On The Road Again
After an early morning meeting in a small town office building, I gathered my notes and headed back to my hotel where I quickly and efficiently packed up my belongings and checked out. The man at the service desk was very pleasant and I thanked him for his good service then headed for the car.

After checking my GPS I headed out onto the open road that would lead me back to home. It had been a long week and I couldn't wait to get to my regular comforts. I kicked on the radio, set the cruise control and got on my way.

Nearly an hour into my drive I began to wonder why I didn't remember putting my credit card away and I began to get worried. Looking around for my purse, I remember tossing it in the back seat and tried to fumble for it but to no avail. I was sure I put my card away in there but this nagging voice in my head told me I better look. I looked up the road for an exit sign but only caught a small rest stop sign. It didn't matter, I had o check.

Pulling into the rest area I noticed no sign of a store or bathroom or outhouse or anything. I though it was a little odd to have that kind of rest area but I didn't need any of those things, I only needed to find my credit card. I passed a compact car and pulled over toward the end. there was nothing but trees on my right and hi-way on my left.

The pressure of the air changed drastically and the sounds of the road became loud when I pulled the door handle, opened the car door and stepped out. It was a beautiful morning and quite bright out. The air was warm but not hot. I stepped onto the pavement and looked into the back seat of my car but my purse was on the other side so I closed my door and walked around the front of the car.

As I rounded the front of the car I could see the driver of the little compact leaning against his passenger door. I smiled briefly at him as if he knew my ordeal. Opening the rear passenger door, I ducked into the back seat where I could find my purse.

I frantically searched through my card carrier and there my card was, right in the front. I was so relieved that I lay my forehead directly on the seat and took a deep breath. Lost in momentary stress reduction, I noticed something out of place directly behind me.

Through my legs and upside down was a picture of grass and tress and within that scenery was a colorful shirt that seemed out of place. Upon further focusing of my eyes I realized it was the guy from the compact car slightly hiding himself with a thick tree. I froze momentarily and watched him glance at me then away. He walked slowly toward his car, then he would stop and put his hands in his pockets.

The man leaned forward into the tree and I watched him stretch and push against the tree as if he were exercising or readying himself for another long stretch of hi-way but at the same time he continued to look my direction. I was on the edge of being afraid but he seemed to make no movement toward me.

My purse was still in my hand so I slowly moved it toward the front, then down and under the rear seat all the while attempting to hide my action. I peeked again but pretended I was looking for something in the back seat. He was visibly staring at me and then quickly turned and walked toward the tree, flailing his arms in what looked to me like a pretend stretch. He was soon completely behind the tree.

I twisted a little to attempt to get a better view and then realized how high my skirt was hiked up my backside. "Oh, My God!" I thought. No wonder the guy kept staring as I was probably bearing all to him considering I was only wearing a thong under my tight mini.

Just as I reached out to the hem of my skirt to tug it down, I could see the man's head poking out from the tree but that wasn't all. I also noticed some movement below that and as naive as I may be, my first thought was they guy was tugging on himself. I pulled my skirt down but he kept looking and then I switched hands and pulled down the other side but he continued to watch me.

I focused more on the area below where his head was poking out and I could tell his hand was moving back and forth, slowly and purposefully. I could see a bit of flesh that wasn't moving also and wondered how he thought he couldn't be seen.

I backed out of the car and stood up, tugging again on my skirt to pull it down further and then I turned toward him but he was nowhere to be found. I assumed the tree had completely hid the man. I then shut the door and began to walk around the rear of the car.

The man, who was nicely built, by the way slowly emerged from behind the tree again throwing his arms up into the air and yawning. He began to pick up his pace toward his car.

"Excuse me!" I said and apparently startled him. He looked my way and pointed to himself. I began to walk toward him in an angry fashion as I watched him look around. He looked almost scared and I began to wonder if what I had seen was merely in my own head.

"Uh..Yes?" He stuttered walking a little faster toward his car. I didn't know what I was going to say but quickly came up with an alternative.

"Would you happen to have a cigarette?" I said in a less harsh tone. "I seemed to have lost mine." I mustered up a smile. He slowed his pace and as I got closer to him I realized he was quite an attractive young man.

"I do." He said smiling. "I'll get you one." He opened is car door and bent down to reach the console. I could see the outline of his erection in his jeans and believe me it was nothing to laugh about. He emerged with a cigarette in hand and offered it to me. I smiled and took it from him.

"Thank you." I said putting the cigarette into my mouth and smiling again. "Do you have a light?" I said giggling. He began to smile and then reached for his pocket. My eyes widened as I watched his fingers enter the pocket, pushing aside a very obvious erection. I half smiled as I was almost embarrassed for him but I could feel a tingle in my own crotch and when he handed me the lighter, I took it quickly.

That feeling had gone straight to the core of my sexuality and I felt of flood of liquid begin to soak my poor little G-string. I took a deep breath and lit my smoke, quickly handing his lighter back to him. He took the lighter and smiled as I turned back toward my car and began to walk. I turned toward him as I walked.

"Thanks again," I said chuckling. "I'm sure I'll find them under my seat or something."

I slowly but surely headed for my car and when I arrived I got into the drivers seat, rolled down the window and rested my head against the car seat. I sat there momentarily and could not get the sight of his cock out of my head. I then remembered the moistening of my panties and reached under my skirt. Sure enough, I had soaked them.

I checked the rear view mirror and did not see the man anymore but his car was still there and I assumed he was in his car so I stealthily removed my panties and tossed them in the back seat and swiped them onto the floor. I looked around again and saw no one around. The man's car was still there and I wondered what he was doing as I couldn't see him in his car.

I looked over by the tree where I had seen him before and there he was, pretending once again to not be watching me. I chuckled to myself then contemplated a little tease.

Opening the car door, I stepped out again and walked around to the passenger side rear door and pulled it open. Again I bent over and set my hands on the seat of the car and began to fish around for something. Placing my chest upon the seat I began to pretend I was looking under the driver side seat and I could feel my skirt hiking up but I did nothing about it.

I lifted myself up a little so I could see if the man was still by the tree and he was definitely watching me like a hawk. With no way to tell if he was handling himself I quickly set my hand on my ass and twisted a little further so that I was able to see better but as soon as I looked, he looked right at me.

Quickly I went back to pretending I was hunting for something and I could tell he was trying to hide himself, too. A moment or two went by and I pushed my ass up into the air, arching my back to get further under the seat.

The air and sound around me began to change and I could feel him approaching my car. I never thought the man would be so bold but I thought that maybe I was wrong. Another moment went by and I could definitely feel him behind me, yet still several feet from the car. I could feel a breeze against my ass and undercarriage and knew this guy was getting the show of his life.

"Everything ok?" I heard his deep voice behind me and perked up to look at him, still pointing my ass out of the back of the car and directly at him. Smiling at him over my arched back I assured him I was alright.

"Just fine, thank you." I said cheerfully. "I think my cigarettes are just under the seat here." I put my right foot up on the floor of the car to get a longer reach under the seat and I could feel my lips practically peel apart as the breeze brushed across them.

"Do you, uh, need a hand?" He asked hesitantly. I shifted my weight again and backed up slightly, nearly bumping against him.

"I could use a couple of longer fingers." I said giggling, realizing how that sounded with my pussy right in front of him and then he began to stutter as I turned toward him and saw him looking directly at my backside.

"I uh, I'll come around." He said slightly shaking his head as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"No, no, no." I quickly quipped. "I think I got them." I began to stretch further under the seat and then retreated so I could look at him again. "So close." I said with a little grunt. I watched him look down at the floor and his gaze was upon my panties. He looked at me and I smiled with a slight shrug.

I pushed my crotch against the corner of the seat and slid back slightly, pulling my skirt further up and exposing my whole ass to him. He began to smile and I smiled back at him then slowly moved my leg slightly outward.

"Maybe they're under that seat." I said with evil grin and glancing quickly at the passenger seat. Another moment of silence went by as we exchanged glances.

"I'll just take a quick look." He said hesitatingly. I smiled again and watched him as he knelt down slowly and began to look under the seat, eagerly watching my crotch. "I don't see anything." He said slowly taking quick glances at my exposed pussy right in front of his face.I couldn't take it anymore and inched my way toward his face.

"I don't see them here, either." I said as I could feel his warm breath against my lips. "Can you feel around for them?" I giggled and met his forehead with my thigh. He seemed to stumble backwards a little as I apologized to him and then he stood up quickly and began to look around.

"Are you ok?" I asked him feeling a bit frustrated and realizing he was feeling a bit awkward. He stepped back as I began to sit up. I heard him take a deep breath and I followed with my breath of frustration.

"Yeah," he said nervously. "I'm fine, it's just..."

"Did I leave them on the roof of my car, maybe?" I said as I sat up fully with my legs hanging over the seat and out of the door. He began to rise up on his tiptoes an lean against the top of my car. I found myself right in front of that bulging boner.

"My goodness!" I said giggling as he stepped down to look at me. I was staring right at his pocket of his jeans.

"What?" He said. "What's wrong?" He looked down where I was staring and my two fingers headed toward his pocket and lightly pinched his covered tool. I giggled.

"You're hard as a rock!" I said fully engulfing his bulge with my hand and massaging it.

"Uh, yeah." He stuttered. "All your fault." He leaned into me as I smiled up at him and pointed up.

"Are you sure my cigs aren't on the roof?" I said with a sexy grin. He mumbled and then raised himself up on his tiptoes again. My fingers found the button of his jeans and quickly had it undone only to move onto another button and then a third. I was soon able to pull his shirt out and slip a hand down into his trousers. He didn't move.

my hand found his hardened cock and I began to pull up on it while pulling his jeans and shorts forward. It was hard to set it free and I struggled with it.

"What," he said. "What are you doing?" He stepped down and began to frantically look around. he full length of his cock fell out of his pants and there I had it in my hand. it was intimidating and made my fingers look so tiny. I was giddy like a little schoolgirl with a new toy.

"Wow!" I said smiling up at him. "That's impressive. I did this?" I began squeezing and stroking him while he bucked and tried to regain balance several times. Soon he stood still and pushed a breath out of his rounded lips.

"Oh, my God." He said under his breath. "God that feels good." I smiled at him and began to admire his cock. My fingers wrapped around the head while my other hand slid down his shaft, then I cupped his testicles with my fingers and pulled them out from behind his shorts. I pulled him into me and placed his hard cock against my chest and neck, pulling and stroking him. He bucked again like a stallion and then pulled himself away and held me back. "That feels a little too good." He said slightly laughing.

He stood there for a moment and looked around then he took a deep breath and stepped toward me again. I enveloped his cock with my hands noting the seeping liquid from the tip with the brush of my thumb and then I pulled him into me and kissed the shaft just under the head. I could not stop my tongue from emerging and slid it down the length of his shaft and then back up again only to kiss it again. My mouth opened and his stick slid between my lips until the tip met my top lip and I sucked him into my mouth.

He bucked again and pulled out and my hand wrapped around the soft, slippery head. I squeezed him and looked up at him with a smile. His mouth was wide open, his eyes were shut and he was moaning and pushing himself against me. His cock was so hard and throbbing in my hand.

I felt him buck again and then something hit my chin. "Oh no!" I though to myself. "Was he cumming already? I squeezed him and looked down to bubbling brew between my forefinger and thumb and then a stream of semen rushed past my eye, leaving its warmth across the back of my cheek and earlobe. I pulled him into me, against my neck and held him there in my hands while he pumped against me.

He stopped and drew back, leaving me with my hands out in front of me, dripping with his semen. My eyes were wide and I was breathing heavy. He bent down and leaned in to kiss me which I gladly excepted. His tongue darted into my mouth and he began to push me back until I gave in and lay along the rear car seat.

His hands groped me and his lips attacked my neck, then down my shirt until he finally landed in my lap and began to kiss and lick my thighs. I was in Heaven as his tongue darted quickly into my soaked labia. His lips pushed hard into me and he twisted his head and I felt the full length of his tongue deep inside me. I wriggled in pleasure and frustration as his hands pushed my legs up into the air and he began to suck on my clitoris.

I felt a surge of pure pleasure and began to moan but quickly silenced myself with my hand. The stickiness of his orgasm transferring from my fingers to my mouth overwhelmed me as I felt the slick liquid coated my lips and the smell of semen sent into giggling pleasure attack. I licked my finger and used my tongue to search for any remaining cum while my body welled up an energy that made me shake uncontrollably.

I screamed and muffled myself while wrapping him up in my legs and pulling him tighter against me and I could feel each surge of energy one after the other shoot out of body as the lapping of his tongue became louder and louder. I squeezed him really hard with my thighs and he stopped moving as I arched my back and began to grunt like an ape.

I finally relaxed and looked down at him. He was smiling and I was overly satisfied and then he stood up and looked around. I fully expected to see a nice, long, flaccid cock in front of me but he was still fully erect. My eyes widened and he looked down at himself and then at me.

He put his foot up onto the floorboard and pointed his cock at my crotch. I twisted myself slightly and moved my pussy towards his thick tool. I grabbed his cock and coated it with the slick mess around my fingers and he pushed into me, slowly until I could no longer see his dick. I could feel every inch of him inside me and I began to pull his testicles toward me as I wanted them in there too but he began to thrust in and out, the full length.

Our juices together left no friction between us, only the feeling of a tight fit and he began to quicken his strokes. My hands roe up his back until they met at the back of his neck and pulled him into me. He began pumping me like an oil rig, hard but not too fast and I could feel a little tingle in my spine with every bump of his testicles against my butt.

His hands made their way under my blouse and into the cups of my bra where they groped me curiously for a few minutes and then tightened around my back. Soon his hands slid down to my lower back and he gripped me hard at my hips and pulled me into his thrust, one at a time, as deep as he could get until he threw his head back and his face contorted into what I can only describe as agonizing pain.

He stopped and he stopped breathing for a moment but I could feel his fingers gripping me tight.

"Fuck!" He screamed. "Oh GOD!" I could literally feel the surge of liquid through his cock. grabbed his ass and attempted to pull him further into me but there was no deeper he could go. He began to buck again and then he pulled himself out of me. He grabbed his cock quickly and rested the shaft atop my clitoris.

I felt another pulse against my button and watched a thick stream of cream squirt up to my belly button and then his grip loosened and he seemed to be still as scared rabbit. I smiled at him and he tried to muster one back but puckered his lips instead.

"Wow. Holy shit." He said letting out a deep breath. "Kill me now and I will die a happy man. My God, what just happened."

"Not sure but you sure made a mess." I said giggling and grabbing his cock that was finally getting a little soft. "Oh, I was looking for my cigarettes but I just remembered. I quit." I smiled at him and he shook his head at me.

We got ourselves dressed and somewhat back to normal and headed to his car after he offered me another smoke and some water to clean up a little. After the cigarette I told him that I better get back on the road. He agreed he had to do the same and asked for my number. I denied him the number and told him to just chock it up as an experience and maybe I would see him on the road again.
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