Once was NOT enough Part VI
Although she was in no condition to resist, Sara managed a soft, "Where are you taking me?"

"UP THERE," said Jim, pointing to the loft high above the radio station.

The view of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge was breath taking. He wanted to make love to her, with that as a background, knowing it would be a memory to be cherished for life.

Taking her in his arms, Jim pressed his hardness against her, letting her know in no uncertain terms, tonight was NOT done.

In her ear he softly murmured, "You have a NEW boyfriend, one that wants you to be happy."

The two exited the trolley to the sounds of Santana, who had made his nightly pilgrimage to the Mariners Museum walkway. Each night he would play his music for anyone who wanted to listen.

The Ghirardelli Square complex was right across the street from the Hyde Street trolley turn around. Jim had been given the use of one of the apartments located above the radio station during his summer exchange. Had it been much further the two young lovers would have probably risked a public spectacle.

Sarah was still a bit unstable in her walk and to the people who notice her slow gait they would think it was a cross between a drunk and a girl who had just ridden a large bronco and could not pull her legs together.

Jim was ahead of her coaxing her to move forward with his arm firmly around her back. The teasing on the trolley had made his nut sack burn with desire. He desperately wanted to get Sarah into bed so he could bury his swollen cock deep into the sweet pussy her had just fingered to such a violent orgasm.

"Look," Sarah pointed over her shoulder, "I thought I had seen shooting stars when I came."

Jim turned in time to see three flaming arrows arc across the moonless sky.

"It must be the Indians out on Alcatraz Island. I read a story about it on air today. It seems some tribe is trying to reclaim the abandoned prison island but the city wants to make it a park."

"Ooh, far OUT, can we go there?" Sarah spun into his arms and was suddenly very awake and excited.

Placing his hands on her tiny hips Jim drew her close. He looked at her golden hair, still matted with the cum of Deep Purple. He inhaled deeply and savored the blended smell that mixed her soft perfume with their hot cum and her own sweet nectar that he had spread across her face and lips just minutes earlier.

"I don't think so, at least not for now." Jim kissed her softly, excited by how quickly she accepted his darting tongue and joined in the play. Sarah put her arms tightly around his neck returning the passion of his kiss.

Breaking their kiss he continued his answer. "The reports are they have been shooting arrows at any boats that come near. They set fire to the old hospital wing two nights ago."

"Oh darn," Sarah feigned disappointment as she pulled away, but only slightly.

Reaching between them she grabbed his engorged cock and leaned herself against him trapping her hand now wrapped tightly around his dick. Lifting up on her toes she licked his ear as she whispered "Well you can fuck me anyway!"

Spinning out of his arms it was Sarah's turn to take the lead pulling Jim behind her.
"Which way," Sarah asked him as they climbed the steps adjacent to what the locals had dubbed,"Frog Fountain.

"There," Jim said pointing and adopting the pointing stance that had quickly become their private joke.

Noting the location of the glass enclosed elevators, Sarah turned back to Jim.

"Gotcha, now give me ten bucks and I'll see you there."

"Ten bucks?" Jim's heart sank as he envisioned the beautiful pan handler was done with him. "Why $10 bucks?"

"You don't trust me?" Sarah looked determined but playful, "Okay,okay," she continued, but now in a much louder voice, "YOU WON"T PAY ME? MAN I'M SURE SOMEONE WOULD LOVE TO LET ME BLOW THEM FOR A LOUSY TEN DOLLARS."

"Christ," Jim hissed. He hushed her by pulling her close to him. Several nearby males smiled in appreciation at the offer.

"Here is $20. Just keep your voice down, OKAY?"

"Ha, ha. Great." Sarah laughed, kissed him on the cheek, and scooted away across the mall back towards Hyde Street.

Just before Sarah went down the stairs she stopped, turned to wave and shouted "Jimmy, the elevator in fifteen minutes, DON"T FUCKING BE LATE!"

Jim blushed knowing half the people in the square had heard his "appointment". He wondered if she was going to really show and if there would be a crowd to witness his humiliation.

Smelling his fingers he drank in her scent and thought it was well worth it.

Jim sat at Frog Fountain wondering if the tiny marble figures were really jilted lovers left waiting, like him, in some old Dickens novel.

He watched the minutes tick slowly by on the giant Pepsi clock that sat atop the station logo. As the allotted time came to an end, Jim reluctantly got up and heading towards the elevator like some cuckold that had been left while his girlfriend sought newer excitement. For all he knew Ian had made separate arraignments and Sarah had gone to double back to the band's party.

"Well, I'm glad you are not late." Jim smiled broadly as he heard her soft voice from behind the flower stand.

"You didn't think I would show, did you?" She teased him with a wagging finger as he drew her into his arms.

"Never had a second of doubt," he lied as he kissed her hard and felt the thump of the small bag she was carrying, hit him in the back, "but that is the last time, I'm letting you out of my arms!"

"Fine by me," she teased, wiggling her pelvis seductively against his rapidly hardening cock.

As the elevator arrived, and he approached the elevator, Jim noticed several teens that had hung around the fountain with him.

"Take the next one, okay?" Jim's voice left no doubt this was not a request.

"Take her man!" was all one of them could say as the door closed on the two lovers and slowly began its climb to the sixth floor.

"They were cute," Sarah teased, quickly pulling Jim against her mouth with her back against the elevator glass.

Their kiss remained unbroken and hungry while their tongues entwined in an erotic dance.

"I want you so fucking much," he said breathlessly, demonstrating his desire between their entwined tongues as his hand grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her once again snug to him.

"I want YOU too," Sarah confirmed, her hands rubbing inside his silk shirt across his hairy chest to stimulate his nipples.

"Ding," the elevated announced the passing of the second floor

"I know baby, what you REALLY need," Sarah said confidently as she grabbed his crotch again.

As she knelt on the dirty elevator floor she demanded, "You better help me unbutton these."

Jim was not about to argue seeing that visibility from the ground was soon to be cut off.

He pulled the fly down and in one motion his thick cock sprang forth, still slick with the pre-cum from the trolley ride.

Speaking to Jim's shaft she confided, "I hope you don't mind but I brought along a little something to eat."

Jim heard the rustling of the paper bag, a "pop" a "SNAP' and then his legs buckled a bit as "SLURP," translated to a hot tingle on his cockhead.

"Ding" announced the passing of the 3rd floor

Sarah hands, now covered in warm chocolate, had engulfed his cock and expertly applied pressure to his balls while squeezing his thick base.

"Glad I got two hands," she murmured and then added "I LOVE chocolate!"

Jim felt a rush.

Sarah ran her tongue up one side of his manhood and slowly licked the sweet chocolate off the head like a delicate ice cream cone.

"MMMM, slurp, mmmm, POP" Sara licked, sucked and teased, then squeezed the base to further build the pressure.

"I sucked the band, but I want to PLEASE you, mmmmmm . . . "

Sarah made love to Jim's cock, over and over, as if it were a great delicacy, one she could not get enough of to satisfy an insatiable hunger.

"Ding" the elevator announced the 4th floor

Jim began to buck against her face, frustrated that only a few inches of his girth was getting licked and sucked at any one time. Sarah had managed to pull up her dress and with her free hand was rubbing the chocolate dripping down her hands from his cock and her chin into her still swollen pussy lips.

"I'm making myself sweet for you baby. Do you want a taste?"

Jim hungrily suck into his mouth the proffered fingers covered in a mixture of Ghirardelli fine chocolate, Sarah's nectar and Jim's own pre-cum. His hips bucked forward desperate to gain more friction on his cock-head to send his seed boiling into her mouth.

"Suck me baby, oh fuck, suck me HARD," he said petting the top of her head.

"Ding," announced the 5th floor

"I think you are ready," Sarah announced as she let Jim's erect cock slip from her mouth.

"What?" Jim could only manage one word in the confusion.

"I said I wanted you to FUCK me, so do IT!" Sarah demanded his compliance as she turned towards the glass, grabbed the hand rail and bent way over to bring her sweet ass just inches from Jim's throbbing cock.

"FUCK YES!" Was Jim's reply as he buried his needy cock deep into her pussy with one hard thrust.

"Tight, WET, sticky, HOT, oh yes, oh shit, OH, OH. FUCKING HOT. . . " he growled as his head thrust hard into her pussy.

Sarah spread her legs wide giving him access to the massive cock penetrating her, as she clamped her pussy to give more friction, to tease and please her lover.

The sweat fell from Jim's brow blocking his sight as he tightly grabbed her firm ass and used them to control her position like love handles designed for his pleasure. Each time he buried his cock inside to the end of his shaft Sarah would feel the slap of his nut sack hard against her clit.

She pushed the rush of breath out of her screaming, "YES, OH FUCK, YES!"

One hard stroke, two hard strokes and finally the third one picked her up off the floor as Jim's balls exploded with the days pent up desire to explode inside of her.

"YEEEOW." Sarah went over the cliff with the flood of cum spraying her steaming pussy--her clit fully exposed to the fingers she was pinching it with.

Jim held her tight feeling his third and fourth eruption. His knees were weak sensing their combined juices flooding out of Sarah down her legs and onto the floor. Sarah shook with violent contraction and tried to contain his thick shaft and swollen cock head inside of her.

"Ding," announced the opening of the doors at the 6th and final floor.

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