Not expecting any visitors.
The afternoon was expected to be far less than exciting. The wife was out of town, doing one of those shopping things with some of her girlfriends.

After some work out in the yard, I had come back inside, took a shower and put on some very old comfortable sweat pants and a t-shirt. With no expectations for company I even dispensed with the need for any underwear.

I was reading an article in the newspaper when I heard a car door slam. Looking out in the driveway, I was a bit more than surprised to see Glenda's vehicle. We were close friends, and were e-mail connected almost on a daily basis. We had shared lots of very intimate details but aside from that we'd never had any intimate, personal contact. During the past several months she had told me that her husband was just not interested in much of anything, sex being one of those non-interests.

Just seeing her caused feelings in my groin to stir as I walked to the door. Opening the door I greeted her and told her I was more than surprised to see her. She explained she had been close and decided to just take a chance and stop by. Coming inside, I gave her a hug. I couldn't help but feel her breasts pressing against my chest as I hugged her. She had on nice perfume, and was just plain sexy looking to me.

She was looking around as if she expected my wife to appear at any second. I put her mind at ease by explaining the shopping trip. I didn't expect her to return until very late tonight. Hearing that, Glenda seemed to relax much more, knowing that we were alone. I told Glenda to have a seat, and relax. She sat down on my leather couch, I sat down less than a arm's length away. I told her she was looking really good. She was wearing some nice jeans that made her ass look good, then on top of that a silky short sleeve blouse. The silky material outlined her breasts.

Small talk between the two of us went on for a bit, then the talk turned to a much more direct discussion about sex. She reminded me that her husband hadn't shown any interest in her for months and she was feeling it. I took this as my opportunity to move closer. I took her hand in mine. Caressing her hand, then the underside of her wrist, I eased over closer to her. She kept talking. Stroking her bare arm, I eased even closer as I heard her say she had not been touched by her husband in weeks.

The touching of her body was causing my cock to swell inside my old loose fitting sweat pants. While I'm not huge in size the tent coming up below my waist was showing. I also took her other hand in mine. Holding both her hands, I took a big chance. I put her right hand on my thigh, with my hand on top of it. I expected she might pull it away when I lifted my hand, but not remained there.

I was talking more boldly now. Telling her that she was so beautiful and sexy that any man would love to just touch her anywhere. The look in her eyes was giving me encouragement that she just might allow that touch. She was leaning her head back on the couch, facing each other. Her hand on my thigh was the magic touch that now had my cock fully hard. I wanted her to feel how excited I was. Putting my hand back on top of hers, I leaned into her. At the same time I gently, slowly eased her hand further up my thigh toward my hard cock. I reminded her of an earlier e-mail exchange about how things swell in the spring of the year. She nodded her head and smiled as my hand eased her hand into contact with my hardon. Her smile widened as her fingers wrapped around the tent in my sweat pants, gripping my hard cock. She said she felt something that was badly swollen. We were both smiling as I suggested I had for a long time wanted to see her bare breasts. She said she always knew I wanted to see them, and that might happen only if I let her see what she was holding onto?

Sliding back on the couch, I made her promise not to laugh at my size, and not to be surprised when she saw it. Her eyes were big as I stood up and slipped my old sweat pants down to my knees. Her eyes were glued to my groin area. My 6" cock was swollen and throbbing. She began to speak. "I've never seen anyone shaved all over like you". I sat back down my cock sticking straight up, the bare skin of my balls and the surrounding area so pale in the light it shined. I took her hand and placed in back onto my cock. Her other hand found my shaved balls...We were leaned close together. Her hands were moving over my sensitive skin, our breathing was becoming faster.

"Now show me those beautiful nipples" I reminded her. She took her hands and opened her blouse. The delicate bra inside did not hide her stiff nipples. Easing the cups aside both of her breasts were sticking right out there. The area of color around each nipple was begging to be kissed. "May I nurse on those, please?" I asked. She nodded her head. With her head resting on the back of the couch I leaned in and began to gently nurse on one then both of her very erect nipples. She began to moan. Her hands left my bare skin and began to hold my head.

After a few moments of nursing on her beautiful nipples I was aflame with desire. "Oh Glenda, I want to go down on you lady" She moaned and held my head as I began to unfasten her jeans. With the button on her jeans opened, I grasped the zipper tab and slowly pulled it down, all the while sucking, nursing on her stiff nipples. I pulled my lips away from her nipples, and moved so I could slip her jeans and panties down over her hips and down her smooth legs. With her jeans and panties on the floor she presented a wholly erotic sight. Her swollen nipples, her womanly flower now begging for long over due attention.

I layed down on the floor. "Glenda, come down here, straddle my head and sit right on my face you sexy thing". Lust was in her blue eyes as she slipped off the couch, moving quickly she brought herself as I had directed. I was feasting on the sight of her beautiful pussy and ass just inches above my face. With my hands on her waist I pulled her lower, then lower yet as she settled her pussy lips right onto mine. I began to lick and caress both her pussy and asshole with the tip of my tongue. Her thighs had my ears covered so I could only hear muffled sounds as I tongue fucked both her pussy and asshole. The hardened clit soon made it's self known, and it too was nursed on. Unable to hear her words I only followed her movements as some indication she was thoroughly enjoying my treatment. With in what seemed like only seconds her thighs gripped my head like a vice, her movement and sounds told me she was experiencing her first orgasm in months. Glenda was moving her pussy back and forth across my lips, my tongue stabbing and caressing her lips and sensitive clit. I felt her body shudder, and my mouth was flooded with her special nectar.

The sensations of her orgasm, the taste of her special fluids pushed me over the top. Without touching myself, my cock began to spew it's load. With each strong throb I could feel hot cum running down the shaft and onto my shaved skin. I'm the one now humping as my balls emptied themselves. Both of us were gasping for breath as we rolled over onto our side on the carpet.

Later, when Glenda was preparing to leave, I held her close, kissing her gently on the lips. "Glenda you know I've always wanted to taste you, and believe me it was even better than I expected". She hugged me again, and with another light kiss she went out the door.
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