On the Road Again
We got back on the road again I was dressed she was in her smile. We chatted about nothing special, everytime I looked over I couldn't help my eyes went to her nice tits and her hard nipples. My hand went to her pussy she was wet again or still so I rub her clit a little as soon as I started she was gasping and bucking her hips trying to get my finger inside so I moved a little further, after a few minutes she was white knuckling the passenger armrest with her right hand and her bottom up off the seat with her left hand she gasped that she was cumming so I fingered her harder as she shuddered and drenched my hand I waited few seconds and brought my hand to my mouth licked her juices off very tastey, then put my finger to her lips she licked and sucked them then leaned over and kissed me, one eye on the road.

Her hand was on my cock which by now was hard again. She unzipped me and pulled me out, bent over and sucked me into her warm wet mouth. OMG her mouth felt so great on my cock. Her hed was bobbing up and down, talk about a distracted driver. She came up for air and said find a place to pull over, I told her there was a park just ahead, we could pull in there it was S. Grenfield park I think. I turned in and followed the short road. There was a car leaving and us and that was it.

Anytime I have gone passed, this place only had a car or two in it, lucky us,.....I pulled infront of the picnic table so the car was between the table and most of the view of the road which was very visible from the road for maybe a good 200 to 300 yards, so if your looking you can see the park while driving passed it.

I put it in park and turned off the car, her hand on my hardness. Stroking me she looked at me said I want to do something different, ...???? A puzzled look on my face I am sure. She said get in the back and take off your clothes I followed her over the seat again and as she was already naked she was waiting on me. I quickly took everything off, she again took my hard cock in her mouth got it nice and wet then looked up released my cock and said follow my lead.....

I said ok,.... she opened the backseat driverside door got out I followed, she got up on the picnic table and spread her legs I sat on the bench put my head between her legs and devoured her pussy, licking her clit then her lips, then inside her warm pussy. Her hands were gripping the side of the table, her moans were loud, her legs were squeezing against my head. My hands under her ass raising her up her feet were on my back we could here traffic passing by making it more intense. I pressed a finger into her tight young warm pussy wiggled it around and she flooded my mouth with her sweet cream.

Her tits were heaving up and down, her legs were shaking she tried to stand but couldn't, I raised up and sucked first one nipple into my mouth then the other again she gasped and moaned. She asked me to lay down on the bench, I did as asked. She stepped over my waist and on shakey legs straddled me and lowered her trembling body onto me my hard cock in her hand guiding it into her tight wet warm pussy.

She lowered herslf down very slowly pressing the tip in then she slide it up and down her slit making me gasp, I grasped her hips trying to pull her down on me but she said, uhuh this is my turn,......she pressed my head into her getting it wet with her juices, then she let about three inches slide in her then back up., then she slid it back to her ass and pressed it into her little flower petal as she called it. Then she went back to her pussy lips and slid it back in about three inches again she held her hips there and moved her fingers to my nipples and pinched them making me moan again, I pushed my hips up and she instinctively moved her hips away saying not yet lover,....

She was great and I was loving every minute of it and she was too I think. I could feel her warmth surround me as she kept teasing me with her sliding me into her then pulling back away.

She got my tip really wet with her juices the slid me back to her ass, slowly pressing down she gasped loudly squeezed my arm with her free hand and I was tip in to her ass she lowered herself down so very slowly her eyes closed her body trembling legs shaking as she took me into her totally.

She began riding me her ass was so very tight. Her eyes were closed her hands on my chest pushing off against me she began going faster and faster as she met my pelvis she sat for a few seconds enjoying the feeling, then my cock pulsed and she said OMG I felt your cock twitch in there. I said Your so fucking hot, your going to make me cum if you keep that up....

She rode a few more times then raised up and slid me into her wet warm pussy taking me all the way down in one swift movement. She was grinding down on me harder and harder rocking her hips back and forth and side to side.

Her tits were bouncing our bodies slapping the sun bathing us with warmth, she tilted her body backwards my hard cock pressing against the front of her pussy, her tits jutting straight out my hands went for them, the traffic sounds louder a car honking there horn, her gringing her hips making circular motions, she tells me how I am so very deep inside her, she feels so very full, my cock twitches then she says she can feel it swelling, OMG....OMG I fell you spurting it is so warm, drenching my insides with your warm cream her hips swaying, our breathing heavy,...we here gravel spinning car approaching she looks up Uhhhhhhh we have to go now.

She jumps off me we run to the car her tits bouncing, my cock swing as we run she gets in the back seat and I open the front drivers and turn the key throw it in drive, we are off in the mirror I see a car coming around the turn...........
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