Not Such a Stupid Decision
I always make the stupidest decisions when my heart gets broken. Often enough these decisions open doors for me I enjoy. This time I had broken up with my boy friend of a year. I was the only one sacrificing, and in a long distance relationship that doesn't work. I had traveled to Dallas with the full intention of not leaving my boyfriends apartment all weekend, only to get some beers with friends.

I bought a lace number which displayed my Latin curves perfectly, a big box of condoms (to last all three days) and even an energy drink for him. But when I arrived and he wasn't waiting for me, and when we got together he invited the guys over, then he let me walk to McDonald's at 10 pm by myself because I hadn't had dinner, it was the last straw. I called a friend and she said I could stay at her place.

My dear friend J took it upon himself to help me through the grieving. Saturday night he took me out to drink, and after a large amount of beer, he took me into the apartment asking me if I would like to smoke weed, not the first time he offered, but I never accepted before. Tonight I was feeling reckless. Before he could register I said yes I had swung my leg over him to straddle him on his couch. I knew he had two other roommates but in the state I was in I didn't care, I even wanted them to walk in and find us there.

J seized the moment and wrapped his arms around me, his right hand slipped in to my short curly hair. His left hand found my round ass, his fingers fumbled with the hem of my dress, his rough hand explored the smooth caramel skin of my thigh. His lips stopped the hot kiss long enough to ask me if I was sure. Yes I was sure, as much as I had cared for my boyfriend he was never everything I needed or wanted, and J had always been the person I came to, tonight I wanted him to be the person I came with.
Hearing what I said gave his kisses an urgency.

Perhaps not an urgency as much as a flame being lit, a candle that was always there but never ignited. He flipped me so I was underneath, and moved me from his couch to the coffee table. He pulled off my dress to find the lace slip. You could see my hard nipples straining against the delicate fabric, you could see the dark curls covering my wet lips. Laying on his coffee table exposed J chose to look deep into my eyes, his green eyes spoke volumes, in case there was any confusion of his feeling the bulge growing in his pants cleared it.

He held my gaze as he lowered himself, his tongue caressing a nipple through the thin fabric, almost sucking only to release and continue its journey down. His large hands wrapped around my knees to angle my body. His green eyes held my gaze the tip of his tongue found my clit, I broke eye contact to cry out, as his tongue pleasured me I couldn't help but cry out. When I was close to a climax he stopped with drew his mouth and plunged a finger in, then two and a third. I held onto the table for dear life the nearer I got to the climax the faster he went, his thumb tantalizing the pearl at the gate. When I came my entire body shuddered I felt the heat flutter all over my body.
He kissed me and I could taste all the fluid I let out. Before I realized he hoisted me in his arms, with only my slip he carried me onto the balcony.

The cold air of November flooded my body. He perched me on the corner of the balcony. He remembered me saying once how I fantasized being taken in the moonlight, and this night the moon shone even brighter. My legs were spread to accommodate his body. Between the couch and the balcony he had stripped his pants and he now removed his shirt. I wrapped my arms around J trusting him entirely. He lifted me and returned my feet to the floor only to turn me to face the other apartment buildings, 4 stories up and in the corner I could see everything but unless you looked up you couldn't see us, very well.

He slipped my last shred of clothing over my head welcomed himself into me. I felt his cock against the walls of my pussy stretching me in ways I wasn't used to, J was thick and he filled every part of me. His speed increased as I tried to stifle my moans. His right hand found my clit his left hand fondled my breast and his mouth left its mark on my neck, the tender spot my ex never could. As he pounded me my knees hit the metal rail , and it began to rain we came together and our sounds of ecstasy were hidden by the rolls of thunder.

J gently carried my exhausted body from the living room were he made me cum another 2 times into the bedroom , and he warmed me with his body held me close all night.
A stupid decision, led to a night I would never forget, and I would never want to forget.

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