Now I understand every thing now
Now I understand everything now.

I thought my mom and dad were like these people called swingers. But they're not. The way mom tells the story. About 2 years ago, I was on a trip with my sisters and mom came home from a business trip early. She came home and heard moaning sounds coming from their bedroom.

She thought that my dad had planned something. She got naked and opened the door, and there was my father and my Aunt. He was fucking her ass like crazy. She told me that she went crazy and threw her sister out naked and threatened to leave my dad. She said he begged her to stay, and would do anything that she wanted.

She told me she thought about for a week, and then told him he had to watch her fuck another guy in front of her. He agreed. That Saturday night she was naked on the bed and she heard the door open to their bedroom. Dad brought this guy home and he was huge like 6'5" He got naked and his cock was massive she said. He spread her legs and rammed all the way up her and started fucking her pussy like crazy.

She told me she was moaning really loud and forgot about my dad. She then looked over and he was naked masturbating. After about an hour or so, the guy shot a huge load of his cum deep into my mom's pussy. She told she couldn't move. The guy said he would let himself out and thanked my father.

The next thing that happened blew her mind. He rolled mom over and had her sit on dads face. He sucked and licked all there cum out of her. I ask her how did that feel ,she said she exploded into my dad's mouth, he really enjoyed it.

From that time on dad would bring guys home or they would meet in a hotel room. She told one time in a hotel room he watch (5) big black guys fuck her every way but loose. As always he would lick and suck there cum out of her.

By the way as she was telling me this story I was so turned on that I was licking the hell out of her hairy pussy. I ask her would he do that for me to. I am waiting for that to happen

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