On a Whim
**Some of this happened, some of it is fantasy.**

We wanted to take our love life beyond the reach of our phones with work, computers, roommates, and all other interruptions. We decided that we would pick a date and time, one of us would get a room not too far from home, and the other would join after they got off work. This is what we would do every few weeks to have one night where we could walk around the place with no clothes, no cares about making a mess, and we wouldn't interrupt anyone that would ever be seen again.

He told me when his meetings were going to end, and to start thinking about where to go. I shaved, put on my makeup, and packed. The place I chose was behind a thick line of trees, on a small lane, just off a major highway with many great chops and restaurants nearby. I sent him a message with the name, and told him to pick up some sushi, and a certain wine. Once I checked in, I undressed and got into my robe. He told me it would be a few minutes until he arrived, so I took out my bath gel, a washcloth, and two small glasses. He knocks, and I open to see him in his suave and casual business suit, simple button up with a tie, and shades. He sets his overnight bag and the two sacks with our dinner and wine on a desk, then grabs me and starts kissing deeply as he presses himself against me to the wall. He stops and looks at me, and I tell him to sit down as I start the water.

I turn the faucet on and make sure the water is very warm, use the gel to make a few bubbles, then walk back to the main room. He's only taken off his shoes and socks, so I offer to do the rest. I laid his jacket on the back of the chair, loosen his belt, and slip his pants off. I pushed my hands up his legs and stood up to position myself on his lap, perched with my legs crossed. I take off his tie and unbutton his shirt slowly as he squeezes my thigh trying to get between them. I stand up and take his shirt off, then slip down his boxers. He steps out and then follows me to the tub. The water is foamy, and at a perfect height for the two of us. I turn it off and he's behind me waiting. He pulls me up with one arm across my chest and kisses my neck as the other hand pulls the sash and goes back to my thighs. He makes one slow pass up my front then pulls the robe off and lays it on the counter. I tell him to go ahead and get in towards the front facing the faucet. I get in the back, then pull his shoulders as he scoots back to lay on me with my legs on other side.

I massage his tense shoulders and neck while asking about his day. He doesn't say too much and prefers to relax and lay his arms on me. We lay there for a few minutes as I play with his chest hair and splash a few handfuls of water on him. I grab the gel and washcloth, then start washing him all over above the water. He sits up so I can reach his back. When I'm done, he lays back again and I put more gel on. This time I scrub down by his side. I get to his knee, then make my way back. I lean into his ear and just breathe while looking at his face. When my hand starts rubbing his tip he turns toward me, and I nudge him with my nose as I use the cloth to grow him. With each long, gentle tug he makes a little noise exhaling. I stop when he's semi-erect and suggest we go eat. He gets out and gets some towels. He dries himself off as I open the drain, then dries me.

I lay on the bed as he grabs everything and brings it to me. He pours the wine, gives a quick and dirty little toast to me, then we sip. I set out the sushi and chopsticks, and we go back to talking about all the regular stuff. We refill the small glasses a few times as we dine and start to get just drunk enough to be silly, but no more. There are still 6 pieces left, and I ask him to eat them off me, then I will eat some off him. He laughs and looks me up and down. He chooses my ass and tells me to get on my stomach. He places the pieces two on one check, and one on the other. He then holds my hips and takes a piece off with his mouth, eats it, then bites the cheek. I giggle, and he does it until his pieces are gone.

I take my 3 pieces and tell him to lay on his back. I put 2 just below his belly button and eat them. For the last one, I take some wasabi on the end of a chopstick and put a small bead just next to the sushi, then hold his shaft, and place a piece of ginger on the head. He sat up when he saw the wasabi and watched the process through. He asks me what I plan to do here, and I just ignore him. I lick the wasabi, take the little roll and envelope his head with my mouth, and take the ginger shred with one long suck. I chew the pieces very slowly and reach for my wine. He likes when I do this sort of creative and spontaneous thing. I put my glass down, and he reaches for his. He empties the last of the wine in it and clears the container and bottle from the bed. He tells me to take his tie and blindfold myself, and make it stay. I've never been blindfolded, so I'm curious as to what the experience really does. Then he says to lay back on my elbows, arch my back, and part my legs while keeping my knees up. I do this and sit a little cold as the AC blows and he makes me wait for his next move. I ask him what's going on, and he says to just sit there, like a good girl. I feel him crawl through, and then a small stream of chilly liquid runs down my left nipple. He quickly sucks it off and licks the rest from my underbreast, then does the same to the right. He does this until they're hard, gives them both a pinch.
I feel him slide down, slide me to the end of the bed, then push my legs back. My feet are in the air as he holds back my lips, and another few drops hit my clit. I'm surprised and shiver. He drinks that, then keeps pouring and sucking until my whole pussy is covered. I hear some hit the floor, and I cringe a little being a woman and knowing what wine can do to a carpet. I can't fully focus on that because he kneels back down pushing my legs with his arm into the mattress and starts burying his face and licking. He rubs back and forth getting his nose wet and hitting my clit. He gets up and makes me go straight back, situates a pillow under my head, then kisses his way back down. I fell something tickling my clit, and my leg twitched. He moaned and said, "mmmm look at that. That gets your leg going" in a low voice. So, it wasn't his tongue.... This is fun.

He stops tickling and reaches to grab another pillow. I feel him grab my ankles and set them on his shoulders. He says to push myself up with my ankles, so the pillow is placed under my ass, and I push myself up so he can position it properly. We've never done this before either, so I do as he says. I feel my feet being slid down to where my cold little toes nestle into his warm chest hair. He stops, and I feel something sliding and hitting my clit. It wasn't hard like a finger. "Do you like me hitting your clit with my cock? Running it up and down?" I said yes and wondered how long it would be until he finally gets in there. He slaps me with it a few times, hits the clit hard once more, then the first shove. He stays in while he shifted his legs, then holds my knees and goes in and out with some force. I could feel everything with such clarity as if this position made me absolutely sensitive and vulnerable. He's still holding my knees as he speeds up and bends them to almost touch my chest. He goes harder and it feels like he's in an all new place. My hips hurt a little with him shoving them back that much, and he eases up. I hold onto his thighs as he keeps pushing faster. He holds my legs up and out, then goes so hard and fast I scream.

He stays in, then leans in and asks if I like how his cock bends with the pillow. I told him I want to keep using it because it hits me just right every time. He slips out and sits there panting. I have to use the bathroom and he says, "who said you could remove the blindfold?" as we both look at each other and smirk. I go in and take my time wiping away some of the smeared eyeliner, and dab off the sweat from my face and neck. I come back to the bed and get some water, then he pulls me down to cuddle. We listen to the occasional door slam and the rustling of the trees before he asks how he should position my legs so they don't hurt. I tell him bending them back is the only trouble. We both get some more water and cool off before he tells me to put the blindfold back on and lay down.
I tie it and lay back down on the pillow. He licks me out and sucks my clit through three little orgasms, then inserts two fingers. A few little swirling jabs covers them. He brings them to my mouth I can smell myself. He tells me to open while gentle pushing one in and put the other in his mouth. He moans and does the same motion he used to get the cum. I ask him if he will bend me over, then gives one quick kiss and he's off to surprise me again. I hear him give his cock a few tugs, then he holds my legs up and gets back to a quick little short superficial rhythm. I can hear him sloshing around and he says, "you're so wet; I love that sound". He keeps up and then stops and turns me over. He bites my upper back hard and in the certain places like. While biting, he brings my ass up, and pushes my legs together. One hand is on my upper back keeping it down, and I feel him rub up and down my thighs, then shove all the way in. He holds my waist and pumps so hard I can't even moan anymore. He spanks me until I can feel I'm getting red and gets his last few in before pulling my hair back, nibbling my ear, and saying he's ready to finish as he flings off the blindfold.

He pulls me down and lifts one leg up, then tells me to play with myself while he watches. I reach down and pull my lips, grab and fill my hand with the whole thing, put in a finger as he puts one in my rear. It feels so tight with him curling the tip. I drag it up and down from the hole making sure I tease him. He looks intently as I push three in this time, then blinks hard as his cock bobs. He says, "leave them in for me" as he stretches me with it and my two fingers. It's yet another first for me having more than one thing in at a time. "Now, rub". I use my other hand and start going in round circles and lightly pressing my hard mound. He gives short thrust in each, and I start rubbing more. "Grip my cock, tighten up and squeeze it out." I removed the fingers and focused on squeezing. He gets up on his knees and joins me in rubbing. He's barely able to push with how much I'm pressing. I shake again which makes him unable to pull, and I see him throw his head back, jerk, then shoot his load while pressing his balls on my ass. He fills me up for a good 20 seconds, then pulls everything out and breathes heavily as he goes to wash his hands.
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