Omnia Vincit Amor

Each day, by the dawn's light I greet you,
I smile as you approach from afar;
The rabble thinks you only a woman
But I know you for the nymph that you are.

Your words are as pearls from the ocean,
Your breath, soft as a breeze on the sea,
The world is aglow with your beauty,
You are the life and the soul within me.

What is gold, what are gems before you?
But commonplace and lusterless things!
As are bellicose deeds and empires;
The pale, vainglorious dreams of kings!

Each night by soft moonlight I see you;
Resplendent in red leather and lace;
The masses think you merely a woman,
I look and I see a goddess's face.

When your eyes are alight with desire,
When your throat thirsts for pleasure again;
Call my name and kindle the fire
And let our passions vanquish our pain.

Each moment of life I spend near you
Is as a rare elixir of bliss;
They say you are only a woman
But I say, never was woman like this!

My timeless, ineffable, beauty;
As I leave you on the shore of the sea
Know that you are and will be forever:
The pulse of the heart within me.

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