Once in the middle...part 2
Shiela wanted to embrace the sunrise spectacle that was about to take place. Scattered grey clouds strung out like soldiers on parade, were just beginning to reveal light shades of pink, orange and red. Finally, the angle of the sun hit just right and those clouds burst into a florescent, ruby red brilliance that started from the south end of the horizon growing steadily second by second until it seemed like the sky above us would explode like the big bang creating the universe. Slowly the spectackle began to wane. Seagulls were beginning to soar. That special early morning quiet was so relaxing, just the waves breaking gently on the sand, in rhythmn with natures heart beat. We stood there statue-like with a blanket wrapped around our shoulders. Shiela's head was craddled between my chest and neck, her long flowing hair pressing delicately into my chin. She slowly turned her head and in a soft voice just above a whisper said, "Even Mother Earth starts her day in orgasmic bliss." I just hugged her from behind as she leaned back into my chest, my hands resting over her pierced belly botton. A tiny engraved silver image of a guitar hung from a jump ring piercing the top curve of her sunken belly button. Her flat stomach dipped radiclly below her rib cage. I could barely feel the edges of her breasts pressing against the top of my forearms. She turned toward me slow enough to maintain that sensuous skin to skin contact, her head dropped back and we kissed ever so gently, our lips barely touching, she opened her mouth just wide enough for the tips of our tongues to meet in a semi wet quiet embrace.

"I'm hungry." Shiela whipped the blanket from our shoulders and took off jogging toward the parking lot. "Me about some omlettes, pancakes, orange juice and a cappuccino..." I chased after her but she was already tucked in by the time I got to the truck. "Let's go to Mel's Drive-In." Shiela's voice had a sparkly exuberance like a kid on a street corner selling lemonade. We headed strait up the coast to Wilshire Blvd to the now infamous Mel's Drive-In. Before joining the Navy, us crazy die hard hot rodders would make a weekly trek from Bob's Big Boy in Van Nuys to Mel's Drive-In in Santa Monica. Cruising down Van Nuys Blvd, heading west on Ventura then south on Sepulveda and over the Santa Monica Mountains.

We polished off breakfast in a fury, our jaws keeping time with classic rock tunes blasting from the juke box, heads bobbing, feet tapping, shoulders gyrating 'round and 'round. Just before I fired up the engine to leave, Bill Haley and the Comets came on, "One, Two Three O'clock, Four O'clock Rock..." In a flash Shiela jumped out of the truck and commenced to rip up the sidewalk with a Jive, Rockin' Boogie that made everyones head spin. "Let's get in on..." She lit up like a roman candle and I couldn't control myself, "Far Fucking Out," I jumped right up. In the drop of a hat, guys and gals were jumping out of their cars and joining the free for all. "God this is just like the '50's." Ahhh, the thrill of it all...Hot Rods, Sex and Rock 'N Roll...

"It done got cloudy and started to rain,
I tooted my horn for the passing lane,
Rainwater blowing up under my hood,
I knew that was doing my motor good...Maybelline..." Chuck Berry rocked us all the way up the coast.

Elmore's place was a cute little beach house just south of the Santa Monica Pier overlooking the northern stretch of sand headed for Redondo. As we pulled into a circular driveway the music greeted us with pleasure. The guys were jamming to classic rhythmn and blues tunes. As soon as Shiela's feet touched the ground her hips were gyrating, the band hit the down beat and she began belting out the classic, "Wang, Dang, Doodle." I stood there with my mouth wide open drooling. She sounded like Koko Taylor, "We gonna' pitch a Wang, Dang Doodle...All Night Long..."

I started reflecting on how sensual a turn-on music has always been, especially for the musicians that perform night and's in their blood, heart and soul. Sexual 4 play doesn't start a mere hour before wanting to get it on. It's an on going process that never has to end. This is what separates the premature ejaculators from the sex connaisseur. From Masters and Johnson to the Kama Sutra humanity thrives on continually enhancing the sex experience. I'm a little embarrassed to admit I was once one of those premature, get your rocks off, flash in the pan one stroke wonders. Hey, that's OK, we all got to do our homework...and Shiela is the pay off to all the effort that now makes it all worth while. We kept glancing at each as she sang her heart out...and yes she was turning me on like a fast forward, instant replay. Elmore handed me his slide guitar and grabbed another off the wall and we rocked the morning away.

After having a light snack of pizza and wine, Shiela and I couldn't wait to be alone. We excused ourselves in order to prepare for an afternoon delight. This whole group was free spirited and took great satisfaction in seeing everyone happily engaged in pleasure seeking eroticism. And, Shiela and I knew we had many pleasures yet to explore. She took me by the hand and led me to her room. It was all decked out in southwestern motif. She didn't hesitate to guide me right to the queen size bed. We were already in a state of bliss and we both wanted to take it slow and easy. We casually but provacatively removed each piece of clothing from each others lean muscular body. I went to pull her jeans off, kneeling down by the edge of the bed. She sat on the bed and as soon as I cleared her feet she reached up and pulled my head into her groin. Her bush was saturated with liquid nectar and I stroked my tongue up between her lips and clitoris...slow steady wide tongued strokes, lapping up that Tupelo Honey...I was getting hard and beginning to drip when Shiela pulled me up to a standing position while she chose to lay back on the corner of the bed. She spread her legs, licked the pre cum off the tip of my dick, her tongue taking it's time to explore the inside opening, then gently guided my cock to the edge of her pussy. "I know what you want to do with my tits and I know what I want to do with your cock." I reached down and craddled her tits in both hands and pulled them to my mouth. She held my cock in both hands and inserted the head in her cunt. I felt the lubrication from both of us as she pulled me in just a little farther, then she started rotating my clock first in one direction then the other. I began sucking her nipples, one then the other, her tits started to swell and those gorgeous nipples went from semihard to rock hard. She pulled me into her a little farther and kept rotating. I squeezed her tits together so I could get both nipples in my mouth. When I started sucking a little harder I got so excited I involuntarily thrust myself farther into Shiela's warm super lubricated pussy. She threw her pelvis forward accepting the next couple of inches and never stopped rotating. Well, my first desire was so fulfilled, then she said, "Go ahead." How did she know what I wanted?...or was she opening the door for whatever? I placed her right tit on her stomach and held the left so I could start sucking the end in my mouth. I sucked in and pushed out with my tongue on her nipple...even her rosette was swelling to hardness. She pulled me even further into her pussy and now started stroking back and forth with the rhythmn of my sucking. I kept sucking her tit further and further into my mouth and the softness of this wondrous work of creation allowed me to suck it in so far it rested up against my glotis and I felt the nipple hanging into my throat. I worked the glotis in such a way as to tighten then release her nipple. Her pussy jerked in ecstacy and I shifted to her right tit and repeated the rhythmic sucking. My cock was well passed her cervex and I felt the ribbed part of her anatomy as she pulled me the rest of the way in. She let go with both hands our pubic bones met and it was shere, boundless joy heading for an eruptive universal make over. She took my hands off her tit and I automatic followed her guidance. She slowly pulled me out of her, got back on the bed with hands and knees and thrust her butt and pussy toward me. Never hesitating or missing a beat I mounted her from the rear and we challenged each other to see who could last the longest. Breathing steady like a long distant runner we caught our second breath and drove on. "Let me see what that hot rod can do." She was thrusting backward, I was lunging forward. When I get to this stage of sexual excitement what I rarely have ever told anyone is that I could cum and never slow down and never go limp. That's what training can do for you. The only thing was, that Shiela was a pro, she knew I came the same way I knew she did. We were fucking each so hard that we were both getting dry and tighter. There is a pleasure beyond belief at this point but there is also a danger. No danger this time...all of a sudden we were filled with so much cum that we glided freely with each stroke. She looked over her shoulder and we both smiled an acknowledgement that needed no words. We both slowed down into a gliding rhythmn that ended with me fully thrust inside her and I slowly rotated the shaft of my cock pulling up as hard as I could and Shiela pushing down as hard as she could...up, down, up, down...up...down...up...she rolled onto her back and slid up to where her head touched the pillow. I followed never coming out of her. We lay cross legged with my cock buried in her pussy. She slipped her hand in between her thigh and my cock and I slid my hand on the other side and we fell asleep...I never wanted this moment to end...
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