Obsession Confession Part 3 of 6
After that last session in December, Julie stopped the weekly visits to Palm Beach and restricted her services to a location in the Miami area. Her ads ran regularly so I assume she had plenty of takers. I would regularly check her listings in hopes of finding new photos of her to use as a backdrop while I indulged in ever increasing fantasy sessions that usually involved masturbating to her image and recounting my memories of her. The fantasies took on multiple twists and scenarios but always played to my fetish and love of providing oral sex to her. Often, I would wake up before dawn and retreat to an isolated and quiet part of the house to embark on those virtual journeys in total darkness.

The fantasy sessions always began by accepting her as the most important thing in my life. I wondered how many men had experienced orgasms from her and how they, like me, must have craved for more and more. I began to imagine a setting where I would be in the Palm Beach motel room adjacent to room 136 while she had sex with other guys. With my ears against the walls, I could hear the sounds of that sex while I created a visual image of each scene which resulted in another ultimate orgasm for some lucky faceless guy. During this isolation my cock and balls were encased in a locked chastity device that prevented me from masturbating.

After the client left room 136, Julie would then unlock and open her side of the adjoining door which was the sign for me to open my side. Naked, but for my chastity device for which she held the key, I would enter her room and see her lying on the bed. It was clear that she had just finished fucking the previous stranger. She smiled that wicked beautiful smile and beckoned me to come to the bed to begin licking her pussy. As I began to go down on her, she placed her right hand under my chin raising my head to show me a condom that she was dangling loosely with her left hand. It was full of cum. The sight of this made my cock begin to ache within the confines of the chastity device as it tried in vain for an erection. But there would be no relief yet. The day was just beginning and there would be more strangers and more torture for me. But now my task was to satisfy Her, for She is all that matters. As I was pleasuring her fragrant pussy, I began to think of it as a temple that should be worshipped and worthy of unthinkable sacrifices that I may be called upon to make as the price to continue with this privilege...

To Be Continued: Part 4

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