On the Balcony
It was going to be a beautiful day, the sun was streaming in through the window of our hotel room and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I squirmed with pleasure at the thought of a whole weekend away in the sun with my lover. I put out a hand and found that he wasn't in bed beside me, where was that man? I sat up and slipped on my burgundy silk robe to cover the nakedness in which I had slept.

There was movement out on the balcony and I stepped out into the morning sun. He had laid out breakfast for us and was sitting at the table in his boxer shorts waiting for me. I smiled as I looked at his fit body, my mind wandering back to the heat of our passion last night. I felt myself grow wet at the thought. Damn this man was sexy.

I sat down at the table in my robe and began to eat breakfast. As I moved I could feel my robe begin to slip a little. This gave me some very dirty thoughts. I crossed my legs, showing a lot of thigh. I could tell he was appreciating the view. I brushed away crumbs from the croissant I was eating which had fallen onto my chest. His gaze followed my hand and hovered over my erect nipples which were protruding through the thin fabric. I so loved to tease a man.

As I reached for yoghurt the robe slipped from one shoulder, revealing more flesh. His eyes didn't leave my body for an instant. I was getting really horny now, I had always had a thing for sex in the air and a balcony was one of my favorite fantasies. I loved the thought that anyone in the surrounding hotels could look across and see us sitting there. I uncrossed and crossed my legs, causing my robe to fall away from my thighs even more, revealing my thin strip of pubic hair. I could see his erection bulging inside his boxers as if it was trying to escape its restraints.

Looking into his eyes I took a spoonful of yoghurt and accidentally' dropped it down inside the front of my robe. Oh, silly me!' I said, sliding the robe from one shoulder and revealing my breast which was now covered in yoghurt. My lover grinned and needed no further prompting to come over and began to lick the yogurt from my breast. I sighed with contentment and allowed my robe to fall open completely.

I could feel his tongue busy on my nipple and the sun on my skin. I was in heaven; it was my fantasy come true. I opened my legs for his roaming hand and he ran his fingers over my throbbing clit. He massaged slowly making me so wet and horny that I needed his tongue down there. I reached for the yoghurt pot and tipped some over my mound. He kneeled before me and buried his head in my pussy, licking the yoghurt away from my lips and clit. This man knew how to treat a girl.

Looking over at the opposite hotel I became aware of a lone male figure standing on a balcony. I thought he might be watching. The two hotels were built very close together and if he was watching I was going to put on a good show for him. I ran my hands over my breasts and played with my nipples. I glanced across, he was still there and he was definitely watching. He had moved closer to the rail of his balcony. These hotels really were built close together.

I lifted my lovers head from between my legs and told him to drop his boxers. I poured the last of the yoghurt over his erection and began to run my tongue up and down the shaft, slowly licking it clean. I moved one hand down to his balls and squeezed them gently, making him gasp. I love to suck cock and wanted to show him just what I could do. I took his swollen tip into my mouth and sucked gently, running my tongue over his slit tasting his precum. I worked his cock and balls with my hands while taking him deep into my mouth.

I paused to look up at him; he had his eyes closed in ecstasy so I glanced across to our audience. I could see his arm moving rhythmically; he was wanking while he watched my show. I shrugged away the robe which was hanging from my arms, enjoying the feeling of being totally naked in the sunshine. I turned my body slightly while pleasuring my lover so that my audience could have a better view of the action. It felt so good to know I was being watched like that.

I parted my legs as I licked and sucked the hot man I had in front of me and began to rub my clit. I was so hot and horny; I knew I wouldn't be able to take much more of this until I would just have to cum. From the way my lover's balls were growing tight I knew he felt the same. Fuck me' I commanded.

He needed no further encouragement to bend me over the chair and sink his cock deep inside me. He fucked me hard and fast, his balls slapping against me with every stroke. One hand was pulling my hair and the other was round my waist rubbing my clit. The sensation of being fucked in the sunshine was so intense and heightened more by knowing that at least one other person was getting off by watching us.

As my orgasm hit my screams echoed around the buildings. Within seconds my lover pumped his hot cum into me, filling me to overflowing. I was gasping and breathless, with cum running down my legs but couldn't resist looking over to my audience once more. I was rewarded by seeing a pump of cum shooting from between the balcony railings, glinting in the sunlight. I took that to be my applause and headed for the shower. That had been a very good way to start the day and I wondered what else we could get up to during our weekend together.

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