Nothing Gets Through Ch. 05
Nothing Gets Through Ch. 05
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Dom had a quiet, neat apartment. There was very little decoration, and a bare minimum of furniture. That was all Lani got to observe before Dom took her coat, removed his own, and then pulled her into another searing kiss.

He couldn't remember at what point on the ride to his place he'd discovered he'd wanted her so much. After she had given up on going to a hotel, they'd both relaxed. There wasn't much conversation, but he hadn't minded, especially when she'd laid her head on his shoulder. He'd liked her there, she fit so comfortably against him.

It must have been that, he decided as his tongue dove into her mouth, greedy for another taste. He found it, more of that coconut and vanilla that he'd discovered earlier. Her body had rested against his in the cab, the warmth seeping through his coat and driving him crazy. Here in his apartment, he wasn't sure he could stop unless he felt her skin against his own.

Lani tried to sort her thoughts, but thinking at all was difficult with Dom's arms around her and his lips furiously moving against hers. God, he feels good, she thought as her arms linked behind his neck. She wasn't usually like this; maybe it was old-fashioned, but she tended to stick with a peck on the cheek after a first date. Dom made her feel different.

Different how, she wasn't exactly sure, but different enough that she didn't care that he was pulling her with him, keeping her close as he sank back onto the couch. Different enough that even with her body laying over his, she wanted to feel more of it. She wanted to get through all the layers and find him.

"I don't . . . I don't do this," she said breathlessly. His lips moved to trace her jaw and he tugged her hair gently so she would expose her neck.

"Do what?" He pressed his lips to her pulse and smiled as she trembled.

"I'm not . . . not like this." It was the most wonderful frustration not to be able to think clearly.

"I know," he said, moving his head back so that those eyes focused on hers again. He took her face in his hands, stroked her cheeks with his thumbs. "I know. You can tell me to stop any time. I hope you don't." He pulled her lips to his and she felt something inside her crumble to dust.

She began to kiss him back more forcefully, but he still had control. She let him keep it, as he seemed to need it. Not to control her, she realized, but more to control himself. So she let him lead, unafraid. It was an odd sensation to feel so safe with someone she hardly knew, but she did. For once, she would trust her instincts and let her feelings guide her.

His hands wandered down her back and she sighed at their strength. Dom heard the sound and it drove him just mad; he found the hem of her sweater and jerked it up so that he could feel her bare skin. It felt like satin, as he had imagined it would. Now that he had made the contact, he slowed his hands and let them move lazily over her.

"Oh, wow . . . ." Lani rested her forehead on his shoulder. His hands were hard, strong, and warm. She could only think that she wanted them all over her body, and not just on her back. "Someone must have spiked my drink," she said with a half laugh. "This is just so unlike me . . . ."

"I think it's very like you, when you're with me." Dom slid his hands further up, letting his thumbs trace circles over her ribs and grinning smugly when she shivered again. She shifted her head and brushed her lips over the curve of his neck and it was his turn to tremble.

"Two can play," she teased him.

"I only play to win." He threaded his hand into her dark hair and kissed her long and hard. "Tell me now if you want to stop," he said, his voice rough, "because I'm about to move to another playing field."

"Don't stop." Lani said it without thinking.

"Good." Dom sat up and crushed her against him while he kissed her again. He could feel all of her curves, all of her heat pressed against him. He wanted more.

He stood up, slid one arm down behind her knees and lifted. He laughed when she protested she was too heavy. "Lani, you're a feather. I bench press at least twice what you weigh." He silenced the next protest with a kiss, then carried her to his bedroom.

"See, now," he said, laying her on the bed and moving over her. "Isn't this much better than hiding with an iPod while your roommate gets it on in the other room?"

"You could have joined her," Lani pointed out with a smile, sliding her own hands down over his chest. She tugged his shirt out of his waistband. "Tonight it looked like the more, the merrier."

Dom took her hands in his, pinned them near her shoulders and locked his eyes on hers. "I didn't want your roommate. I only want you." Her eyes widened for a moment as he captured her lips again, then gave herself over to the satisfaction of knowing she was desired.

She ran her hands along Dom's back, savoring the smooth muscles that rippled under her hands. He growled, sat up on his knees and tore his shirt off. He pulled her up and had her sweater off in one swift movement. He nudged her so that she lay back again, let his fingers run over the golden skin. "You are so beautiful."

Lani couldn't talk. His eyes and his words held her spellbound. She ran her hands up his arms to his shoulders and tugged him down so she could kiss him again. His kisses, she decided, were addictive. He tasted of the wine from earlier, and something darker that drew her in.

"I need more." He reached his hand behind her to undo her bra clasp. She didn't even have time to blush as he removed her bra and then lowered his mouth to a breast. He kissed and teased with his tongue and his teeth until she was arching off the bed, one hand winding through his hair.

"More." His voice vibrated through her. Lani gasped as he dragged his fingers along her legs. First he pushed her slacks down, then teased her by slowing down as he moved closer to her center. She ached for him to touch her, or to be able to touch him, but he had her half-pinned with her body and seemed content to have her there.

"Dom, please," she whispered, amazed she could even form a word. He teased her a few moments more until she couldn't stand it and grabbed his wrist to move his hand up. They both groaned as he touched her, she in relief and he at the heat. She released his hand as he slid his fingers into the wetness, stroking and thrusting to drive her to a peak.

"Let me," he heard her say. He was so lost in the feel and scent of her that he hadn't heard her the first time. "Please, let me touch you." Her hands skimmed along his sides and over his back and he hissed out a breath.

Dom shook his head, brushing his lips against hers. "Next time," he promised, pressing his lips to hers, and then to her neck and shoulder. "Go on. I've got you." He whispered more to her and was rewarded when she cried out and shook beneath him. His hand moved steadily, keeping her on the edge until she tumbled over. At last he stopped and held her, letting her calm down.

He stared at her face, loving the way she bit her bottom lip. Her eyes were half-closed, and he wanted her to open them so he could fall into their warm darkness.

When she opened them, there was desire more than warmth. "Now, Dom. I need you now." She rubbed her leg against his and arched her hips. With a shuddering breath, he reached into a drawer and found a condom. Resenting the time it took to slide it on, he turned back to her and gave her another passionate kiss. He laid back and pulled her over him.

"I need to see you," he said by way of explanation. She nodded and moved, gasping when he thrust inside her. "Oh, God, Lani." He kept her still for a moment with hands on her hips. "Don't move, it'll be over too soon." This was a feeling he didn't want to end; his hands on her smooth skin, her slick heat enveloping him, and that tropical scent of coconuts over everything.

She had to move, she just had to. Lani flexed her fingers on his shoulders and rocked her hips just a little. His fingers tightened on her hips but she couldn't stop. He felt too good, she felt too good with him inside her to stay still. At last he gave what might have been a muffled curse and began moving to meet her. She stifled a cry as she came once more, tightening her body around him and eliciting a growl.

He slid his hands up to her breasts, cupping them and teasing the nipples with his thumbs. So soft, so smooth, he thought. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down so he could kiss her again, his arm like a steel band around her back so she couldn't get away. He thrust harder and faster despite his efforts to slow down and make everything last. When she gasped and tensed as she came again, he couldn't stop himself from joining her. He felt a coiling in his body that built until it exploded as he crushed her to him, breathing her name over and over.

After a few minutes, he let her to move so he could get up and dispose of the condom, then returned to the bed, wrapping her in his arms.

"Wow." Lani breathed the word.

"Wow good, or wow bad?" He stroked her hair. When she shivered, he pulled the comforter over them and snuggled her close.

"Wow incredible." She was amazed at how easy it was to be with him, as if she'd been meant to.

"You're welcome." He dropped a kiss on her forehead and laughed when she smacked him on the arm.

"And you?" She looked up at him.

"Wow incredible." He let his fingers drift over her cheek. She closed her eyes but opened them again when he said, "You'll stay here, right?"

"Right here," she agreed, taking his hand in hers.

To be continued :)
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