Oh My
Smiling, it started with an itch, one I couldn't scratch in public. There were ten more minutes of school, I thought maybe, it would go away, no such luck.

It stayed for the ten minutes, for the walk from class, to my locker, to getting on the school bus, the ride to my stop, the walk home.

Such an irksome itch, by the time I got home, I barely said hi to my mom, before I dashed into the bathroom. Skirt lifted, hand into my panties, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, relief. My short nails saved the day.

The itch was just above my clit, as I scratched, my finger pressed down, onto it. I squealed, my other hand covering my mouth a second later.

What was that? Tingles, warm, most pleasant, from a simple touch? I touched again, never knew how sensitive, moaned into my palm. Again, my legs felt weak, I was breathless.

A little scared, but very intrigued, (a word I didn't know then) I washed my hands, then left the bathroom.

Mom and Dad were going to a dinner party, some function, with the company dad worked for. I was going to be alone for the first time. Assuring them both, for the hundredth time, I was going to be fine. I gobbled my dinner, anxious to explore my new discovery.

Biting my lip, my hand in my panties, one finger, pressing. Stronger tingles, filling my body. The little nub, my clit, felt harder, bigger. It felt so good, my finger rubbed it, going over its shape.

I felt wetness, pulling my hand out, I looked at my fingertips. Clear, a bit sticky, it made me smile.

My lips, very soft, covered with the wetness. It felt good, very good, to touch. My breasts, smaller then they are now, I still had my bra on, I felt my nipples becoming hard. They too, were larger then normal.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, touching my lips, together with my clit. I was very wet down there. A sticky finger slips inside, my legs spread, a little. My panties have to come off.

Better, my panties, off, legs spread, my fingers rubbing a little faster.

My breathing is heavy, I feel my body moving. Finger inside again, I bear down on it. Muscles in my body are pushing. Oh my.

Something is happening, heat, so sweet, I feel a flame in me. It's building so fast.

I'm rubbing, faster, harder, letting my finger go in. I'm gasping, moaning, so sweet. Wetness feels hotter, there's more then before. A strong urge, oh my, oh my, oh my!!!

I'm biting my lip, my body pushing, sweet pleasure. It spins me, over a cliff, I fall. I hear myself crying out.

I stop, I'm scared, my heart slamming in my chest. Breathing hard, what happened? Another wave of pleasure, so wonderfully sweet, my body arches off the bed, my head tilting back. I breathe a deep sigh of relief.

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