Once Upon a Dream
My favorite dream has always to be made love to by two men. I thought it would stay just a dream, until the day it wasn't.

I was leaving the building where I had just completed a job interview for a HR position. On the way to my car in the underground parking lot he grabbed me by the back head twisting a fist full of my hair in his strong hand as he wrapped a strong arm around waist I didn't panic but inhaled deeply the fragrant scent of his cologne which was warm and suggestive.

"Let me go...,"I whispered as my body molded into his. I could feel the hardness of his cock in the space where my hips glided into my round ass.

"No. You don't want me to let you go," he whispered back alluringly in my right ear as the heat of his body against me added its own heat to my rising desire. Causing me to fight the desire to rub myself into him more then I already had.

"This is wrong on so many levels!" my brain vocalized from between my clenched teeth as my pussy started a wet heated response to what I knew he was offering.

"Enough of this...kitten," he murmured pulling me closer to him as much as our clothes would allow. Then as if to accent his point, he placed a chaste kiss on the side of my neck and grinded his cock into me.

"Oh my dear, my sweet...little darling", a voice heavy like smoke and smooth as silk punctuated with a culture British accent, spoke from the shadows accompanying by approaching casual footsteps.

I looked up and my blood ran cold then searing hot as the other man's voice rolled over and through me all at the same time. He came toward us elegantly dress in business attire, a vision of dark grey and crisp white. Only the blue of his large eyes stood out more. It was those blue eyes that I looked up into see lust so hot that I thought my panties would sliding down my body from the flood of my wanting. I was trapped, one at my back and one standing in front of me. With my mind screaming no as my body purring yes...oh yes oh hell Yessss.

Ohh many questions and some answered.

I had known of Ryan's my soon to be ex-bosses interest in me and later his best friends, Jackson's. I had refused the first because I worked for him the second, I refuse because he was a friend of the first and it just didn't feel right. This didn't stop them from filling my dreams causing me to seek release however brief it was. During work hours I would retreat to the bathroom and masturbate with them in mind. I would cum so hard that there always a dull ache for them in my body. This was no way to live and I decided to look for another job far away from and maybe not in the same field.

Now standing here three states way, in the underground parking lot of my last job interview with them I was beyond speechless. They had told me separate not run, but I had they known? I thought I had been very careful in covering my tracks. Hoping to be gone by the time Ryan returned from his business trip. Now, here together could only mean one thing, it had always been a joint deal. Confusion over-took me and then the possibilities hit me and I shook with the realization. Then the devil on my shoulder started dancing to the tune of the chaos of my brain as the dream came back in a whisper sends my body into overdrive. I was betrayed. My body broke out in a sweat, with a pussy soo hot, tight and throbbing begging to be touched. I knew that what I was feeling showed on my face as I looked up at Ryan standing in front of me. It didn't help that the look in his eyes mirrored my desire back at me. Then like a release value going off a spasm shot through my body and I moaned between clenched teeth as I went up on my toes to grind my hips into Jackson front. Half closing my eyes in pleasure feeling the cock pressed against my back throbbing like it had its' own heartbeat as I watched the one fighting to get out of the expensive Italian cut trouser in front of me. It pleased me to know that they were hungry too.

All of this raw open desire, theirs and mine was the epitome of passion demanding to be acknowledged. I was scared. It is one thing to want something so badly that you dream about it asleep and awake then to have it before you being what price?

Jackson at my back again placed his warm lips on the exposed skin of my neck as Ryan kissed my lips and I lost my mind. They held me as their kisses stripped me in body and mind. Leaving me between them naked and so lost. So lost I didn't know how I had gotten from where had been to this place. It was all mixed up in the teasing mind fuck that Jackson and Ryan put me through during the drive.
When I could focus I found that I was lying on a larger bed among crisp soft white sheets. Sun light was coming through French doors across the rooms bath my body in it warm glow. It was then I realized I was naked. Gone was the cute black business suite with appropriate heels and my simple lace bra and panties. I could feel the circulating warmth of the summer's air on my body and I looked up to see a large ceiling fan above the bed. The gentle whirling air sent tingling sensation of gentle warm caresses against my bare skin. My nipples harden into tight buds sticking out from the rest of my breasts like tiny markers saying where to start. I became almost hypnotize by it, but then I felt the bed move at my feet and at my head. It was then that I became acutely aware I was lying crosswise on the bed,from my head to my feet free of obstruction.

I closed my eyes and stretched my body from toes to finger tips, hoping to release some of the tension in my body. Breathing deeply, I open my eyes to look up into Jackson's handsome face.
In his early fifties, Jackson had a body that looked amazing in his favorite Italian designer suits. I watched a smile glide from his oh so kissable lips to warm his eyes and my heart skipped a beat...I smiled back.

"What's this no, smile for me? ", said a voice at my feet that was husky with lust deepening his proper British school boy accent.

I love to hear Ryan speak from the moment he showed as one of the company's new executives. Looking down the length of my body between my breasts and I smiled at him too as my tummy did a flip.

"This is a dream" I whispered from swollen lips made so by many passionate kisses.

"No," said Ryan.

‘Not hardly," said Jackson
Ryan still smiling looked over me to Jackson and gave some kind of signal with his eyes. They fell on me like they had done before. All mouths and hands and I opened like a flower for them, spreading my legs wide inviting both Ryan and Jackson into my secret garden.

As I kissed and sucked at Jackson's mouth, Ryan was doing the same up my legs, alternating from left to right using his strong hands to massage his way. My body quivered in his wake, but it was not for him alone. Jackson through his own efforts of teasing kisses and little firm bites assisted in fueling my complete surrender as he worked his way to left breast. Once there Jackson caught the hard nipple in his mouth and sucked with an urgency that made my clit swell and throb to the edge of pleasure and pain. It about the same time, Ryan's mouth arrived on my clit and his fingers found my other openings. I moaned begged and screamed as they eat at my grating quaking body. I would have agreed given them anything they had asked for just to get them to never stop. Damn the price!

It all became too much, it had me coming up off the bed releasing a loud rasping gasp, but they held me down, with their strong hands and demand mouths. I was only 5ft. to their 6 ft. and a few inches more and by muscle mass they had me. Beside I couldn't leave even if I wanted to. Gone was my every reason for leaving replaced by reasons to stay as they explored, teased, and taste me.

I could feel Ryan's tongue now flicking back and forth in quick sessions over my clit as he finger fucked me slowly. I responded mumbling and moaning into Jackson's mouth that had found its way back from exploration of my nipples. Ryan made a sound in my pussy like a deep moan that sent shivers through my body and moaning into Jackson mouth at the other end. Then he sucked my clit and labia into his mouth and set his tongue into action.
Jackson not to be out done sucked both of my nipples into his mouth at the same time and softly bit down.

I felt my eyes roll back into my head as a guttural primeval sound came out of my mouth as my body exploded. I came in every way I thought I knew how and then I came again. This time it was almost like an out-of-body experience with my soul separating from my skin. Deep in the grasp of my orgasm I found the voice to screamed, moaned and begged for more.

Ryan and Jackson switched places and began again with noted differences. Jackson put fingers in my pussy and his thumb in my asshole as his tongue tapped out a madding rhythm on my swollen clit. Ryan for lack of a better description turned me into his suck and lick toy. There was not a spot on my body above the waist that was not visited by his mouth. They had me shaking on the outside and melting on the inside, I couldn't think, I was a quivering mass of desire.

"Baby, why were you looking for another job?" Jackson purred at me from between my legs as he rested his chin on my pussy mound.

"Yess... darling why are you leaving us?, "Ryan asked after releasing my left nipple with a pop from his mouth.

"I, I...I OH God...I can't stay there!! Not with you two not now, "I croaked out barely able to breathe much less speak because my body was trying to mirror the aftershocks of an earthquake.

"Noo baby we told you we would give you time to make up your mind..."

"Yes", Jackson intoned in agreement with what Ryan had said as he was looking down into my sweat covered faces. The look of lust radiated from his face he had only flashed hint of it at me while at work. I glanced down at Jackson between my sweat and saliva glistening breasts who was stroking the light hair on my pussy mound with his fingers absently while his eyes were intently taking in my face.

I let my head drop back and closed my eyes trying to steady my pulse and to get some control over my body. The air circulated by the ceiling fan above that I had thought pleasing was now anything but. It was like an extension of them! It gave me no peace only more sensual stimulation.

"Baby...Sophie open your eyes and talk to us," Jackson murmured against my stiff clit

I almost came up off the bed, but again they held me in place. So amid taking shaky deep breaths and tears I explained.

Jackson and Ryan were not pleased...not one bit.

"We explain what we wanted from you..."

"No you didn't!" I whaled breathlessly with tears running down the sides of my face to mix with the sweat and disappear into my hair.

Ryan answered back by sucked my clit between his lips and massage it. A moan deep rose from my core and escaped from between my lips as body tightened in anticipation. My upper body arched up off the bed stretching from my tips of my fingers to tips of my toes that curl in ecstasy at the pleasure he was giving me. I heard the distant call of another orgasm as Ryan continued his delicious massaging of my sensitive bits.

All-the-while, Jackson was a very attentive audience, especially when he was not taking off his clothes. Yes, I was up to this point the only one naked, Jackson and Ryan were still in their suits. Jackson made quick work of removing his clothes and when Ryan to a quick break his clothes followed soon after flying to the corners of the room.
In no time, I was looking up from my position at two very aroused naked men. Hard cocks dripping precum from deep rosy colored heads on long thick shafts greeted my viewing and my mouth went wet. I let my eyes follow and upward progression to abs that would do a scrub broad proud. Followed by sculpture spans of smooth flesh with pebbled nipples and I was breathing heavily by the time I reached faces that let me know there was more to come. In their eyes I had been a bad girl, and they were going to...punish me, by giving me dream. It was then that the old saying came into mind to be careful of what you dream might get it.

I did get it...

I was pushed on to my hand and knees at the edge of the bed where Ryan his shoved his cock deep and tight into my body from the back. I had wanted this for soo long and my body welcomed Ryan with sensual caresses around his cock that left him almost breathless. Jackson stood there watching us with a sardonic smile on his face as he lovely stroked his cock. This all quickly changed as Ryan pulled me back on to his lap shoving his cock deeper into me then I thought possible. Two things happened because of that, my legs went wide and Jackson went face down into my gaping pussy. They gave me no time to catch my breath; Jackson started his oral assault on my pussy from the outside as Ryan worked from the inside. Between mouth and dick I swore they would meet in the middle with me being nothing but an orgasmic mass just something cumming and cumming.

There was a shift and I found myself on my hands and knees at the edge with Ryan sliding in and out of me in a slow, teasing fuck. Jackson was now underneath me, licking and sucking my pussy. Then I had his cock sliding in out of my mouth slowly working its' way down my throat. A cock in my pussy, a tongue on my clit and a cock in my mouth, I was surrounded by them. My body was humming, cumming, and screaming, ready cum in a way I was sure would shake me apart body and soul... I didn't care.

Who came first I don't know, I know we dissolved into a fucking and sucking that was beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. My punishment was now complete they had given me my dream, and had trapped me at the same time. Ryan fired his release into my convulsing pussy that seemed to mirror Jackson's equally demanding mouth. I was lost between them and myself as my orgasm sent me over the edge and I came apart, but I was not alone.

Jackson's pulsing cock in my mouth was like a very warm almost hot thing as it moved in and out of my mouth, but it was more than I could swallow. My nose was tickled by the soft downy hair he had left around the base of his cock the musty, heady smell of him of us filled my nostril . It made my mouth water and my pussy get wetter and tighter around Ryan that it had him howling as he pistol whipped his cock in and out of my body. I could feel the heat of his release firing into my pussy to at its own mass to the wetness there and it made me moan deep in my throat around the cock in my mouth. The vibration from it was what caused Jackson to become undone. As he gripped my head to fuck my mouth with no mercy, it was as if he was trying to fuck other places on my body at the same time. Jackson came in a guttural primeval scream, his cum shot down my throat in rich warm salty slurry. There was so much of it that what didn't make it down my throat came out of the corners of my mouth to slide down his thighs disappearing into the sheets beneath us.
I came last, but seconds later. With my mouth and pussy full, caught hard and fast between two hard pulsating dicks, I gave into the pleasure of them... of us. My body took over and I came hard, deep and long from every pore of my being, body and soul. Collapsing unto the bed releasing my cock connection I fall deeper into my orgasm and all I could do was hold on to what was left.

Moments later,as the world came into focus with each breathe and I took inventory. I was in a dimly lighted room, lying on a bed among bedding and the still softly quaking bodies of two men. As I laid there I came to terms with myself and the situation. When I could, I reached out and laid a hand on each man,feeling the heat and dampness of their bodies and finding it pleasing.

Sometime later when I had started to drifted off to sleep in the after-glow, I felt them move around me, sheltering me with their bodies. I awaken to hear them make their offer and then to make an offer of my own. An agreement was made and we entwined ourselves to become almost as one. Letting dreams take us to where we had been and will again. Where I had only dreamt once upon a dream...

Pete Pearson - There Dreamers Go

Michael E- I Can Only Dream

Michael E: Carried By the Wind

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