Old Flames Rekindled - Part II - As told by her partner
Resting long enough to catch his breath, he leans up on an elbow, and asks her "do you trust me, are you willing to put yourself in my hands to do as I please???" She nods nervously and says to him "I'm all yours" He reaches under the bed and pulls out a black bag. The first thing she sees him take out are wrist restraints, leaning over he attaches it to her wrist and then a loop at the top of the headboard, then the other side. With her arms bound over her head, he reaches out to cup her breast, kneading and teasing the soft flesh before focusing on her nipple, leaning down to take it between his teeth and gently bite down and is rewarded by a soft moan escaping her lips. Reaching back into the bag he takes out a black stick with velcro wraps on the ends. Taking her knees in his hands, he spreads her legs wide and attaches one side of the strap just above her knee. The stick expands to three times the original length, spreading her legs wider he attaches the other end just above the other knee. Still not finished, he pulls out two more restraints and binds her ankles to the foot of the bed. She has never been this exposed in her life and she blushes at the same time licking her lips in anticipation of what's to come next.
He reaches into the bag again and this time pulls out a vibrator, a bottle of oil and a larger second toy, a rubbery long dildo. Taking the oil he lubes up the toys and sets them down beside her. Now holding the oil over her breasts he squeezes the bottle, slippery warm liquid spills onto her chest, over her breasts and onto her stomach. Picking up the vibrator, he turns it on and drags the tip of it around the outside of her left breast and then in a figure 8 motion over to the right. The vibration effect arouses her and she feels her nipples harder before he ever gets close, and when he does, she feels lightheaded with pleasure, Never has she been so helpless and so turned on with the idea of it. Reaching into the bag, he takes out a wooden clothes pin and clips it on her swollen nipple, she was expecting it to hurt but instead it kept a steady pressure, almost as if he were passionately sucking on it, first one, then the other, the pleasure coursing thru her chest. Turning the vibrator up a notch he lets it drift lightly across her sensitive nipples, she clenches her teeth pushing her head back into the pillow. Taking the buzzing toy and now drifting down her stomach, traveling slowly back and forth, inching downward, farther, her desire to have the vibrator inside her forces her hips off the mattress, but he pulls it away until her cheeks are flat on the bed again. Her legs, unable to close become the next target, starting with the insides of her thighs and slowly, almost agonizingly, working upward. Finally he lets the toy drift across her lips, parting them to find her button, hard and pulsating, waiting for its touch, an inch away from cumming. But then he pulls it away and before she could exhale, slips the dildo deep inside her, bringing on a body racking orgasm. And while at its strongest wave, he brings the vibrating dildo up to tease her button, bringing on a climax that feels like it will never end. Struggling to catch her breath, she collapses on the mattress unable to move. Taking the brace from between her legs, he slips over on top of her, letting his hard shaft slip slowly into her, she's moaning and as he picks up the tempo, she's ready to climax yet again. He senses this and begins thrusting harder into her, forcing her body into the mattress. Finally, she senses him growing inside her, throbbing, and then they're both engulfed with an orgasm neither has ever felt the strength of. After a few moments, he releases her bonds, and they both fall asleep entwined together.
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