The car came to a stop in front of the hotel. As I reached for the door handle my hand began to shake, hoping that I looked okay in my royal blue sequin dress and black stockings. I took a deep breath before I opened the door and stepped out. "Damn I should have worn flats instead of these stilettos." I whispered to myself as my legs started to tremble slightly. I tried my best to hold my head high as I walked through the glass carousel doors into the hotel.

I scanned my eyes across the lobby. It didn't take long for them to see him lounging in the large red leather chair. Handsome, just like his pictures. Our eyes locked and I couldn't help but smile. I stood there silently as he got up and walked towards me.
It only took him a few strides before he was standing within arms reach.
"You're more gorgeous than I imagined."

"Thank you, but if you think I've waited all these months for tha-" and before I could finish his lips were on mine feeling the weight of the last couple months pressed into one moment. My lipstick lips open instantly feeling his tongue intertwine with mine. His arms slid around my waist pulling me closer, moulding my body into his. Both of us getting lost in each other forgetting everyone around us. Slowly I pulled away.
"Would the lady like to go to the bar for a drink?"
"I would love to."

Alex excused himself to the front desk saying something to the receptionist. Not a moment later he came back offering his arm.
"The concierge will look after your luggage," he gave a small wink, "Table or bar?"
"Bar please," I said as he helped me out of my coat.
I felt a chill down my spine as he whispered in my ear, "You look incredibly sexy tonight in that dress, just the scent of you is making me hard,"
As we made our way to the bar, Alex took a seat putting out his hand to help me onto the stool.
"There's no way I can sit on that stool in these shoes," cursing at myself again for not wearing flats.
"Here let me help you," I watched as he turned slightly on his stool, guiding me between his legs so I was now between him and the bar. "Better?"

It didn't take long for The Bartender to come take our order.
"I'll have a double black Russian please," I smiled
"Whiskey on the rocks." Alex spoke as I felt him gently caressing my back.
After the order Alex turned his attention back to me chit chatting a bit more, "So how was the train ride? Did you have any problems finding the hotel?"
"Everything was great, thank you." I said and I described a bit more of my trip as the bartender brought our drinks.
Alex swiftly raised his drink, "cheers to a great week of getting to know each other with lots of filthy rauchy sex."

We chatted but it didn't take long to feel that all familiar chill down my back as I felt his hand slowly graze my inner thigh. I looked around to see if anyone would notice but everyone was off in their own world. His hand drifted up higher, reaching the end of my stockings which were crotchless. I could practically feel the smirk crawling across his face at the realisation. He leaned in slightly and whispered into my ear, "you naughty girl."

Feeling his hands along the lace of my lingerie I moaned softly, almost as if it was an invitation. I knew the second he slid them to the side his fingers would be wet from me. Easing in slowly it took everything in me not to crumble in his arms. Holding onto the bar I tilted my head back slightly as I felt him place not one but two fingers inside me this time. I placed my foot on the bar rail below to give him more room not realising he would reach in with three fingers this time. With the feeling of pure ecstasy coursing through my body I almost didn't notice the lips placed just behind my ear which sent me into a whole other bout of emotions.
"Shall we take this elsewhere?" I nod my head slowly, coming back down from the feeling of him inside me.
I could feel my body aching the second his fingers moved. Before he could get up I slowly reached for his hand taking each finger one by one sliding it in my mouth while staring up at him.
"We wouldn't want a dirty hand now would we?" with a sly grin I lick the last finger, watching his eyes widen.
"Fuck I can't wait to get you upstairs," he growled as he slid off the stool.
I grabbed my things before I took his arm, leading us both to the elevators.
"Penthouse suite sir?" the liftman asked as we got in.
"Please," Alex didn't so much as look at the man as he spoke, I could feel his eyes on me the entire ride up.

I was taken back by what I saw when the doors opened. Nice leather couches and chairs, plush white carpets and a bar. I inhale deeply wondering how I even got here.

My awe is cut short when I feel him come up behind me, tilting my head to the side. I moaned as he gently pushed my hair aside and nibbled at my neck, seeming to know exactly where my sensitive spots were. He continued ravishing my neck as I felt my dress start to unzip and fall into a pool on the ground. Turning me around he took in the sight of my matching powdered blue lingerie set. I could see the fire in his eyes as he pressed his lips to mine with eagerness, pushing his tongue deep. Within seconds my bra was unclasped and tossed. He lowered his head and began sucking and biting my breasts, I couldn't help but run my fingers over his hair. I gasped in pure pleasure as he pinched my nipples, working me up.

I moved my hands from his head down his sides, finding his belt buckle. It didn't take me long to undo it and slide them down. Pulling his head away gently from my chest I looked at him as I lowered myself down to my knees. At some point he had taken his shoes off so I only had to lift his legs up to remove his pants. As I did, I didn't break eye contact with him.

I finally break eye contact and look at his cock in front of me licking my lips. I placed my hand around it, surprised by its girth. I waste no time wrapping my lips around him, moving effortlessly back and forth. I want to enjoy this but the throbbing between my legs is telling me I want more. I slow down, licking up his shaft one more time before I move his cock aside and give his balls the attention they deserve. I gently raise my other hand up reaching for his ass, teasing its hole with my finger.
"Fuck babe I want to taste," I say inbetween sucks.
Slowly I move between his legs, leaving a kissing trail from his balls to his ass. I run my tongue along the crack of his ass for a second before finally getting a taste of his hole.
Fuck so good!! Mmmm I want more. I slide two fingers in my mouth, lube them with some spit and ram them in his hole as deep as I can go. Between a moan whisper i hear him say "Yeah Babe" As I finger fuck him hard the burning sensation is driving me wild sliding my hand down I slide my panties to the side rubbing my clit and slipping three finger in my wet juicy cunt whispering "I need to get fucked." As I'm still finger fucking myself I ease my fingers out of his ass hole I suck and lick them like they were a lollypop. Pulling myself back through his legs I gaze up to him "I would love and want you to cum in my mouth then bend yourself over ".

I reposition myself in front of his overly large cock wrapping my hand around the base stroking back and forth. I could feel it pulsing between my grip seeing the veins pop. As I open my mouth wide, taking his cock in smoothly he places his hands on my head pushing me to go deeper to take it all. I pull back a bit as I gage, I can take most but not all of him. We have a good rhythm going, tightening my lips. I could feel his cock vibrating. I hear him say "Ooh Babe Soon" hearing this I go faster, deeper, faster, sucking hard, suddenly feeling the warm thick sensations fill my mouth. I hold. Not swallowing or losing a drop as he pulls his cock out of my mouth. Turning and bending over holding his ass cheeks, I place two fingers in his ass, stretching him as much as I can. Pushing my face against his ass, placing my lips at his hole. I spit and blow as hard as I can, I keep this up until there is no more cum in my mouth, taking one last lick of the crack of his ass, I lean back sighing with a smile. Standing straight he turns, reaching his hand out to help me up. As we look at each other no words need to be spoken as his face says it all. Taking his thumb he wipes cum from my chin and licks it clean with his tongue.

He smiles as he takes my hand leading the way to another room, the door opens to reveal a king size bed. I think to myself "Excuse my ignorance but that looks like a football field".

As we stop at the foot of the bed, he whispers "Your turn babe!". Bending me over so my upper body is resting on the bed he widens my legs with his foot. Rubbing my crotch through my lace panties, pushing them to the side he rams his large stiff cock into me. Grabbing the bed sheets my hands make a fist as I scream at that first sting, my eyes closed biting my bottom lip he rams again, "Fuck baby You're so tight" as he keeps pushing I begin to relax releasing the bed sheets opening my eyes enjoying what he doing to me. With each plunge he does, he goes deeper faster than the last. I say softly "don't stop". He bends down biting my earlobe, asking "Are you ready for your first ass fuck babe?" I nod my head "yes".

He fucks me hard deeper with each push, as he does this he moves his right hand down insearch of my asshole sliding his finger up and down the crack until he finds what he looking for "ahhh there you are." Sliding his finger in moving it around pushing and pulling watching my reaction seeing I'm ok he slips the second finger in, I inhale with a jolt but after a few pushes and pulls he sees I'm O.K. and goes all in shoving that third finger in, he hears me moan as he pushes as deep as he can. I can't believe my ass is being fucked by three fingers and my cunt by his hard stiff cock. As his cock slithers out of my warm cunt with the guiding of his fingers he inched his way into my asshole knowing he's the first not taking his eyes off me looking for any distress he keeps inching forward going a little quicker as he sees me loosen up. He goes deep as he pulls out, ploughing down hard hearing me telling him "Not to stop." Just as he has a nice pace going he suddenly pulls out and rams his cock into my cunt. Fucking me deep and fast, then he pulls out and rams into my asshole back and forth back and forth. "I beg him, please hon now." I scream "I can't hold". Please Alex now babe, fucking me in the ass he shoves down deep, one, two, three, when I feel the hotness in my ass I tremble as he eases off. He reaches down and wipes my creamy juicy cunt with his fingers and cleans them in his mouth. He kisses me on the cheek, whispering "that was amazing babe." Both laying on the bed trying to catch our breath and lower our heart rate not saying a word just chillin, after about fifteen minutes I roll on my side looking at him his eyes closed I start to unbutton the dress shirt he is still wearing kissing and nibbling his chest as I make my way down asking "Are you rested enough to ride me?" Moving off the bed, I grab my suitcase pulling out a strap-on removing my stilettos and slipping out of my stocking and panties, I slip into the strap-on harness choosing not a medium or huge snap on cock but one I think is just right to fuck his ass with.

I situate and make myself comfortable in the middle of this overly huge bed. He smiles as he joins me excited at the very thought of being fucked in the ass. I lube the cock good and pleanty as i've never fucked anyone in the ass before and want to be safe. As he slides his leg over and begins to straddle me I search for his hole to help guide him as he lowers himself down. He takes a deep breath in and both shift a little, getting more comfortable. He begins moving around and up and down, my eyes don't leave his. Such happiness to see his face light up as he continues to move. As I move my hips with him not missing a beat, I reach for his cock, stroking it with ease moving at the same tempo as him hearing him very clearly "Yes baby make me cum." I harden my grip around his cock, Fuck I don't ever want this to end, where has he been all my life!.

Our pace is more rapid, going all the way down, from his throbbing cock I can tell it won't be long now. My grip tightens harder around his cock moving as fast as my arm can. "Oh babe that's it come on, come on babe I beg." And like a bolt of lightning an explosion of cum shoots out like a cannonball making it not only on my stomach, tits it even reached my chin. But more exciting than all of this is his wave of shock at the sight of leakage from his ass. Fuck so many firsts. We didn't say much, just rested.

He leans forward licking the cum off my stomach, tits, neck, moving his mouth covering mine intertwining our tongues with such passion yet in a calming soothing manner. As he slid off me rolling flat on his back, our breathing was quiet and shallow both exhausted yet ecstatic at what took place this evening. Taking off the strap-on and tossing it on the floor I lay encircled in his arms. I whisper "OUR FIRST" kissing my back, we both just savour this moment of perfection, eyes closed, lost in our own thoughts we slowly fall asleep.

As my eyes open, not sure where I am brain fog, then it starts coming back, I feel his lips on my shoulder as his thumb rubs my arm, as I turn smiling I hear "Good morning beautiful." kissing my cheek. As I stretch I'm stiff and sore but so very happy, I feel his hand run down my curvy side over my hip bone. I can feel a tingly sensation, warm with some dampness going on between my thighs. I turn towards him asking "may I use the bathroom before we start?" He pulled the sheet back smiling. I crawl out and as I do he swats my ass saying "hurry back babe." I get to the foot of the bed picking up his dress shirt. I turn to look at him with a smile. I ask "may I ?" he nodded his head yes as I slipped into it. I bring it to my nose and inhale a big whiff of his scent. Just like that I'm wet heading towards the bathroom. I turn to see him relaxed hands behind head smiling, as I smile back wondering what today will bring.
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