Office Antics
Dawn closed her shop a little early today because it was raining so hard. No one was out shopping in it. She had not had a customer for at least an hour and a half. It was 3:30 in the afternoon and it looked like the sky was fixing to get a lot worse. Thunder started sounding and so she quickly finished up and locked up the shop and headed home. She was thinking that maybe she would be lucky and Anthony would also get off early because of the bad weather. She was on her way home and it was raining so heavy that she could hardly see the road. Fortunately, home wasn't too far away and she was there in no time. No sooner had she walked in the door and the phone rang and it was Anthony with disappointing news. He said that he had to finish up a proposal he was working on for a presentation the next morning. "I planned on finishing it earlier today, but I was getting constant interruptions throughout the day. Three VIP people from the corporate office are flying in from Chicago late tonight to attend the presentation in the morning, so there is no way around it." He explained. "I'm sorry baby! But I promise I will make it up to you. Keep my side of the bed warm for me." Dawn asked about dinner and he said he would just grab something out of the snack machines at work.

She walked slowly into the living room and sat in her favorite overstuffed chair and gave a big sigh. "Well, now what?" she asked out loud. She was really missing him all day today, more than usual, for some reason. It seemed like such a long, long day. When she closed up the shop, she was excited thinking about what she wanted to do to Anthony when he got home. As she sat there thinking, she took her pipe out of the drawer next to the chair and loaded it with a small personal sized bowl of ganja to relax with. As she took her second hit, she got a great idea. Her mouth turned into a deviant grin and she got up fast and took her pipe and weed and put it into her purse.

She had decided to surprise Anthony at the office. She was already thinking of what she was going to do. The first thing was to pick a sexy outfit out to wear. Anthony was a very visual guy, like most guys. But Dawn tried very hard to be extra creative when it came to visually arousing him. She was always very successful in getting a quick reaction when he saw her in one of her outfits. She had a great many of them. She had Corsets, Bustiers, garters, stockings, and a pretty good selection of high-heeled sexy shoes and boots. She was always buying something new to please Anthony with.

She ran upstairs to the bedroom and began looking through her drawers to find the perfect outfit to wear. Then it caught her eyes. It was one of her favorite corsets, garters, stockings and of course the sexy boots to go with it. It was a black, lacy corset with dark purple trim. The panties were black lace with dark purple trim. Oh, and they were crotch-less panties. Love that quick and easy access. The stockings were sheer black and the boots were high-heeled, black suede, to the knees, with zippers all the way from top to bottom. She hurriedly pulled everything she needed out of the drawer. Quickly stripping her clothes off, she was getting more excited by the minute. She knew that as soon as he saw her in this outfit, he would have instant wood. She loved how quickly his body responded to hers, as if they were conspiring together with their own language.

She put some makeup on and looked like a million bucks. She was so excited.
She finished getting dressed and after slipping her boots on, she went to the closet and pulled out her black maxi length rain jacket and slipped it quickly over her and buttoned it all the way up so that nothing could be seen inside.
"Okay, let's go!" she said to herself and went out to the garage and hopped in the car and headed out to her destination. She felt butterflies in her stomach because she couldn't wait to see him and feel him against her body.

She pulled into the underground garage and parked. Anthony's office was on the top floor of a three-story building. She pulled her pipe from her purse and loaded it with a bowl of ganja. She brought it to her nose and took a deep smell of it. It smelled so good. And she knew that it would make her feel extremely frisky and horny. She burned a few bowls to herself and started feeling the effects and was beginning to feel very amorous. Suddenly, she had the urge to find Anthony as quickly as possible. She jumped out of the car and as she approached the elevator, she quickly took a last look in the mirror to make sure she looked the absolute best she could. She was satisfied, but she hoped he would really enjoy the surprise. Her heart was pounding with excitement. As the elevator reached the third floor, she could feel her heart pounding so loud. As the doors to the elevator opened, the entire third floor was very dimly lit with minimal lights on. Not a soul was to be seen. Anthony's office was around the outside of the cluster of cubicles that lined the floor as far as you could see. He had a really nice corner office with a fantastic view of the city from where his office was. As she approached his office, she could hear the radio playing Brad Paisley. His office door was open. Which was a good thing because she could slip into his office without him hearing her.

His back was toward the door and his desk faced to the view outside. Personally, I don't know how he could possibly get any work done with such a view. But he seemed to manage quite well, as there were many certificates of accomplishments on the walls.

Dawn had all kinds of ideas running through her head. But first, she had to initiate the perfect surprise attack. She pulled out some new restraints that she was dying to try out and that he didn't know about yet. She unzipped her raincoat so that she was all exposed in the front and slowly tiptoed into his office behind him. She reached around to the front of him and ran her hands down between his legs and grabbed his cock and began massaging it outside his pants, while breathing lightly and nibbling on the back of his neck, she could feel him instantly tense up and moan quietly. His cock was already hard and throbbing as if to beg for attention. "Hi Baby, Surprise!" She whispered in his ear. He reached up and leaned back just enough to be able to reach for her nipples and tweak them gently causing her to moan quietly. Realizing that she had some kind of sexy lacy outfit on, he said, "Come around here so I can see what you have on." She stopped him and said, "Not just yet, I have something I need to do first." She took each of his arms and pulled them around to the back of his chair and slipped the restraints on his wrists and secured them firmly together and to the chair. Then she turned the chair around to face her and stood in front of him and dropped her raincoat to the floor. "Oh God Baby, you look so good! Take these off my wrists and let me touch you. I want to touch you so bad." "Not just yet, I have special plans for you." And with that she closed and locked his office door. She turned the dimmer down really low so that just a little light shone. She approached him and stood as close as she possibly could to him so that his lips were right at boob level. He was starting to breathe heavier and heavier. She pulled down her corset just enough to expose her breasts to him. She reached down and gave his throbbing cock a squeeze and he moaned loudly. She could tell through his pants his cock was standing at attention. She was so stoned and wanted to just forget her plans all together and just jump on it. No, she had fun things planned for him first. Her time would come. She put her nipple right up to his mouth and he began licking and sucking on it. "Oh Baby, that feels so good!" "Give me the other one," he pleaded. Then he said, "Hold them together close so I can lick both of them at the same time." She obediently followed his directions and brought them together and put them in his waiting mouth. He began licking and gently biting them and she felt like she could just cum right then and there. But she stopped him and she took out a blindfold she had also brought with her and slipped it over his eyes, kneeled down on her knees in front of Anthony and started unclipping his belt and pants and slid them and his boxers off him. He was already sporting some pretty respectable wood.

Dawn had restraints for his ankles also and bound each one to the legs of his office chair and began lightly kissing the inside of his upper calf. His cock bounced. He was moaning softly as if he was really trying not to let it out. Slowly she worked her way up to his inner thigh. By this time, he was moaning and squirming in his restraints. She lingered at his inner thighs, moving from one leg to the other, slightly blowing on his balls as she went from one leg to the other. He was standing at full attention and was having a great deal of trouble keeping still any longer. After a few seconds, she was lightly licking the underside of his jewels and his ass rose off the chair as he was moaning and said, "I want to touch you so bad. Let my hands go." "No, no baby, not yet" she whispered as she began from the base of his shaft and licked all the way up the underside of his cock until she reached the base of his head. By this time, Anthony's heart was pounding and he was moaning and breathing pretty heavy.

Dawn was extremely turned on by this time just by how turned on Anthony was. She wanted so badly to just remove his restraints and climb on him and make wild love to him right now. But she continued her journey as she licked all the way around the base of his head and then quickly ran her tongue up the crevice on the underside of his cock, he gasped for air and moaned loudly and lifted off the chair as if begging for her to take it in her mouth. She continued with her tongue around and around the head towards the tip and lightly flicked the tip with her tongue and Anthony was arched up from the chair, his muscles hard as rock as he tensed up uncontrollably. Then without any kind of warning, she quickly took his cock deep into her mouth, sucking as she continued to take his hardness deep into her mouth. Anthony let out a loud yell. With her mouth wrapped tightly around him, she was taking it in and out of her mouth while using her tongue to lick on the way up and down. He was raising himself up and down with her oral strokes and she could feel his heart racing and he was breathing heavily and beads of sweat began accumulating on his face. She had his jewels with one hand and could feel them tightening up, approaching orgasm. The other hand was stroking in rhythm with her mouth as she took him in as far as she could. She couldn't get him all the way in for he was well endowed and just couldn't take it all in. So her hand took up the extra length. "Oh God! I'm going to cum if you don't stop.," he said as he was gasping for breath and writhing within his restraints. Slowly she pulled his cock out of her mouth, dragging her tongue firmly along the underside of his throbbing cock. She was breathing almost as heavily as he was. His body's response to her attention was a huge turn-on to her and she could feel herself dripping wet. He shivered as she reached around his back and untied his wrists and before she could bend down and release his ankles, he had pulled off his blindfold and pulled down her corset and had a hold of both of her nipples and pinched them hard and she gasped for air. "You look so hot baby!" She reached down with him still holding on to her nipples and pulled the release on the restraints on his ankles. He pulled her up holding her nipples and brought her to standing in front of him and began to hold one breast and suck on the nipple and lick and tease. She was bending her head backwards and a shiver ran all the way through her body as he continued to lick and tease her hypersensitive nipples. Then he went to the other breast repeating the routine. "Oh my God, baby, oh yeah!" Then he grabbed her two breasts and brought them together closely and took both nipples into his mouth sucking them hard as she moaned loudly. Her knees were getting weak and wanting to buckle. She had his cock in both her hands, squeezing tightly as he started licking her nipples hard and forcefully. "Oh God Baby, Yes, yes!!" They were both breathing so hard; it was hard to tell who was breathing harder. "God, I want you inside me so bad right now!!!" she said almost screaming. She started to move towards him to climb on him right where he sat. He put his hands on her shoulders and stopped her and said, "Is this what you want?" He raised his hips towards her still holding on to her shoulders. "How bad do you want it baby? Tell me how bad you want it. What do you want me to do to you?" "Give it too me baby!! I want to feel you hard and deep inside me!" With that, she pushed against his hands that had her shoulders and couldn't get any closer. "Please baby, I want you so bad!" "Tell me what you want me to do to you!" he said again. Heavily breathing and lust running through her head, she whispered, "Fuck me baby!" "What did you say?" he asked. "I didn't hear you. You don't want it bad enough." He reached down with one hand and started touching her clit and she jumped and let out a scream. She started getting wobbly in her knees again and was having trouble keeping them straight. She was quickly getting so close to orgasm, and then he took two fingers and rammed them up into her and she let out a huge scream of pleasure. He found the g-spot that no one else seemed to ever find and she was right on the edge of climax when she screamed, "Oh God, Please baby, take me, FUCK ME HARD NOW! Oh God, I can't wait any longer, I'm going to explode!" and he pulled his fingers out and gave one last slippery swipe to her clit as he then grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close to him and she climbed onto to him still sitting in the chair. She forcefully pushed herself down on his waiting cock with the help of his hands on her hips pulling her down onto him. He grabbed her face with both hands and plunged his tongue into her with deep, passionate kissing. And without missing a stroke, they both let out a yell and he continued to pull her up and down and Dawn was already exploding into an intense series of orgasms, one right after the other, completely out of control. "Oh my God, oh baby, oh God!!! I can't stop!! Cum with me baby, cum with me!!" "Here I go, oh yes baby, it's so good!" Anthony couldn't hold on any longer and blew his load and let out a scream of release at the same time, they were cumming in unison. It seemed like it went on for such a long time. Dawn felt passion like she'd never felt with such intensity. They both fell to the floor of the office out of breath and gazing into each other's eyes almost in a daze. "Let's go home baby," Anthony said as he was still trying to catch his breath. "You were fantastic!!" Dawn said looking deep into his eyes. He replied with eyes sparkling, "This is just the beginning my love, just the beginning."
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