Once A Year
We missed last year, our one day get together. NOT THIS YEAR.

I arrived first, the small bungalow was dark. Turning on the lights, I saw the same early twentieth century furniture, a puke green rug on the floor, it was the same rug in the bedroom too. I'm not there to pick on the place though, its very cozy, an antique lovers dream, except the rug.

I'm here to be with him, to be ravished once a year. The steady pow pow pow of his motorcycle tells me he is here. My heart rate takes off, my nipples go hard enough to cut diamonds. My vagina lips swell, moisture dripping into my panties.

The rusty hinges on the screen door scream from his yanking it open. My hands rest on the back of a couch I'm standing behind. My nails dig into the fabric as the door bangs open and slams shut from his strong force. Quick, heavy thuds from his boots come from behind me.

His arms go around my waist, his tight grip forces air out of me. His nose is in my hair, its cold. So are his hands, they quickly go under my shirt. His lips on the back of my neck too, but they all warm rapidly.

His large hands go under my bra, I arch into his palms. My hands reach back to his wild mane of hair. He doesn't wear a helmet and the wind blows it in every direction. I turn my head to him, his lips take mine. His tongue is a very welcoming violation of my mouth.

My shirt and bra are pulled over my head. I turn to face him, his dark eyes are hot coals of want. My fingers touch his face as his mouth rapes mine. Strength flow in his cheeks and jaw. They are matched by his dick, pressing on my mound. I rip off his black leather motorcycle jacket. He's wearing a thin shirt that show off his muscles. It quickly came off, his skin touching mine, soft hair tickling me.

My smaller hand grasped his larger hand, I led him to the bedroom. A brass bed waited for us. I sat on the bed, my hands quickly undid his belt and opened his jeans. His beautiful cock sprang out as I pulled down his pants. I usually suck him slow, teasing, building up the pressure. Not that time, it was too long since we've been together. His purple cap slid through my lips, my tongue flicking the underside as I drew him in. He never came in my mouth before, but I wanted him to, I sucked him harder then ever before.

He pulled out of my mouth with a groan. I was kissed as he laid me down on the bed, his hands undoing my pants. I was teased by his mouth and tongue, kissing down my body. Making me almost cum from sucking my nipples. My pants and panties were tore off my body, his tongue invading me deeply.

I melted, consumed from his mouth, tasting, sucking, fucking me forever. I came, filling his mouth with my hot release.

I've been with no other since our last time. I gasped as my tightness ripped away from him entering me. I also gasped at the eruption of heat through my body. I clung to his body as his thrusting had me cumming in moments. I came again, so hard, I scratched his back.

The brass rails at the head of the bed clanged as he entered me from behind. His size and thickness had me holding two rails as he fucked me non stop. My orgasms were wickedly strong, making me scream without shame.

I came again and again on him, we were in a sitting position in the middle of the bed. The extreme closeness, his mouth sucking me nipples, biting them. He laid back on the bed after my hair raising scream of release. He motioned me to him, my vagina was taken by his mouth as I held onto the rails again. It wasn't long before my thrusting myself back and fourth over his mouth had the rails clanging again. My sweet release made my body spasm.

He drilled into me so hard, violent orgasms tearing me apart. He pulled out and moved to my face, I took him in my mouth. He fucked me, then came in me. Sweet hot cum filled my mouth. Can't wait till next year!!!!!!!!!
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