Office Party
Office Party

It was my end of year Office party. I was there alone, and she was there, across the room, as her husband worked in another department. I'd seen him around; I'd never seen her. She was smiling bravely I could see, and she'd noticed me. We caught each other looking at each other, and looking away too. I went to the toilet and returning she was emerging from the ladies as I passed. We both smiled.

'Not the world's most exciting place'
'No' she said, 'but duty calls; you work here?'
'Yes, but you don't.'
'No, but we could meet, you and I?' she said looking at me strongly.
'Why not, tomorrow, my place at 11 for coffee?'
'One bold response to one bold offering!' she said.
'Tis done quickly, tis done well'.
'Indeed it is, indeed it is'.

I gave her my address.

'See you tomorrow' I said.

And off she walked ahead of me in her 5" red heels, a hint of her red fishnets, and a long clinging slit-skirt, her hips deep and swaying. Her white high neck loose blouse didn't hide that this slim lady had a fine bust too.
The door bell rang as the local church rang the hour. She liked red, as her boots were red, undeneath a long concealing black coat.

'Come in'
'Thank you'
'Cosy and a man who read'.
'Well do you want coffee or me to read to you or do you have something else on the agenda?'

She smiled from a tilted head and her right leg crossed close across her left leg. She was still standing there in her coat.

'Well I guess we do intend something more lively than last night'.
'You are right there bold lady. Perhaps the first physical deed should be me offering to take your coat'.
'Oh a gentleman'.
'And in the Office lounge you were a lady last night'.
'Well I'm in another lounge now'.
'Though you didn't stay there'.
'No I didn't. I went out 3 times to the ladies I was so bored'.
'Well I will show you were the various rooms are if you like, but your coat'.

She moved towards me.

'So are you going to help me off with it'.
'My pleasure'.
'I hope it will be'.

And how it was too: thigh boots, the red fishnets again and with a flared black mini with white stripes flashing as she moved, and a glimpse of her stocking tops. I let my eyes continue moving slowly upwards, to her hourglass figure belted with a wide red belt and so to a black clinging sleaveless fine-wool v-neck sweater with little white buttons all the way down the front. The ones by her fine cleavage were waiting to be released from the tension they were under to stay done up.

This wasn't Office party attire, this was lets-have-real-fun attire, and I was very ready for the real fun, but I tried to keep a calm if smiling face as I stepped forward to help her with the coat.

'I felt like being casual this morning' she said 'I hope you approve'.
'Do you think I wouldn't approve?' I asked.
'Oh, I was pretty certain you would approve'.

She held her head confidently, and her large, sultry, restless eyes could look directly at one.

'Nice vertical-stripe shirt you have'.
'And your perfume is very, mm ..'
'Enveloping even'.
'Do you like it though?'
'Yes it's, ah, wonderful in fact'.
'Well don't be shy, you are allowed to hover and enjoy it'.
'Thank you I will, so shall I make coffee then?'
'Why not, and I'll see another room here'.
'This way' I said and as I did I took her hand and led her to my scullery.

'But sufficient for my needs'.
'Bachelor needs'.
'Yes a bachelor, but you are linked'
'Yes in a dry relationship'.
'It happens; it has happened to me in fact'.

She took hold of 2 cups and put out her hand for the coffee.

'Spoon please, and I like a little milk, no sugar'.
'I'm the same - re the milk and sugar. Do you have this method with all your encounters?'

She looked me straight in the eye.

'I just feel I want to be individual and strong and forthright with you'.
'I'm quite enjoying it actually. Now let me see what can this lady prepare me for lunch!'
'Hey, who is in charge?'

The coffee was made we walked to the lounge, placed the cups in the coffee table, and then she walked to the nearest book shelf.

'Plenty of history and short story books here, and letters too'.
'Yes part of my reading tastes'.
'Volume 1 eh. I've got the abridged Hemingway letters book'
'12 volumes are coming out - eventually.'

I walked up to beside her and she turned sideways towards me and god did I want to cup her beautifully displayed breasts.

'You're looking at me again' she said and surreptitiously moved a foot closer.
'Well how could I not.'
'So what do you like about my appearance?'
'Where do I start?'
'From the bottom and move upwards perhaps'.
'Well I saw your posterior in that lovely clinging slit skirt last night'.
'Did you now. Yes you let me go ahead didn't you; you oggler'.
'The heels, but what heels today. Comfortable?'
'Ok' she said, 'from the taxi to your 3rd floor apartment'.
'So if I have to chase you I'll easily catch you'.
'Don't take anything for granted Mr Man'.
'No indeed, well they look very comfortable to me, soft to touch'.
'Go on then run your finger up them'.
'Up to the top and the next item eh?'
'You aren't going to rush I hope' she said.
'No I never rush anything for anybody; live for the right now'.
'Philosophy too! Well the boots are the now'.

We were facing each other close now and I started to run my hand up one boot from near her knee and arrived at the hem of the mini.

'What a lovely feel. Does all you, your attire feel so nice?' I asked.
'What do you think? she said.
'I think I ought to check' I said.
'Perhaps you ought' she said.

She was smiling, and had perhaps teased enough and certainly the feel of her boots (and thigh boots are a turn on for me in any case), her close fragrance, and the whole look of all her teasing and tantalising attire had me more wanting to taste her than my coffee. It was she who licked her wet-look lips, and we sunk into each others arm and kissed. We kissed gently, but there was movement, and she wasn't going to pull back from it I was sure.

How right I was and gradually the kiss increased in feeling and we pressed the lips together a little harder and all our lips were moving in a oneness of motion. She'd placed her hands round my waist and mine were round her neck and shoulders. She will have felt my arousal and the way she was kissing and moving against me I knew she was too.

How I wanted to eat her. I let my mouth open a fraction and it was her tongue that explored first. I reciprocated and oh how we both wanted each other. She was rubbing her hands up and down my back and then to my buttocks. I was letting my hands feel the depth of her breasts from the side under her upper arms.

We at last released from the kiss and smiled at each other.

'You can explore further you know, check me out thoroughly' she said.
'I have your permission?'.
'You do and I might as well'.

And she did, sliding one hand round to the front and feeling my hardness. I kissed her neck and let my hands cup her lovely full heavy breasts. I undid the poor straining top button, and then a couple more. I lifted my head and gazed at her cleavage. I'd had the very briefest glimpse of her low-cut red bra cups earlier, and now they were before me in all their glory.

'Now is it the sweater or me that will get attention?'

I undid another button or two. The cups were the maximum low cut to just cover her nipples.

I started to undo everyone of the dozen or so buttons of her sweater, and my belt and trousers were easy prey for her.

'You do have a proud fellow don't you' she said as my underpants were slipped off.
'And those nipples of yours, are they feeling cold?'
'Yes, all bared and totally neglected'.
'Well my hands aren't cold and nor are my teeth'.
'Steady, steady, you're dealing with flesh and blood'.
'Well I won't draw blood, but oh the lovely flesh'.

I cupped annd gently squeezed and caressed their heaviness and then started licking each nipple in turn, and then started to very gently grind each one in turn with my teeth.

How gentle she was with my member, giving him lovely long finger strokes with both her hands and even teasing him with her long red nails. And she was pushing her fanny against me. I pulled on her brief side-tie red panties, and god how wet she was. I didn't want to be in her, not yet. My fingers took over from my teeth on her nipples and I started kissing all over her neck. I heard her sigh and her body writhed even more against mine.

'Oh that is too good, too, too good, but I don't want you in me, not just yet' she said.
'So the hors d'oevres is a long one?'
'Never rush you said'.
'I think you are being very teasing and naughty'.
'So what are you going to do with a naughty girl?'
'Three of the best is called for I think' I said.

I took her hand, and led her to dining table, which was as usual tidy empty.

'Lean please'.
'I know you liked my arse last night'.
'Well let's see what it is really like'.
'Yes master'.

She leaned flat on the table, her arms stretched out fully, with me having a full view too of all her stretched 10 painted finger nails, which I found very erotic, and I flipped her mini up over her trunk.

'I love the sight of your hands so I hope you love my hand' at which I spanked, not too hard, her lovely firm deep arse. Twack, it was a lovely sound.

'mmm, yes' was all she murmured.

I hit her again, this time a little more firmly.

'Oh yes, a little harder please'.

So I did, and then paused.

'Please, please, another one Master'.

There was a different tone to her voice, none of the commanding one she'd revealed before. I delivered another spank, and another ... and getting a little harder as the spanks were given.

'Yes, yes, harder, don't stop'.

Well after about 20-30 I did. She was rather pink. She turned her face towards me and gave me a wicked mischievous look.

'Nice for you too?' she asked.
'Yes and, er, interesting'.
'Well so now?'

I knelt down and proceeded to gently bite her two glorious globes and ravish her thighs as I gave her scores of bites. She wriggled in obvious pleasure.

'Rim me please and also hard tongue me'.

And I did and she squirmed even more, me licking and kissing and poking my hard-held tongue into her with quick fast movements. That was soon tiring and I paused, and stood up.

'You are a spoilt girl, though lovely to spoil might I add'.

She pushed up from the table, took my hand and led me to a narrow wall shelf.

'Sit please' she said, so I did, immediately, as commanded. She knelt and he'd relaxed a little but oh her firm and working mouth and tongue soon had him hard-swollen and throbbing. I closed my eyes and let her have her lovely wicked way. What hands and what a mouth. No deep throat, but every inch was caressed by skilful hands and her hungry orifice.

'I'm loving this very skilful wickedness of yours' I muttered. My comment made her gorge me all the more greedily.

'You deserve to be rewarded' I threw out. This made her pause, no stop, and look up at me.

'So your lust is sufficiently aroused?' she asked.
'And yours you lovely wanton lady?'
'I don't want to be a lady any more even though I am still loung-bound'.
'There are lounges and lounges' I said.
'Well this lounge must now transform into a fucking den.'
'A fucking den?' I said.
'One horny man and one wanton bitch in heat for his cock'.
'Wow lady, so I have a insatiable strumpet before me'.
'You do, and she is as randy as hell, and indeed your wanton bitch'.
'You're turning me on even more with that talk'.
'Why not, so fuck me, really fuck me, and now'.

She stood, waved me aside and sitting on the shelf merely pointed down at her fanny, as fucking time had indeed arrived. And it had and we did, me sliding into her wetness with lovely ease.

'I know I will soon come but you won't rush will you'.
'No I want to hit the bullseye again and again and again'.

And I did, and I lost count of how many times she came, her hanging onto my neck, and pulling at my hair, and calling out her pleasure with phrases like 'god this fucking bitch loves hard cock', and how my hands enjoyed her breasts, and we'd kiss wantonly too as I kept riding into her.

'I want to see you go bezerk with me' she eventually said, and I did having a wonderful cum and it producing from her a long happy scream.

We had to make new coffee and the grapes and chocolates at hand were greedily pounced upon by both of us. But a little while on she took up a banana.

'I know this is cliche' she said, but I want to imagine this is your cock. How careful she was peeling it, and how slowly she devoured it bit by bit. Cliche or not it turned me on, and there was still a bit to eat, but I took it from her, stretched her along the settee and my reborn rampant cock was soon in her. How I wanted her again, and she wasn't averse to my urgent rampant way.

'So what's next that I can eat to turn you back on?!' she asked. I didn't stop fucking her and rammed and rammed with all my strength and soon came again.

'You naughty greed boy. You'll need to be punished when we next meet. And we did meet, and I was, but that's another story.

I see her husband at work occasionally and am always reservedly polite. With her, her name is J, I'm less reserved as you can imagine, as is she.
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