Once a fantasy. .
Once again, he called the number. The auto-pickup answered, and gave him the usual prompts to which he responded.... soon he heard the familiar voice of one of several women who had provided him with wonderful renditions of his fantasy....."Hello..what can I do for you today, baby?", she cooed.
"'s me again..... I was wondering if you'd do some more ironing for me...?"
"Oh, hello sweetie...good to hear from you again. And yes... I would LOVE to iron for you..what would you like me to iron for you baby?"
"Anything you have that's real silk... a slip, a nightgown, a dress....."
"Ooohhh, yes, well I DO have a white silk nightgown that does need a good's all wrinkled from being squished in my drawer...
Will that do?"
He could hear her actually setting up her ironing board...getting out her iron....
"I'm just going to plug in my iron, honey..and warm it up for us..."
"Mmm, yes, good..."

Now things took an odd turn....

"Say baby....where are you?"...
"I'm in North Carolina"...
"REALLY? Where?. "
"In Boone"
"NO! What are the odds?!...I am too!"

"Really? Wow.... God, I'd love to actually watch you ironing for me...."

"I'd really enjoy pleasing you like that.."

"So, .... what do you think....?"

"What....well, I don't. . .

"It's okay.... I wouldn't expect you to trust a caller to..
"No, I mean yes....yes... I want you to come here. I want you to.... to watch me..."

She gave him her address. She lived just a short drive away. They hung up, and he went to his car...after putting on some jeans and a warm shirt. The drive over was as if in a surrealistic fog....this had to be a dream...or some kind of set up. Yes, his fantasy had extraordinary power in him. His desire to realize it was almost overwhelming...but he wasn't stupid or careless. He had his pemitted .40 cal pistol with him... he carried everywhere, even in places posted "no firearms". A deep concealment rig provided the ability to do this, no matter what the "dress code".. So if this was not what it seemed....

He rolled up to "Katie's" house, parked at the curb, and approached the front door... knocking three times...
The door opened, as he stepped back a bit...
A striking woman stood there... the glass on either side of the door showed she was alone...
She wore a dark blue satin dressing gown...that shimmered in the light of the porch lamps.
"Yes...... hi,..come in, please"
He walked in the door, following her lead..the satin of the robe moving against her thighs as she moved to the houses' interior. He kept an eye out for an ambush, but wound up feeling like a jerk. They were truly alone.... She led him to a large bedroom, in which she had set up the ironing board, iron, and her phone and headset, which lay on the bed. On the ironing board was, in fact, a very long, very expensive looking white silk gown. It was adorned with lace at the bodice, oversize sleeves, and hem. Beautiful.
Katie walked behind the ironing board, turned to him. She slowly removed the dark blue robe, letting it fall sensually to the floor. She was wearing a thigh-length nightie of very thin silk. It was the palest of pinks. She was absolutely naked beneath it. He felt his pulse quicken, and his cock literally jumped in his pants..
"Now.....where were we dearest?" She smiled..
"I think you remember...."
"Yes, baby.... I do...." She reached for the iron, picked it up and looked to adjust the temperature dial. She sat it on it's heel, and soon steam began to issue from the many vents in the gleaming chrome soleplate. She leaned over the iron, her sumptuous right breast close to the heating iron..the steam coursed around the silken-clad skin...her nipple hardening as the steam rose around it...She closed her eyes in pleasure... again he felt his cock jump. His jeans were uncomfortably tight now...
As if she could read his thoughts, she said,"why don't you get out of those jeans..they look uncomfortable.."
Which he did, slipping off the deep concealment rig in the same process. It stayed hidden in the folds of the jeans on the floor... "Come over here sugar", she said.
He walked up to the board, standing close.
"The heat feels delicious" she said, pushing the 'burst of steam' feature, sending a billow of steam up and around her breasts...
"Touch me". . .
"Yes. . . Please..."
He reached across the board, and cupped her right breast, gently thumbing the hard nipple. She was hot to the touch, the silk hot and damp from the steam. . . "Hmmmmm....yes, nice...don't stop, please..", she said.
Now she picked up the iron, and slowly began to iron her silk gown... He kept fondling her heavy breast..He was hard. It almost hurt. She continued ironing...slowly taking every small wrinkle out of the gorgeous gown....He was transfixed..watching this beautiful woman ironing, wearing a flimsy silk nightie, softly caressing her breast...
"There we are, sugar....perfect", she said, lifting the iron, setting it on its heel, and holding the gown up for him... What a sight.. his fantasy come to reality. Right in front of his own eyes. .
She spread it out on the ironing board again...reached out for the iron....
And with the other hand, pulled his now engorged cock loose from his underwear...pulling them down to his thighs..
"Hmmmm that's better, isn't it?"
"Yes . . oh, yes...."
Now she thumbed-off the steam function on the iron, and once again, slowly lowered it to her beautiful gown. A naughty smile appeared on her face.... and then she wrapped his stiff member in some of the warm silk..squeezing him gently, as she moved the iron..."Is this what you wanted, baby?" she asked..
"Yes, oh, so very much, yes... "he stammered.
She began to slow down the iron's movements, to an exaggeratedly slow pace... she felt him pulse in her hand. "You like that, don't you?"...
"Yes". . . he whispered, as he saw her thumb move the temperature dial up a notch.....
"What is it about watching me iron my silks that gets you so hot?"
"I don't know...something from my adolescence, I think... it's just. . ......"
"And when I turn up the iron?". . .
Her thumb moved the dial up again.....
"Jesus...I don't..... I can't.... not now..." he managed to get out, as she began stroking his cock in her silk....
"It's okay, sugar.... I like the heavy, hard hot metal moving against the delicate silk material. So fragile, so beautiful.... the thin line between beautiful perfect silk and ruined, burned swaths through an elegant garment. . .
"Ah-g-g-gh" he groaned in pleasure, feeling the hot silk on his cock, and watching what appeared to be wisps of smoke begin to rise from behind the iron as she moved it over the gown....
"Oh, sweetness..I think the iron is a little too hot...."
Once again her thumb moved, pushing the dial to it's limit.
"You ready baby?"
"Yes, shit, yes".
"Watch me sugar. Watch me burn my lovely silk nightgown..."
She looked down at the gown, as did he, as she even more slowly now, moved the much too hot iron across her lingerie. Puffs of smoke rose now from the iron as she lifted it a bit and then put it down on an untouched part of silk...a dark brown trail of burned silk, smoke rising from it as the iron passed over it, appeared in the path of the scorching metal...
"YES,baby...yes..mmmmm watch me burn it.. I LOVE's SO wrong, SO wicked, SO naughty", she said, as he came into her hand, into the hot silk... she never stopped moving the iron, or slowly milking his cum into the silk... she didn't stop burning the gown until he hadn't a drop of cum left....she kept stroking him until he began to relax... only then did she stand the iron on end, turning it off.....
He recovered slowly, but he was still aroused, internally. This woman was SO damn sensual... He walked around the board and faced her, taking her face in his hands, he kissed her. Slowly, lingeringly, softly, endearingly searching her with his tongue. Her hands rose from her side and embraced him at the waist, pulling him to her.
He lay her on the bed, pulling his shirt off, and kicking the underwear around his thighs off and away. He kissed her again..and looked into her green eyes....
"So, where'd you go baby?" she said..but her lips did not move....
"C'mon to me" .... her face wavered, he felt suddenly dizzy... he looked down and saw his own hand full of tissue, full of his own cum. His right ear sore, sore from the phone being held against it. . . .
"You okay, honey?" Katie said, her voice so far, far away now. . .
"Yes, ..... yes I'm fine. Thank you.. so very much."he said.
"Call me again, sweetie... please?"
"You bet.

"You bet.
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