Office Affair 2
I tried to do my work again, but this time I could not focus for a whole other reason. The boss's wife saw me fucking her husband. I kept trying to shake the feeling off. It was not as if she was just upset and not enjoying the show...

The next day at work seemed as normal as any other day. I was wearing my grey and white sweater dress. The one with the dipping neckline and the formfitting shape. I had on silver heels, which turned my legs from incredible to phenomenal.

The minute I walked in the office, I had many calls to pick up. Then I got an unexpected visitor. Mrs. Warren walked into the office.

"Hello Miss Cruz." Mrs. Warren walked in closing the door behind her. I did not know what to do. Should I pretend as if what happened the other day never happened?

"Hello Mrs. Warren. Would you like me to ring your husband up?" I kept my voice crisp and business like.

"No." Her red painted lips curved into a smile. "I saw your little show yesterday. "She began walking towards me. "I haven't had an orgasm like that since I married my husband."

"Mrs. Warren."I began trying to talk, but I actually did not know what to say to the woman.

She began to walk over to my desk. She took some clips out of her hair. I began to be turned on already. There is just something about long brown hair on a dark skinned woman.
She was the color of chocolate.

Her skin smooth, flawless, and without the help of any makeup at all. Her hair framed her face...a wispy touched her full lips.

"I want to experience it myself...He shouldn't get all the fun."She unzipped her jersey dress.

Damn I knew I was fighting a losing battle. This woman was standing here in a nude lace thong and bra set, wearing only high heels.

I thought my body was banging...this woman was model type. I could see why the boss would feel the need to marry her. She was very skinny but with all types of dips and curves. My panties were getting wet and I knew her panties had to be too.

"Take off your shoes." I instructed her while twirling a pencil in my hand.

"Oh I can do better than that." She smiled a seductive smirk as she reached for her bra hook.

Her breasts were perfect! Tear drop shaped perfectly. High and firm, she had Hershey kisses for nipples. My throat was getting dry as she now stood naked removing her other show. Her hair fell all to one side revealing an elegant long neck.

"Come here"

She came and sat on my desk. Began kissing her stomach. While I played with one of her rock hard nipples. I felt her leg shake and I had not even begun to do anything yet.

"This would be my first time with a woman." She said a little breathy.

I couldn't stop the ridiculous grin from showing."Promise not to fall in love."

I spread her legs. She had a beautiful pussy. Perfect color, proportion, scent. I began by tracing the outline of her thick swollen lips. Her hips wiggled a little and she took a small breath. I liked her whole pussy...before zeroing in on her swollen clit. I could feel it throbbing as I gently sucked it...making small circles with my tongue.

I had to grab her ass to keep her still. She was moaning so loud but I did not care I did not stop.

"Oh Wow! Oh Wow!" She was yelling as she leaned back.

I had inserted a finger in her and found her g spot as I still paid lavish attention to her clit.

"Oh shit!" She was moaning. It was way past turning me on. "I want to eat your pussy!" She yelled.

"Sure" well of course I let her. Shit I had a waterfall gushing out of me.

I sat in my office chair and she got on her knees. She was eating me out as if I was her favorite desert. I heard her moaning a little as she had started to rub her own clit as she ate me out.

I started moaning I was so turned on. Suddenly my unlocked door opened. Damn! How could I have forgotten to do that!
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