Office Ours
Working late has never exactly been fun , not until recently in any case...

Around 7 the night , I could hear the rumblings of the copier down the passage. I knew she was still here , the lady from the office at the end of the universe , the CEO's secretary.

Armed with her military style suits and horn-rim glasses , she created the facade of falling out of a Heidi book - looking like Mrs. Rottenmeyer.

I thought that I'd better let her know I was leaving , as she'd be all alone in the building. Approaching the office I heard her complain about something , softly.

I walked in , seeing her on one of the chairs. She was scratching her leg , or so it seemed. As I said : "Good Night!" , she nearly flipped the chair over. She was masturbating!

Her hair bun undone and the glasses on the desk , she appeared a completely different woman. She looked at me , not showing any sign of what she was thinking. "You care to help me here?" she asked. I had no resistance , the chair swiveled towards me , as she displayed her glistening pussy.

I dropped to the floor and on my knees , I lowered my head between her legs. I started licking slowly up the inside of her thighs. She had already taken her blouse and bra off , running her fingers through my hair.

I was licking her pussy , sucking on her clitoris gently , circling her clit as it got
harder under the tip of my tongue... I darted my tongue deep into her pussy quickly , wiggling as I took it out again... I slid my tongue slowly up her love canal...

I cleared the huge desk in the office with an abrupt brush of the arm , excited and horny. I lay down on my back on top of the desk , with her sitting down on my mouth , feeling her warm lips on hard cock as it went into her mouth ... rubbing her wet pussy against my mouth as I teased her clitoris with my tongue... sucking her labia into my mouth softly and feeling her tongue circle my cock and my knob...

She sat up and slid down along my chest and over my stomach. Slowly sitting down on
my throbbing cock. She sat with her back to me , I cupped her soft breasts from behind. Pulling gently on her nipples as she rode up down the length of my cock.

After spinning around to face me she started riding my erect , throbbing cock. Rubbing her clitoris against my hard cock as it went faster in and out of her now contracting pussy , Ready to explode into orgasm , fucking me harder and faster...

We both jerked as we came on the together , on top of a desk at the office! We have made a point of getting in as much overtime as we can , since then.
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