No apparent boundaries
The world has apparently lost it's collective mind. I couldn't take it any more. I needed to get out of the grip of all the TV, and radio and FaceBook and it all. . .
So, I got in the truck and took off for town. I put in a CD of my favorite old jazz, and just cruised slowly into Main Street, and putted down to a favorite haunt of mine. It's a pub atmosphere. . lots of dark wood, dim lights. They served good Scotch and ale, as well as a decent fare of food.
I parked the truck, and made my way into the warm friendly atmosphere. Somebody had the ever-present TV tuned to some football game, and soft music came from hidden speakers. All very subdued.
I found a booth near the back, in some darkness. . I wanted to relax in a neutral zone, and re-group.
A pretty waitress appeared out of nowhere, (one I had not seen here before....they seemed to rotate a lot here) and asked if she could get me something. I ordered a Chivas and a pint, and thought seriously about a nice steak. . .
While mentally scrolling through the menu, I noted a woman come through the front door. She looked as though her day had not treated her well, and she required some shelter and sustenance before heading home.
She too, searched for a booth, not willing to suffer any interactions at the bar.
The booth next to mine was unoccupied, and she slid into it, exhaling as if at the end of a run. The same waitress approached her, and she placed her order.. . .
I didn't stare, but couldn't help taking her in. She was very pretty. Long dark hair, smoky dark eyes..those eyes briefly swept the room, and took me in.
"Hey," I said.
"Hello, she replied. 'How's it going.?"
"Better now. Had to get away from all this craziness, about you?"
"Just a long day for me. Too much to do, and not enough time to do it, and no time for dinner.."
"They serve good food here, not fancy, but tasty"
"Good. I'm starving. You having dinner?", she asked.
"I'm thinking hard about it".
"Please join me..... I hate to eat alone, and I'd like to talk to someone I don't know about anything but work", she said.
"I'd like that. . thank you", I said, moving over to her booth and sliding in across from her. She smelled of flowers, not heavily, but soft and subtle.
My drinks arrived, as did hers, the waitress raising an eyebrow at my move to the booth adjacent to mine. I smiled back, reading her mind... (Yeah, I should be so lucky....)
She had ordered a gimlet of sorts, and we raised our glasses in a toast..."Here's to sanity of mind", I offered. She clinked my glass and took a long pull. I did the same. The Scotch warming me as it made its way down....the first sip is always the best..
"What do you do?" I asked.
"Retail,. . . I'm a buyer", she said.
"Who for?"
"Victoria's Secret", she said, grinning a little.
"Ahh, wonderful". . .
"Wonderful? Why? Other than the obvious. . "
"No special reason. . just glad it wasn't mulch or pea gravel". .
"You don't like pea gravel?"
"It's fine. . . I just prefer. . . well....." I trailed off.
"You like women's lingerie?", she queried.
"Well, yes. . . I mean of course.... when worn by a pretty gal".
"So, the more traditional admiration then...."
"Yes. . . ."
She grinned, and took another pull from her drink.
"What about you?", she asked.
"I'm retired. 30 years in the salt mines."
"Nice for you. . . I've a few years yet before I can pull the plug"
"I still have to work some. Bills, ya know", I said.
"I understand", she said. 'I don't think I'll ever pay off my house.."
"Nice you have your own place, though. . ", I offered.
"Yes, she said, 'it has it's advantages"..
Our waitress arrived once again, and she ordered her food. A large salad replete with grilled chicken et al. I went ahead and got that steak I was lusting for, with a healthy side of asparagus.. the waitress departed after getting a request for refills on our drinks. . .
"So, what's your preference in women's lingerie?", she asked. .
"What?" (she caught me off guard. . )
"What do you like your lady to wear? I could 'hook you up' ". .
"Well. . , I began, ' I don't really have "a lady".... but. .. I have a real thing for silk nightgowns. I think they really accentuate a woman's femininity. Nothing more sensual, then silk on a woman. . "
"I'd tend to agree', she said. I am very spoiled. . I only wear real silk. Don't like the synthetics"....
I believe she saw something cross my expression, or a jaw clench or deep swallow. . . she smiled...
Our dinners arrived, along with our drinks. I took a pull from my ale. She was pushing my buttons. . but didn't know it.
She tucked into her salad, and I my steak..... the liquor had relaxed me, but my imagination was working hard. I tried not to think of her in my minds eye, in a slinky silk gown. . not to mention the rest of my fetish. .
Dinner being demolished, and our plates cleared, we continued to make small talk for a while, having our third round of drinks.... I was at my limit for driving.. I would have to wait a bit before trying, as I wanted to 'burn off' some of the drink.
"I don't even know your name", I said. .
"I know,' she said. "Let's keep it that way". . . my pulse quickened. This was either a good or a bad development. But she turned her face to me and damn near grinned. Good development.
"Let's go to my house", she offered.
"Are you sure?. You don't even know me. . I could be a screwball or something worse. "
"Nope. You're not", she said. "I'm an excellent judge of character. . and I want to explore some things. . "
"I'm all for exploration,' I said, as we rose. I paid for our meals at the front desk, leaving a fat tip for our waitress. We went to her car. A Porsche Cayenne. Nice. She turned to me.... offering her lips up for a kiss. I took her up on that offer. Her lips were warm and soft, opening to me..caressing my tongue with hers.... the kiss was long, and erotic. She pressed herself against me. Her whole body was warm. I slipped my hand under her short jacket around her back, and pulled her in tight. God she smelled so good..
We broke the kiss, and we got into her car. Within 10 minutes we pulled up to a nice ranch style house. She pulled into the driveway, opening her garage, and pulled in. Exiting the car, we approached the garage entry door, which she opened with her key. She disabled an alarm system, and we entered a short hallway.
"The living room is to the left, there.. " she pointed. "And I have some drink fixings, if you'd like..."
"Sure', I said. "what can I make you?"
"Gimlet please", she said as she walked out of the kitchen, toward the rear of the house. . .
I fixed our drinks, and put them on the counter/bar that separated the kitchen from a small dining area and front room. I took a seat at her counter in one of the two bar-height chairs provided. She was no where to be seen.
I had just taken a sip of some very nice Scotch when she came back into the room. She had changed into an elegant long gown of some kind. Not a dress, but not quite a nightgown. It looked comfortable, but sensuous at the same time. It was a pale cream color. - - "Wow", I said.
"You like this? One of my favorites. Silk charmeuse. So very soft.."
"Y-yes", I said, 'Lovely'.
She took up her drink and had a sip. "Mmm, good, thank you..", she said.
"My pleasure", I said.
"What IS your pleasure", she asked..
"Open to suggestion", I said. She smiled at me again. I really liked her smile. Her whole face smiled. She moved close to me again, pressing against me once more. I put my arm around her waist. The silk gown felt heavenly against my skin, her warmth heating it... she again smelled of flowers.. "Are you kinky?" she asked. . .
"How do you mean?"
"You alluded to enjoying like to wear it?"
"NO, I mean, no... a bit kinky maybe, but not like that", I said.
"So,....... what kind of kinky are you?", she inquired..
"Don't think you'd be into it", I said.
"One never knows....." she said...
"True. . kink is pretty much an orphan'....
"Well, . . . you just fill me in as we go then.. .", she said, offering her face up to mine once again. . .
Once again she relaxed against me, my hands going around her waist, slipping down to her wonderful ass. She opened her lips to me again. The kiss was deep and long, and hungry. I caressed the firm mounds of her bottom through the luxurious silk. She pressed hard against my swelling cock....she loosed a hand, and grasped the front of my pants, squeezing..I hardened more at her touch, aching to be released from the confines of my clothes. . She must have read my mind, as she deftly undid my belt and pants, dropping them around my feet. Slipping my underwear down, she again pressed herself against me..against my naked cock..the warm silk was heavenly against me. I stepped out of my pants and underwear, losing my shoes and socks at the same time.
As we moved back together, my hands now finding her breasts, she groaned softly at my touch, pressing into my exploring hands. Her nipples were hard through the gown. . . I moved her back onto her couch, sitting her down on the edge. I slowly pulled the hem of the gown up, enjoying her legs and exposing her soft patch of pubic hair. I kissed her thighs, pushing her on her back a little, exposing more of her to my attention. She opened her legs to my lips. Her lips were swollen already, she was damp with desire. Her fragrance was female, warm and musky sex. . I kissed her pussy deeply, tasting her, finding her clit hard already. . She shuddered a little, a deep moan escaping her, as I enjoyed the most intimate part of her.
My cock ached for attention, but I was completely involved in her. . literally. I worked my tongue around her, inside her, playing her clit...each time she reacted to a touch, I repeated it. . combining several of my movements brought the desired result. . She began to build to a climax..I could feel her thighs begin to clench against the sides of my head, and she began a soft cry of pleasure, that gained in pitch and volume as I continued. She reached her peak, and spilled over the edge, arching her back and giving in to the paroxysm of pleasure. . once I had her on that razors edge, I kept her there. . . teetering on orgasm after orgasm. . until she finally pushed me away. . "Stop. . wait. . can't. . . breathe. . . ", she whispered. . . "
'Tell me', she said. . .
"What.." I replied. .
"You.....said you were kinky. . what is it.... tell me.."
"Don't think you'd like it. . . it's selfish'. . . I said.
"You weren't selfish just now she said. . that was wonderful"..
I pulled her up from the couch, pulled her close again, kissing her. .
"Please", she said. . .
"I have a fetish for a woman ironing. . . ironing her silks...I find it erotic.."
I fully expected her to laugh at me. But she didn't. She just looked up into my eyes. She began to stroke my cock, slowly. she spoke to me..
"So, if I were to iron my silks for you, it would excite you? That's all it find ironing erotic?"
"Yes. . . yes I do". . .
She took my hand,and led me out of the living room, to a room adjacent to a bedroom. "This used to be a spare bedroom, but I turned it into my laundry area". . . She approached an ironing board and iron set up in a corner of the room.. "What makes you excited....what do I iron?" she asked.
"Like I said. . silks..", I replied. . I was in a state of disbelief at this point, not really thinking she was going to get into this. ..
"A nightgown? Slip? Dress? Blouse?. . what's your pleasure?"...
" A nightgown. . "
"Okay. . . just a second. ", she said, looking through several items on a hanging rack behind the ironing board. . . "How about this?". . she had selected a long light blue gown. It had voluminous sleeves, with lace at the bodice and the ends of the sleeves...Beautiful. .
"It's silk. Feel it." She walked it toward me, holding it out so I might touch the felt like liquid in my hands, it was so soft. "You like this"?
"It's beautiful", I said. She pressed it between us, grasping my cock in some of the silk, moving it on me slowly. . She kissed me again. . . "You want to take me while I iron this for you?"
"Yes. . . yes. .. ", I managed to get out. .
She went to the board with exaggerated slowness, spreading the blue material out on the board, and placed her hand on her iron. .
I walked behind her. . pressing myself against her silken bottom, as she turned the iron on.. setting the temperature to "Low". . as the iron began to heat, I began to inch-up the hem of the gown she wore. . . she spread her legs just a little as the silk rose above her ass, and I held it at her waist...She lifted the iron, and set it down on the blue silk, beginning to move it slowly over the gown. My cock was hard and pressing against her thighs...she opened her legs a little more...the head of my cock slipped between her already wet lips.... a small gasp came from her, and from me as well, as her heat enveloped me. I pushed myself as far into her has I could, taking in all of her warmth. . . I moved slowly. . . watching her as she ironed...feeling the walls of flesh around me. . .
"Is this what you wanted, baby? Does this really excite you?..." she whispered. . .
"Yes, . . . and. . . ", I said, trailing off. . .
"What baby?" .. she stopped ironing, raising the iron from the gown..
"Nothing. . don't stop. . ", I said. .
She again lowered the iron to her gown, and began to move it over the silk. . . I moved deeply within her. . . matching my movements to her passes of the iron over her gown. She began to move against me,..a little faster now. . . ". .. yes ", she whispered. . . . "yes". . .
We moved together now. . . . building a rhythm together. . . toward an explosive end. . . She was distracted from her ironing "chore". . and forgot the iron.. . let it just sit there on her gown. . . the sight of this pushed me over the edge. . . I felt her cum as well...both of us spilling all over and into each other. . .
As we came down from the climax. . she saw the iron sitting on her gown, and quickly picked it up. . . "God... I could have burned it. . . good thing it was on so low". . . .she leaned in for another kiss. . and saw something in my eyes. . . . "OH. . . oh, . . really? You mean. . . . Oh, dear. baby. . I had no idea. . .
We recovered from our adventure, and refreshed our drinks. Sitting on her couch, me in my underwear now, she still in her gown. . .
"So. . . the danger of my scorching my nightgown like that is what excites you?", she asked. "And here I thought it was just my charms". .
"NO, I mean, no it's not JUST that. It's the combination of things. . a beautiful woman, the feminine silks, the iron...and the 'danger' aspect as well. . "
"Let me do it again for you. . I have an idea", she said. .
She arose from the couch, leading me once again to her ironing board.
She had re-hung the blue gown, and now produced a long white nightgown of vintage design. Again with lace at the bodice, but with no sleeves. She reached across the ironing board and began to caress my cock once again. . until I was in full response.... she spread out the gown on the board, but kept some of it wrapped around me. . .
"Now, you iron it", she said.
"What?. . me?. . "
"Yes. . .you iron my nightgown. . I'm going to watch. . " she said, and with her free hand, she began to move her hand to her crotch...finding what she searched for. . she began to slowly pleasure herself. . "Go on". . she said..
I reached for her iron, and turned the the temperature to "Low". As it heated once again, she moved her hand slowly on me, and she moved her other hand as well. . She watched my face, as I picked up the iron, and lowered it to her gown. . .
I slowly moved the iron over the silk, watching the material smooth out beneath the heated soleplate. . . as I completed the area on the board, I moved the temperature dial, up to the next setting. . "Silk".... I looked at her. . her eyes were half-lidded as she became enveloped in the scene before her, and the wonderful sensations she elicited from herself. . .
Once again I ironed her gown...the act so erotic to me....the hot metal on her delicate silk gown, as she stroked me in the silk. . . but I wanted more...I needed the rest. . . Once again I moved the selector....this time to just between "silk" and "cotton". . . She looked into my eyes. . raising one eyebrow just a little.... her stroking was heavenly.. . she was enjoying herself as well. . .
I stopped moving the iron, and raised it on it's heel...."What, baby. . ?" she asked... "I. . . I want. . . ", I stammered....
"What baby. . ? what do you want?"
"I shouldn't. . it's too much to ask", I said. "This must be expensive". .
"Yes", she said. "It is. It's quite original. I found it in a thriftstore a few months ago. I search for vintage silks. I really like them. .I don't think silk of this quality exists anymore. It's uncommonly smooth, isn't it?"
"Yes, it's wonderful", I said....
"So. . iron it. You are enjoying ironing it aren't you?", she asked..
"Oh. . yes. . but..... I. . . "
"It's okay. Go ahead baby. Do it." she said.
We looked into each others eyes.... she began to move her hand on herself again...taking her toward that threshold we all seek. . I put the iron back down to her gown....and turned up the iron. I kept moving the selector, until it would move no more. It sat on the "n" in the word "Linen"
Her breath became a bit more ragged.Her eyes widened in alarm as the reality of what was about to happen hit home.. My hand moved the iron slowly over her gown, as the soleplate began to heat. I began to smell it...the telltale odor of too-hot metal against butter soft silk. . She did too..
Her mouth opened to say "stop"...but the words never came... her hand on me never stopped, the silk around me moving up and down..tightening her grip as I came close to climax... Her own climax now beginning,.....
"You're. . . burning. . . my. . . .gown. . ", she stammered, as the orgasm took her....she stopped moving her hand on me....I took her hand in my free hand, and moved it for her... I was so close. . . the silk began to burn under the iron. Smoke rose from around the soleplate as I moved it over her gown...a dark path behind, smoke rising from it as well.... I let loose into the silk she had around me...cum staining through the white material as I pumped into it. . . "No, oh no oh no oh no". she whimpered as she watched me burn her nightgown, through the veil of her orgasm. .
The iron moved incrementally across her gown in those seconds that seemed like minutes...burning the delicate silk as it did...smoke rose and filled the area between us, as we fell over the edge of our orgasms...
I raised the iron from the now-ruined gown, a final puff of smoke issuing from what was once white silk. . . her face, still flushed from her climax, turned towards mine. She leaned across the board, for a kiss. She was trembling as we broke the kiss....."My God. . that was insane. That gown was nearly irreplaceable .... but, that was so wickedly erotic. . "
"I know,...... even more so for me. . . that was incredible...wonderful..."
As we adjourned to the living room for another drink, she said to me...
"Please stay tonight? I need to explore this some more.......tomorrow"...
(Thank you, powers that be..... ) thought I. . .
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