed; it's a pleasant surprise that Madam Selena has left him naked for her. She'll have to send her a thank you note for that she thinks jokingly, she can just picture the look on the old woman's face if she actually did send one, it would be priceless! Cathy silently laughs at that ridiculous thought.

A light trail of hair leads down his body, stopping about an inch or two above his cock, that area and his balls are clean shaven, then light hair starts again on his thighs and goes all the way down his ankles. Cathy genuinely loves what she sees of his body. He's an incredibly sexy man.

Being careful not to wake him yet, she scoots down the bed until her head is level with his manhood. It's resting softly at the moment on his thigh, but Cathy knows it won't be that way for long. Feeling a man's cock grow in her mouth is an extremely strong turn on, and Cathy's waited a year and a half for this day to come, to feel Brad's hard sex in her mouth. She can't wait a second longer and engulfs him greedily.

She doesn't start to move on him immediately, just holds him in her mouth, sucking and running her tongue all over and around him, marveling at how soft his skin is. She's not sure what to expect, how large he'll get. He's never sent any naked pictures of himself in return to the hundreds that Cathy's sent to him.

Each time they've talked about his cock, Brad tells a different story. Sometimes it's large, other times average, and the next time small, so she's clueless as to which description is the truth. He just laughs when she complains about not knowing this simple fact and tells her, "I'm keeping it a surprise for you, something to discover." At times it irks her, she doesn't want to judge him, she just thinks as the woman that loves him, it's information she should know. Experience has taught her, it's not the size of a man's dick that makes an incredible lover, but his skill and desire to please. But she'll have the answer soon enough, he's already growing longer and wider in her mouth.

Cathy's tongue stroking Brad's cock makes him hard in no time. When he's steel in her mouth, she starts to move. He's quite thick, and long enough that at first she can't fit his whole length in her mouth, but she consciously relaxes her throat with each pass up and down his hard shaft, until at last he's fully buried down her throat.

With fingers cupping his balls, Cathy plays with them as she hungrily sucks his cock. She no longer cares if he wakes up, in fact she's hoping he does soon. Slurping noises mix with the outside sounds of singing birds, as her mouth travels up and down his hard sex. She's shocked at how soundly he sleeps, she thought he would be awake by now.

No sooner had that thought crossed her mind and his breathing changes, his hips lift up a little and he moans. When Brad opens his eyes, all he can see is a blonde head in his lap. But then Cathy raises her head and their eyes meet. Ohhhhhh, his eyes are gorgeous, just like she thought they would be. She's expecting him to stop her, wanting an explanation, and dreading that interruption to worshiping his cock.

But instead he grabs her hair and thrusts himself up into her mouth, driving deeper down her throat. Cathy moans at this unexpected move, she's really surprised until his next words enlighten her.

"MMMMMMMMMMM I love it when I dream about you, my pet. It's always so intense, and feels so real, just like you're here with me."

Cathy almost tells him it's not a dream, but luckily her mouth is too full to speak. When she considers the situation, she realizes the best plan is to let Brad go on thinking that. If he knows it's real there will be so much explaining to do, and after waiting so long to be with him, she just wants to love him, not talk at the moment. It's time for their bodies to do some long overdue talking for them. And to be totally honest, she's curious to see what he'll do when he thinks it's a dream.

For the next few minutes Brad drives his cock deep into Cathy's mouth; her enthusiastic slurping and his occasional moans are the only sounds in the room. Her saliva thickly covers his shaft and drips down her chin; her quick pleasure filled moans and grunts tell him that she's loving what he's doing. His lightning fast, deep pace at times though is slightly too much for her, making her gag. Hearing that he slows down, his strokes still nice and deep, but allowing her to catch her breath.

Cathy's lips travel tightly up his shaft and she lets him out of her mouth with a popping sound, resembling a cork coming out of a champagne bottle. Strings of saliva cling, the trail connecting her lips to his throbbing member. She looks up at him, eyes ablaze with lust, the wicked gleam in them seeming to say, you are going to love what I have planned for you.

Watching him, she spreads his legs open, then strokes her fingers over the wet head of his cock. With her left hand she lifts and fondles Brad's balls, while she rubs the wet fingers of her right hand over his tight virgin hole. The more she massages him, the more his muscles loosen and her finger slips in a tiny bit.

"Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuck," he exhales shakily. "That feels so fucking good babe! Don't stop!"

Cathy slides her finger in more each time, until it's finally buried deep in Brad's ass, he gasps when she wiggles it, not used to the sensation. She finger fucks his ass slowly and sensually at first, not wanting to do too much, too quickly, but his thrusting hips are begging for more. His purple straining cock needs to be engulfed by something, and at the moment, it doesn't matter what. Cathy grips his cock, he pumps her hand as she strokes him with one hand and fills his ass with the other. His deeply pleasurable moan as she adds a second finger to join her first says that she made the right decision.

"Oh babe... oh yes... oh fuck..."

A thick stream of clear pre-cum slowly slides down his shaft, like ice cream melting on a hot day. She's gripping his cock tightly at the base, eyes riveted to it's slow descent. Sticking her tongue out she catches it, then wetly sweeps all the way up his hard pole, devouring his salty-sweet treat. The tip of her tongue flicks in and out of his open hole teasingly.

Brad groans as Cathy's lips slide over his cap, then down the rest of his shaft until her nose touch's the clean shaven skin at the base of his cock. She sucks him deep and slow, while she forcefully fucks his ass. Moving his hips up drives him deeper into the hot, wet confines of her mouth, and down takes him more firmly onto her fingers, so he's a winner either way.

Cathy loves hearing his moans and mostly incoherent dirty talk, she picks up a stray word here and there. Judging from what he's saying, the tightening of his ass and the swelling of his cock, he's very close to cumming.

That's not part of Cathy's plan, yet. So she firmly grasps him at the base of his dick, takes him out of her mouth, and her fingers out of his ass. The look on Brad's face was that of a child who had just been told there's no Santa Claus, and she had to concentrate not to laugh. What she has in mind will probably please him even more.

At least Cathy hopes it will.
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