Of Course I said I would
A few years ago when I was shooting publicity shots for a small theater group one of the stars asked if I would do some photos for her portfolio. Of course I said I would.

I set up lights in her apartment and did the standard type of portfolio shots and she asked if I would do a couple of her nude but with some discrete coverings. Of course I said I would.

She went into another room and came back with some frilly scarves and I worked on tastefully posing her. I caught glimpses of a lovely tit and a rather full bush as I positioned her.

Then she said she wanted a few of her bare breasts and posed with them prominently displayed. Very nice. She pinched her nipples to get them hard and jutting and it wasn't working. I asked her if I could help and she said, "Of course you can."

I kissed them and sucked on them a minute or so and up they popped. They were especially nice with the glint of saliva on them in my viewfinder. From the very start of this session my cock had hardened to a point that it had to be freed from my tight jockey shorts. I discretely did this and just let the bulge in my light summer weight pants make my condition known.

Then she asked if I would take a close up of her "lower part" for her boyfriend. Of course I said I would.

She bashfully spread her legs and there was a beautiful "lower part" with a perfect bush. I snapped away. She wasn't wet and I said it would look hotter if it glistened with wetness. She said she'd get some water. I said I could supply the wetness if she would let me. Of course she said she would.

I bent down and kissed the "lower lips" of her "lower parts" until they were picture perfect.
In doing so I tasted her own wetness which had started with my kisses. By now the precum had spotted my pants and I could see her eyes lock onto it as I stood and backed away to take the next photo.

She said, "Why don't you take your pants off, I can see what you've got and the condition it's in. You'll be more comfortable?"

I replied, "I don't think that would be the proper thing to do."

"Get real," she said, "You've had a hard-on since we've started and practically cum in your pants. I'm not going to rape you, just drop those drawers and let him loose."

Of course I said I would.

Of came my shoes, pants, my shirt, and my underwear. I stood there with my twitching cock sticking out and was so worked up I was afraid I would just blow my load.

"I'd like a really sexy photo of your cock right next to my pussy so it looks like it's going to slip right in."

I positioned us and got my pulsating penis about two inches from her lovely labia and she spread her wet pussy lips open like she was about to receive me. It was awkward but I snapped a few shots.

Her hand reached down to adjust those sweet lips and it just brushed my cock head. That did it. I shot one of the biggest loads of my life all over her glistening pubic hair.

"Now look what you've done, look at that mess. Get down there and clean it up, suck every drop up," she ordered.

The taste of our mingled juices as I sucked and licked up my mess kept me as hard as a rock. The way she had started humping her pussy into my face while moaning, "Fuck me , fuck me now," was just too much.

I pulled myself up onto her and felt my cock slip into her and with her pussy squeezes it was all I could to hold back and keep my thrusting going without cumming again.

We fucked very slowly and as I started to speed up she gasped, "Go slow, go very slow, make it last, it is so good."

I went very slowly and soon exploded into her as she cried out in ecstasy. We lay there on the floor until our strength returned and got up, showered together, and did it all over again in her bed.

As I was leaving she asked if I could set up a video camera and make a video of another session.

Of course I said I would.
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