Office Slut
I sat there at my desk, searching through files and talking to Him on msn. Something about him just made me completely change! I was no longer quiet and reserved but wild and horny. The things he wrote...I couldn't bare it! Pleasure was my main priority. I would do things I wouldn't normally do...just because he asked me too.

I looked at the next message he sent, telling me how he wanted me. With his clear instructions I eagerly got up. He ordered for my panties to come off. Bad office girls don't wear least that's what he thought. I removed them, looking at the wet spot which had formed from my pussy. I moaned a little to myself and locked the panties in my drawer, sitting back down.

'Not good enough baby...' He stated. I bit my lip thinking. I hoisted my skirt up, moving my legs over the arms of my swivel chair. I was so wet and I wanted only to touch myself. He would love it. To know how wet and horny his little fuckslut was. I reached down, positioning myself and inserting a finger slowly into my pussy, massaging and pinching my clit, that faint hint of pain that made it all that much better. I told him how I wanted to cum, which pleased him immensely. Pleasure took over me and I inserted another finger, then another. I moved them around in my pussy, rubbing my clit and moaning softly. I arched my back, cumming on my hand and letting out a slightly louder moan this time. My face was flushed and I felt hot. I sat upright again licking my fingers of my own cum, looking over to the door my breath caught in my throat. Standing there with a look of pure shock was my Boss.

I froze in my seat as my eyes met his, and I could feel the flush creep over my skin. We both just stared at each other for a moment, trying to find some scrap of etiquette learned along the way that might be adapted to this sort of situation. What should I say? Do? Why oh why wasn't the earth opening up and swallowing me?

He cleared his throat and spoke to me. "Please come to my office immediately Beth." Then he simply turned and walked away.
I sighed and straightened myself up, smoothing down my skirt and signing of the computer. I didn't have time to put on my panties, so I just rushed to the head office, thinking over in my mind what I was going to say. How to explain?

"Sit down please Beth," he said indicating to a chair as I entered. "I would like to talk about what I just saw in your office..." I gulped and sat down obediently.
" seems and appears to me that you weren't exactly doing your work just then...right Beth?"

"N-no!" I stammered. He nodded looking stern.
"Well then, what were you doing, Beth, if you weren't doing your work?" His eyes pinned me to the seat and much as I wanted to look away, I couldn't.

"I-I was... um... p-playing," I whispered, using the first euphemism that popped into my head. The flush on my face deepened as he raised an eyebrow at me.

"Playing?" he said with dry amusement. "And what were you playing with?" He smirked at me and glanced down at my legs. I nervously pulled my skirt down, but he said, softly, "Don't."

I stopped tugging at my skirt, blushing slightly and clearing my throat.
My breath caught in my throat as I opened my mouth to answer. I gulped again and said, "With my um... self. Sir." He laughed a little. I couldn't take it...I looked down at my hands that rested still in my lap. When I heard him move I couldn't help but look up. He leant on the front of his desk, looking at me intently. I bit my lip in anticipation of whatever might come next. I let out a small gasp when he removed his hands from his lap to reveal his huge bulge!

"With yourself," he said slowly, ignoring the fact that my eyes kept wandering down to stare at his cock. "Playing with yourself on company time. Tut tut, Beth, that's hardly what we pay you for, now is it?" He stared at me with a certain kindness; I looked up and smiled nervously and sweetly at the same time.

" sir. Its not!" He nodded and leant down a little, talking to me in a seductive sultry voice.

"Exactly...because if we paid you to play with yourself, well you would basically be the company whore wouldn't you?" He laughed slightly and I tried to laugh with him through my confusion. What was going to happen to me? Was I getting fired? Reprimanded? Let off the hook?
"What would you think of that position, Beth?" he suddenly asked. "This isn't the first time I've seen you flushed and breathless on the job, and I doubt you've been running marathons in your office. Do you often play with yourself on the job?" His left hand was now stroking idly up and down along his cock and I was mesmerized by it.

"I..well..I suppose...quite often sir..." I couldn't seem to think that clearly while he was standing just two feet away from me, stroking his cock through his trousers and acting as if there were nothing unusual happening.

"Do it for me now..." He whispered to me. I gasped and looked at him unbelieving. His eyes sparked with lust and passion and his voice was deeper, sexier.
I was so aroused by this handsome man, this man who was obviously aroused by me and having fun watching as I got aroused by him. I was so confused.
My mouth opened and closed, trying to find words, but none would come.

"Play with yourself, Beth... I know you want to. And I definitely want you to, too." With that, he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his thick, hard cock so that I could see it. I licked my lips and moaned. "That's it," he said, "if you want to see me stroke my cock for you, you have to give me something to watch. Now spread yourself like you did in your office, and play for me." I whimpered in pleasure and began to spread myself as instructed. He smiled in victory and gasped when my dripping wet pussy came into view, followed by a twitch of his cock.

I ran my fingers up and down my slit, getting them nice and wet before I started to fuck myself for him. Two fingers moved in and out of my soaking pussy as my thumb rubbed back and forth across my clit. My hips moved in the air, grinding against an invisible body, begging for more penetration than my fingers could provide. The gasps and moans that escaped from my open mouth encouraged both of us to speed up. He moved a little closer as we both began nearing orgasm, both our hands flying in masturbatory glee. I watched as he used his pre-cum that leaked from the head of his cock to lubricate his strokes. He groaned out that he was close just as my own breathing sped up erratically and then he was shooting his cum all over my slit. I rubbed it in, loving the feel of it on me, and then I started cumming, too.

He collapsed against the desk, breathing hard, as I slowed the movements of my hand and gathered up our cum so I could taste it. He watched me lick my fingers clean, and moaned as I sucked each one in turn. When I was finally satisfied and had lowered my legs again, I blushed once more and looked at him. His cock was still hard and throbbing for attention. I moaned slightly.
"So lovely," he said, causing me to look away. "Did I say you could look away?" His tone was gentle, but with steel in it, and I quickly looked back up at him. He lifted my chin with his finger, still staring in my eyes as he said, "You really do love to get off, don't you?"

I whispered and bit my lip. "Yes sir"
"Yes sir, what?" he asked, a wolfish smile on his face.
"Yes sir, I love to get myself off," I quickly replied, though still softly and just as quiet.

"We're going to have to work on your confidence, I think, Beth. I want you to answer my next question a bit louder, alright?" I nodded, and then he continued, "Do you like the taste of cum?" He was leaning back against the desk again, his hard cock pointed right at me, and I had to force myself to look at his face instead of the dick I was so distracted by.
"I..." He looked at me with that stern steely gaze, making me clear my throat and reply a bit louder.
"I love the taste of cum sir..." He smiled and I smiled back in confidence.
"How about you come over here and show me how much you love it?" he asked with a gesture toward his cock before he sat down behind his desk.
I was going to walk over to him, but then I remembered something that a previous boyfriend had loved. I slid out of my seat and crawled over on my hands and knees, my back arched as much as possible and my hips and breasts swaying as I went. He obviously enjoyed it, as well, since I heard him take in a sharp breath and then moan, and he was stroking his cock by the time I got over to him.

"Oh, you are a naughty one, aren't you?" he said with approval in his voice. My only answer was to smile and nod as I knelt between his legs and slowly unbuttoned my blouse. His eyes were riveted to my fingers as they slowly pushed each button through its hole and revealed the soft, sweet skin of my breasts one tantalizing inch at a time.

He moaned again softly, turning me on so much more. I replaced his hand with my own. I gently grasped his erection in my fingers and smiled up at him, parting my lips slightly while I rubbed the head of his cock along my cheek and across my lips. I kissed the head, sucking just a tiny bit before I leaned back again and just ran my fingers lightly and teasingly up and down the shaft. I bent my legs up and spread them, giving him a perfect view of my open pussy as my skirt slid up. I reached behind me and released my bra clasp, slowly sliding the straps off my shoulders and then letting the cups fall into my hands.
He watched as I rubbed and grasped my breasts, pinching lightly at the nipples and moaning. He groaned.

"Oh god...suck my cock you naughty little tease!!" I purred in excitement and just as I was about to oblige to him, the secretary buzzed him, saying his 12 O'clock meeting had arrived. We both looked at each other with panicked expressions, knowing I wouldn't get my clothes on in time. I crawled quickly under his desk, taking my clothes with me. He adjusted himself and pulled into the desk. He was about to zip up his trousers when I placed my hand on his.
"No." He removed his hand and his erection became full once again. The idea of me sucking him off in a meeting was arousing for both of us.

His secretary showed the client in and the meeting began. I paid no real attention to what they were saying as I was fixated with the hard cock before me. I once more ran my fingers lightly and teasingly up the shaft. I ran my fingers around his cock, smoothing my thumb across the head to gather up the drop of precum there and then circling it around the head. He shifted in his seat, spreading his legs a bit to give me more room, and I reached in and brought his balls out of his zipper. He cleared his throat above me and I could feel him tense as I took each ball into my mouth in turn to suck on it, gently.
I shifted my position so that I was straddling his lower leg and I pulled up his pants so that I wouldn't stain them. He coughed again at the feeling of my hot, wet pussy rubbing up and down on his shin and I stifled a moan of my own by descending on his cock.

I began with the head, swirling my tongue around it first, I then licked up the precum preparing to take in more of his shaft. I began to bob up and down, slowly, not wanting him to cum both because of my own enjoyment and because of my concern for how he might cover that up in front of the client. I doubted a cough could hide an orgasm.

With each descent I was taking more of him and soon I was able to slide the entirely of his cock into my mouth, with the head entering my throat. I breathed through my nose and tilted my head a bit and it just slipped right in. It may have been a while since I'd last done this, but I still remembered my tricks. With my lips around the base of his cock, I wiggled my tongue along the underside of his penis and then out to lick the tops of his balls. When I did that, one of his hands appeared under the desk and grabbed my head to hold me there.
Sooner than I thought the meeting was over. He pulled out his chair and looked at me moaning.

"'re so good!!" I smirked and pounced taking his cock back in my mouth, sucking and teasing it endlessly. I moaned lightly then again, sending vibrations down his cock, making him moan back. I sucked harder, softly, then harder again, moaning every now and then and massaging his balls in the process.

"That's it want my cum don't you!! Oh god...cum for me...cum for me my little cumslut!!" I was shocked when I came just at his say-so. I began to suck harder and harder, so furiously wanting his cum. He ran his hands through my hair and began emptying his sweet cum into my mouth. I moaned and swallowed everything that was emptied into my mouth, giving him one last suck before breaking away and licking the cum from the corners of my mouth. He smiled and bent down to kiss me hard.
"Mmmm...Such a good little cum slut." He moaned and kissed me again.
"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship Beth!!"

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