Office fantasy
My bad marriage had ended 6 months ago, I tried the dating scene a bit but found that much had changed since the last time I had been in the single category. I shifted my energies and sunk myself into work. As the corporate Senior Project Manager, it was easy to occupy long hours of time trying to herd customers, suppliers and internal departments much like trying to direct a herd of cats in a common direction.

I know you fairly well, a buyer that I constantly depended on for program information and estimates. We work well together. Though we do have some heated debates from time to time, we always seemed to end on some kind of common ground. I have always appreciated your quirky sense of humor and the fact that you put in the effort to maintain an athletic figure. We have shared some flirty exchanges over the last couple of years, but nothing that crossed the professional line...until now.

The new program we are working on requires a lot of interaction between the two of us. In the last few days I have found myself looking into your green flecked eyes a bit too long, and think you may have caught me sneaking a peek at the cleavage you discretely put on display.

Today you enter my office to help review some last minute document adjustments. Your hair is pulled back in a sexy sporty ponytail, white button-down dress shirt, and a tight knee length skirt made out of that stretchy stuff that speaks to the hours you spend on the Stairmaster. You stoop over my desk in front of me, sending an electric jolt down my spine as you are now giving me a close up view of what I had been trying to sneak looks at. I feel my cock jump, and a twinge of animal desire that I hadn't felt in a long time. Suddenly know what I empirically want.

I coax you to come around my desk to look from my side. You gave me a sly smile and sauntered around, swaying you hips ever so seductively. Your perfume is intoxicating, clouding my already reeling brain. As you look over the spreadsheets I slowly, hesitantly, start running my finger tips up your leg. I feel you tremble a bit...but then you spread your legs as an invitation to go further. My fingers trace up, I can already feel the heat coming from cock is already hard as a rock and straining against my slacks. I run a finger over your panties and feel that you are already swollen and starting to soak the fabric. You suck in your breath and close your eyes, I run my fingers along your lips and press against your clit you whimper at the intense sensations my fingers are giving and spread your legs for more.

I reach up and slowly pull your panties down, exposing you to the cool office air. My desire for you is now driving me wild, I can feel pre-cum already leaking from the tip of my throbbing cock..I need to taste you. I spin you around and lift you by your hips onto my desk, we share a long deep kiss as I continue to stroke your pussy and circle your ass with my fingers. As I lower myself between your thighs you start to unbutton your blouse, I can see your nipples pushing against your lace bra and I give one a long slow pull as I lightly lick the length of your now soaking wet pussy with the tip of my tongue.

You buck your hips at the touch, but then grab my head and pull me to you...commanding me to put my tongue and fingers to work on you. Oh so happy to oblige, I start tracing the outline of your pussy with my lips and tongue while I gently tease and probe your increasingly wet slit with my fingers. Your legs are trembling already, you've needed this for a long time. I spread you wide thrust my fingers deeper and faster while I concentrate on your swollen clit by sucking it into my mouth. Your juices are flowing heavy and fast now, drenching my chin and dripping off your ass. Your orgasm builds and I don't let up, flicking your clit in my mouth and fucking you with my fingers..I gently push the tip of a finger in your ass that pushes you over the edge. Your legs clamp on my head and you squeeze your own nipples as you cum hard and long.

Just then the meeting alarm pops up on my monitor, "shit" I mumble into your still spasming thighs. "I need to be on this call". "That's ok...dial in" you murmur, still out of breath from the tongue lashing. "I have something I need to tend to anyway". I see your eyes locked on the outline of my now throbbing cock, and give you a knowing smirk.

As I dial into the conference call you kneel on the floor in front of me, almost under my desk. I start introductions between the different parties on the line, you slowly unbuckle my belt and trace the outline of my cock. The "Product Implementation" discussion starts, and you draw my zipper down. With a quick flip to the waistband of my briefs (boxer briefs for me..the best of both worlds) my cock springs out, with gleaming pre-cum already oozing from the tip. I look down and see you smile as your wrap your hand around it, not overly long but pleasingly thick. I try to pay some attention to the product plans that are being discussed on the phone...but then you lick. You complete one long slow action from the base of the shaft to the oozing tip. I close my eyes and shift attention to the sensations you are evoking. Pressure from your hand wrapped firmly around me, warmth from you're mouth that has now engulfed the head of my cock, and a slight chill from the mixture of saliva that has run down on my balls and the A/C that is running in the office.

"Aaahh", a short expulsion of breath comes from me as you slide the length of my pulsing member down your throat. I hear a question come from the phone of "Everything ok over there?" "Good-good...just...stubbed my toe." "What the fuck kind of answer was that?" I ask myself...but it seems the other conf call members have taken it at face value and drone on about capacity planning. I glance down at you and see you working my shaft up and down with mouth, tongue, and hand. I see your other hand alternating from stroking your still sopping wet pussy to massaging your breasts and nipples. You look up, smile, and punch the mute button on the conf phone line.

Slowly you stand, dragging your breasts over my face and pausing to allow me to suck your eraser sized nipple in my mouth. As I'm enjoying the snack you've offered me, you straddle me in my chair and slowly lower yourself towards me. The tip of cock is now pressing against your slit. I can feel, and hear, the wetness. You slide our hips back and forth, covering me in your juices. I grab your ass and gently squeeze, causing your pussy to part as you guide me in. We both gasp in unison as my cock enters and fills you. Like a favorite shoe, the fit is perfect.

You are now fully impaled on my rod and your juices are running freely again. "I'm going to cum again" you whisper in my ear. You start bucking your hips against me, grinding your clit down on the base of my cock and thrusting your nipple back in my mouth. I suck and we begin fucking with abandon. In the back of my mind, I wonder if the receptionist down the hall can hear the wet sucking sounds that are now coming from our animalistic actions.

I can feel the surge coming from my now slicked up balls, I pull you down hard and deep. Your legs wrap around both me and the back of my chair and clamp us together. My cock surges and months of pent up frustrations are released as I cum deep inside you. Your mouth latches onto my neck and a muffled "oh fuck-oh fuck-oh fuck" comes out as you convulse on top of me. I can feel your pussy contracting around my cock as you have an explosive orgasm...seems you've been pent up as well.

We are slumped together in a momentary state of ecstasy, savoring that brief slice of time that comes with mutual, absolute, satisfaction. "Oh god I've so wanted that", you breath in my ear. As my senses start return I hear the conference call wrapping up, apparently they have got along just fine without me on this one. We kiss long and hard as we pull apart slowly. I feel our mixed juices running down my cock and inhale the delightful smell of sex that now hangs in the air. It's now quitting time. You strut back to your office, your panties conspicuously still on my desk. I wrap my things up and head to the parking lot...only to find you leaning against my car. In the most sexy voice I believe I have ever hear you ask, "So, how about a drink...?"
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