On The Town
Joey's use of me had become infrequent, although his father had not, I did miss Joey's size. Andy must have had a few besides me because he did not seem to know how much his wife and I had 'lunch or dinner' together. Mary and I spent a lot of time in bed. We decided it was time for Mary to explore the world out there, as she was not getting cock from her son or husband. I told her we could fix that. Her clothes had changed since our relationship change. Still, I told her we were going out, and she needed to wear something provocative. I got on my computer and looked at some clothes online. When I found something that I thought Mary would present a picture of 'I am available', I bought it. I could not wait to see her in it.

There was a knock on my back door. It was Joey. I could no longer count on school to figure when he might come over. I was still in my robe, and if he wanted to play, I was ready. I opened the sliding glass door, and he popped in. Whenever he came to visit, he would kiss me first before he said anything. Those kisses of his were not good morning pecks, but an embrace of desire. I knew he was horny.

"You're up early, sweetie."

"I wanted to see you."

"How much did you want to see?" I teased.

"Maybe, all of you."

"Just, maybe?"

"I have a request. One of my friends asked me if I ever saw my cum going into your mouth. I told him I shoot in your mouth all the time."

"Wait a fucking minute. You are telling your friends you are fucking me."

"Oh, just one,"

"That is one too many. Nobody keeps that quiet. I better not have a parade coming here. I don't want to lose my marriage." I almost laughed at that because I was sure my husband was going to ask for a divorce. So he could move in with his lover, Abe. With Abe out of the way, Donna would be more available. A nice thought. He ignored my concern.

"Carol, I want to jack off into your mouth. I want to shoot right onto your face, I want to shoot on your ass, your cunt, your tits."

My little Joey was so excited by the prospect that it was hot to listen to him. He was all in favor of what every man wants. 'Look what I did to your cunt.' They love their power. They always overlooked the power a woman has with them in their mouth. I played it cool and asked him.

"How many jack off sessions would you need to cover all those places. how many days would I have to put on my calendar?"

He was stumped with that question, and when I took off my robe. The swelling in his pants was evident with his grandpa's endowment. He had it out in no time, pounding away on it. I would have done it for him, but he was just too anxious to think of that. I sat down in one of my kitchen chairs and opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. That action alone brought him up to orgasm. The first spurt landed squarely on my tongue, the second on my face, the next in my hair, which dripped down on my boobs. He was ecstatic, grunting from the pleasuring and yelling at me, "You fucking cunt!"

With no more left to put on me, he started kissing me, and I gave him his cum right back to him. He licked my face trying like hell to clean it, but the best feeling for me was the little that dribbled on my tits. I coyly said, "Hon, you missed my cunt and ass." He looked hurt but I knew there was more to come, because I had seen him more than once recover when he fucked me to do it again. By the time he covered all the areas of mine with his tongue, sweet youth was hard again and used his own cum for a lubricant. He accomplished his goal this time, yelling at me, "I'll fuck that beautiful ass of yours!" I was not looking forward to that with his size, so I ignored his call to find out how tight I was there. His father used it many times.

He kissed me and went on his way. I assumed to tell his friend what he did. I went to the shower, did my thing, found my robe, and answered the front door. UPS delivery man stood there and asked for my signature. My dress must have been open to want a signature, they usually sign it themselves. I took my time giving my signature and hoped he was getting a good view. I love it when men get overwhelmed with a slightly open robe. He left, and I looked in the hallway mirror. He didn't see much tit, but plenty of pussy was on display.

I opened the package and made sure the outfit I got for Mary was all the right size and such. If she didn't get fucked in that dressed, they were all dead. I drove to her house to give her the dress. I would have loved to see it on her, but Andy was there. He thought he was so cute winking at me behind Mary's back. If he wasn't such a good fuck, I would have dumped him a long time ago. It seems my pussy wins every time.

I called Mary and how the dress fitted. She told me it fitted great but did think she could wear it out in public. I knew what she was fretting about but told her to put it on when we go out tonight, and I would take a look at it to see it was too much.

I arrived at her home, all gussied up myself in a little black number that draws them like flys. I think I have been laid at least a half of a dozen times wearing this dress. None of them were from my husband. Mary opened the door and stood in a dress with a silver bodice with a short skirt so tight she could not be wearing panties. No lines were visible, and I was glad she made that decision on her own. She kissed me in the doorway, which was bold with some neighbors in full view of her front door.

"Mary, you look absolutely delicious. That dress will knock the dead!"

"You have to see this," she said, leading me into a darkened hallway. The bodice was no longer opaque, but translucent. Her gorgeous tits were on display. I knew damn well she liked it because once she found out what was happening, she probably discarded her bra. No cleavage, no flesh showing, just her beautiful breasts were showing beneath that top of the dress.

"Carol, this dress you got me is so sexy, I can't even wear panties with it unless I want to show pantie lines, which I hate. When I saw what happens when there is not much light around, it was just too much."

"Honey, question. Do you try it first with a bra?"

"Yes, but it looked cheap."

"Mary, confess up, you like the look, don't you?"

"I do, when I first looked in the mirror, I started getting wet that somebody would see me in public. How will I ever manage it in a crowded bar.?"

"Don't worry, I will scout the place for the lighted and darkened places. We will keep to the lighted places, and I will get a table close to a dance floor. If somebody who interests you asks you to dance, you just make sure he sees what you have on that dark dance floor. You won't have to go far to come back to our table."

I knew what I was saying was all bullshit, but I had to put her mind at ease. She needed something strange because her husband was fucking me and some young chick I had seen him with her all, cozy. I was bound and determined to get her laid, and that dress would do the trick. Her luscious body was no help, pleeeazzeeee!"

When we got to my favorite bar, I went in while Mary stayed in the car, and pretending to scout the place which I already knew like the back of my hand. I saw a few of my friends who waved, but they were all sitting with dates. It was time to bring Mary in. I kept her on a path to my reserved table, and even then, without showing anything but that sweet-swinging ass of hers, she got a lot of attention. It kind of made me jealous.

"Hey, Carol, who's your friend?"

"Hi, Ted, this is Mary,"

Ted stood in the perfect spot and shielded the light from Mary. They came into view. Ted looked and said, "Damn!" I winked at Mary. Ted asked Mary to dance. One of the few times I saw Ted not try to snuggle up when he danced. He was far enough away for an excellent view of Mary's boobs. He talked to her and never saw her face.

"Carol, Ted is going to show me his new car."

I had heard that line before, the only thing new in that car was the weekly cum stains. As Mary walked out with Ted, she wasn't being careful about the lighting. Heads were snapping to follow her like soldiers passing in review. I imagined what they were seeing as she walked because I saw them many times did their thing when we walked from my kitchen to my bedroom. That woman was hotter than she ever gave herself credit.

She came back into the bar, but Ted was missing. I asked, "Mary, how was the new car?"

"Carol, I sucked him off right in that fucking parking lot."

"Don't fret, Mary, most of the women in this place have, including yours truly."

The owner of the bar walked up to us and said, "Ladies, please accompany me to my office." I didn't like the sound of that, and surely a see-through blouse was not that criminal. Of course, Mary was showing more than the other see-through tops I had seen. Maybe it was her nipples being shown. We walked to his office while the customers got another eye full. Silly me, watched Mary's ass sway, hoping later I would get to make love to it.

Walking into Barrett's office, there stood all pissed off was Mary's husband, Andy. He looked a Mary and her standing without the light shining down on her, he got the full view.

"What the fuck are you two up to?"

"And what are you doing here, Andy?" Mary shot back.

"" Barrett here, called me to come down and see the little show my wife was putting on for his customers. Probably much more going on dressed like that."

I piped up and said, "We needed a little relaxation. We had no idea that the dress had a see-through top. When we left, it was dark, and it was dark in this joint, and then we found out when Mary danced with some dude."

"That is bullshit Carol, and you know it. You two seem to be pretty chummy lately. I supposed you told my wife that I was fucking you."

"No, I didn't, Andy, but you just did."

"Would you like to see me fondle Carol, Mary?"

"Apparently, it will be nothing new, so go ahead, enjoy yourself."

Andy came to me and walked behind me and put his arms around me. His hands pushed my breasts high out of my dress. I could feel him pressed against my ass. He was kissing my neck as Mary watched. When my nipples appeared out of the top of my push up bra, Mary had seen enough.

Mary reached behind her and unzipped her dress. It fell to the office floor. Mary stood there so beautiful naked. The only thing on her was her heels and a wicked smile. She took one hand and swiped Barrett's desk clean. She climbed on the desk and spread her legs.
She looked at Barrett and said, "You going to fuck me or not?" Barrett did not waste time as his cock was in one of his hands while he pawed Mary with the other.

Andy watched as his beautiful wife was fucked in front of him. He heard that familiar cry of orgasm coming from her vocal cords. He left me and picked up her dress, and told her, "Put this back on, Mary. We are going home. He grabbed her by the hand and marched her out of Barrett's office.

I looked at Barrett and asked him, "You like seconds?" He did.

The only thing he said afterward was, "Mary's friend, you are welcome anytime here." It is always nice to be fucked by a man that doesn't even know your name.

Mary's call to me the next morning, informed me that Andy had found a new passion for his nagging old wife. He never had fucked Mary three times in one night ever in their marriage but wanted to insure me that nothing had changed between us.

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