Office Slut II
I twiddled with my pen, boredom consuming me. I hated these board meetings...I really did. I sighed in relief when people started filing in. My boss sat directly opposite me on my right side, smirking from our last encounter.
I blushed and looked away, half ashamed but half wanting more and more of him. The meeting began without any real excitement, until it was time to go through our proposals. I was listening intently to Jackie Morrison's proposal when I felt a warm hand on my right leg. I looked at my boss, smirking a little and placing my hand on his leg mimicking him. He smiled over at Jackie, no form of suspicion showing. I looked down watching as his hand began to disappear under my skirt, rubbing my creamy white thigh making me want him so much.
I fidgeted in my seat, trying to ignore the wetness of my pussy and the feel of my boss's hand as it rose higher and higher up my skirt, inching closer to my pussy. Finally it was time for me to make my proposal. I gathered my papers in front of me and began speaking.
"I think that if we off--of--offered our customers te--ten percent more then...oh...we would gain more!" My voice faltered and stammered as my boss's fingers began to slide themselves inside my panties, stroking over my slit, teasing me, making me falter in pleasure. Jackie looked at my flushing face and raised an eyebrow.
"Are you okay Beth??" I wanted to moan out loud as my bosses fingers had now begun to fully penetrate my pussy under the table, away from the watchful eyes of the others. I looked at Jackie and tried to speak, but words wouldn't come. Instead I just nodded and tried to continue with my proposal.
"A-also...the offer of a even..l-l-larger quote would benefit us greatly." My boss smiled in victory as I began to cum onto his hand, letting out a faint moan that I quickly disguised as a cough. He looked over at me and donned a fake worried expression.
"Beth...are you sure your okay?" I wanted to glare at him, to moan out loud that I wanted him, but with ten pairs of eyes watching me I just nodded my face now returning back to normal color as he removed his hand.
He began to speak himself, making a long speech about how good and well thought our proposals were and that they were being taken into consideration. I decided, with an evil grin, to exact my revenge.
I moved my hand quietly to his groin area, slowly and silently unzipping his pants, while he fumbled to stop me. I ignored him and reached my hand into his trousers, lightly stroking his cock, bringing it to full arousal. I gently stroked and massaged his balls, watching as his face flushed and he coughed, choking back a moan. I reached over with my spare hand and passed him a glass of water, smirking as I passed it to him.
"Thank y-you," he said, coughing again as I grabbed his erection lightly. I smiled to myself, loving every minute of him squirming in my grasp. Just as he was brining his speech to a close, I grasped hard at his cock, gathering up the cum as it exploded from his cock. He let out a moan, not being able to disguise it anymore. Everyone's attention turned to us and I slowly removed my hand and placed it on my lap, cum still on it.
He tucked his chair under the table a little more as people began making sure he was okay. He waved them away saying he was fine.
"The meeting is over...though Beth...I would like to talk to you. In private!" He smirked watching as everyone filed out the door. He then turned his full attention back to me, pulling me off my chair and onto his lap.
" are a naughty girl...aren't you?!" he purred, kissing me hard, once again moving his hand up my skirt. I moaned into his mouth, the wetness of my pussy growing every minute I was with him.
I returned his kiss hard, giving him more passion than ever. He groaned into my mouth, picking me up and making me wrap my legs around his waist. He pushed the contents of whatever was in front of us off the table, laying me down on it and slowly crawling on top of me like a predatory animal. He growled a little in excitement watching as I beckoned him closer with my finger.
His eyes, over come by lust, searched my body, undressing me with his mind. I felt as I could cum right there and then for him, just with one word, but I wanted him to work for it. I wanted him to beg for it...
I pulled him closer to me, feeling my way to his ass, giving it a hard squeeze. His hands, his nimble fingers searched my body, as if hunting for treasure. I moaned arching my back as he slowly began to unbutton my shirt, smirking.
"No bra Beth??" I crooked an eyebrow.
"You like?" He laughed a deep raucous laugh.
"I love!!" I felt his hand creep to my breast, cupping it and cradling it. Pinching at my nipples he moved his head down, sucking on my other as his hand worked wonders with the other. Ten minutes later when he was done my nipples were full and erect, but slightly sore...however the pain just made it feel ten times better. Slowly his hands ventured over my flat stomach and to my pussy, reaching round and unzipping my skirt he let it drop to the floor, admiring the beauty of my pussy through my see through thong.
"Oh...Beth!!" I moaned at the way he said my name, as if all he needed to do was say it and I would soon become his submissive little slut. I arched my back, pressing my hard nipples and pert breasts into his chest, letting him feel them. He moaned and began getting to work on my thong just as his beeper went. Both of us groaned being deprived of the pleasure we were soon to feel. He slowly slid off me, kissing down my body as he did so then pulling me up with him, handing me my skirt. I kissed him hard, giving him plenty of tongue while he grabbed my breasts in a bid for passion. I broke away and smirked...
"Meet me in the copy room....30 minutes!!"

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