Once was not enough, part III
"You pay, ok?" the waiter surprised them by holding the cheque between their locked eyes.

"Sure" Jim mumbled, hampered by the dainty finger still between his lips.

"Oh my God" Sarah jumped nearly pulling Jim across the table, still holding her hand.

"It's OK" Jim recovered handing the waiter a ten spot, "We need to be going".

As they exited the restaurant Jim knew his erection was plain for all to see. He just hoped the pre-cum would dry before they reached the Fillmore. As they hit the light Jim once again noticed the freckles on Sarah's neck and bare shoulders and wondered how far down they went.

Sarah took his hand and wrapped her arm around his. It made walking straight a bit difficult but Jim, now encased in her heady perfume, was not going to complain.

"Sorry" Sarah giggled, squeezing his hand and drawing Jim's eyes to her.

"For what?" Jim asked, nearly walked over a stooped old woman pulling her shopping cart.

Sticking their entwined arms out in front of them Sarah extended her index finger down and repeated their now famous "THERE!"

"OH" was all that Jim could say, seeing the fifty cent size wet stain plainly visible on his slacks

"Actually" Sarah pulled Jim towards her ear, "I think it is very sexy"

As they neared Market Street Jim could hear the loud music, starting and stopping, a clear indication that soiund checks were in progress.

"Dam, we have to hurry" Jim said aloud as he urged Sarah across Van Ness to the side entrance.

As they came near the club the ongoing sound checks reverberated in the narrow alley leading back stage.

"Stay close and don't wander away" Jim squeezed Sarah's hand and was rewarded with a broad smile.

As they entered the back stage area you could see the age of the club filled with smeels of beer, burbon and pot.

"Who's the chick DJ?" Dave the backstage manager smiled broadly, holding his lit cigarette between his lips. He checked Sarah out from head to toe as he did all the girls who came to visit the famous performers.

Acting like she was in physical danger Jim pulled Sarah behind him, his hands firmly gripping her tiny waist.

"She is under my protection OLD man" Jim declared to the stage crew now staring at the new girl, "Everyone keep your mitts off her".

Then he laughed pulling her further into the dark and loud stage area.

"Better stay close and act like I'm your old man or one of these guys will think you are one of the groupies and take you off for a blow job."

"You are kidding" Sarah spoke, but not with much confidence. She was at once excited but determined NOT to get separated.

As they approached the back of the speaker stack Jim (DJ) began to speak to the road manager who was trying to get a guitar rack set up. Sarah was enthralled with the heavy metal guitar sounds berating physically against her breasts from the nearby speakers. She could feel the pulse of the base hiting her at pussy level.

Jim quickly noticed the empty drummer stand.

"Where is Ian" Jim shouted to the nearest roadie.

"In the green room with the Barb chick" shouted the roadie back as her swapped out the double neck guitar with Ritchie Blackmore who just smiled and continued his tune up.

Jim took Sarah's hand and headed into the pre-stage area that housed the dressing rooms and community food and drink area.

"Man, look at all that food" Sarah exclaimed pointing with her free hand at the banquet set out for a very large crowd.

"That's just for the roadies and their guest' Jim explained as they continued down a long dark hall.

"Come on Ian" Jim slapped the door as he pushed it open giving the couple inside little time to react before they entered.

"Sound checks are..." Jim stopped in mid sentence

"Hey man!" Ian exclaimed in his husky British acent, but he hardly moved since he was trapped in the deep leather couch chair by the topless red head kneeling between his legs.

Taking the large swollen cock out of her mouth the redhead did not even turn to see who arrived. Jim could see she had ditched her panties as her quilted skirt had risen over her firm ass revealing a deep red slit framed with fine bright red hair. From the looks of the glistening lips this activity had been going on for some time, probably starting with a good tongue washing as Ian liked to call it.

"Should I stop? She asked of Ian but then quickly returned to bobbing her head up and down, her eyes fixed on the relaxed drummer. She continued coaxing with long licks and deep sucks the semi rigid shaft that her tiny hands could barely reach around.

Sarah took the whole room in with one glance. Although she was not a virgin she had never seen anyone else every having sex. The musk from Ian's sweat and pre-cum, combined with the perfume and apparent wet pussy of the redhead was heady. Sarah felt her own nipples get firm as she openly starred at the massive cock, heavy breasts and taught nipples, partially hidden from view by the other girls long red hair.

"Ian, can't you wait till AFTER the show and what is that" Jim was pointing at the bucket of what looked like thick white paint next to the girl's leg.

Ian patted the thick red hair and shifted his weight "There baby, that is so fucking good"

Then to Jim "DJ, man she is from the fucking Berkley Barb and I'm to join their plaster cast Cock collection of rock stars."

Jim just stood there and shook his head laughing. If anyone would be game for having his dick forever captured in plaster it would be Ian Paice. Jim was sure it would be complete with pubic hairs and God knows what ever else still covered to that massive dick. Ian was notorious for his appetite for young girls and Jim was sure it had been dipped in fresh pussy on three continents.

"You want some luv" Ian took a swig from the burbon bottle in his left hand and partially moved the red head aside to spread his legs wider, clearly offering Sarah an opportunity."

"No, she just ate" Jim responded and further blocked her from sight before Sarah could think of a reply.

"There, that should hold you" the reporter from the Barb spoke aloud as her lips gave a large pop as Ian's head slipped from her mouth.

First she wiped his pre cum from her lips and then reached between her own legs, expertly inserted two fingers deep inside her own pussy. Thrusting her fingers deep inside you could tell the red head was close to cuming and then she quickly removed the now covered fingers and smeared her juices on Ian's cock. With her other hand she scooped a large hand full of plaster and coated Ian's now rigged shaft.

"It helps the plaster not dry on the shaft" she explained matter of factly.

"Ahh, you could have had me do a load first" Ian complained but then began to enjoy how she massage his nut sack and tickled his anus with her long red nails to ensure he remained solid for the casting.

Sarah, half hidden behind Jim, began to rub her own mons lightly through her thin dress. She felt her swollen nipple press against Jim's shoulder and could feel the heat of his skin radiating through his equally thin shirt.

"Ian, you got ten minutes" Jim said to Ian and to the girl "Please save any thank you fucks and other band member appointments till AFTER the show".

"Sure, latter man" was all she replied never taking her eyes off the solid white cock and covered sack before her.

Jim noticed how her pussy lips had noticeable lengthened in just the few minutes she had been servicing Ian's cock. He wondered if Sarah had not been with him whether she would have minded if he slipped insode her while she was serving Ian's cock. Jim knew Ian would NOT have minded sharing.

The music again engulfed them as Jim opened the door and took Sarah back out into the dimly lighted hall. Stopping just a few feet away Jim turned to apologize but was met with Sarah wrapping herself quickly in his arms.

Sarah had never been so turned on in her life. Her nipples were fully extended and she knew her clit was out of it's protective hood begging for some attention. She knew she need some cock, she needed it right now and she did not care the Dave, at the end of the hall, could probably see her.

Kissing Jim intently she pulled his hand away from her neck and pressed it on her left breast. The thought that a door could open suddenly, or a light could be turned on to expose them both, just turned her on even more.

"Squeeze it" she mouthed into his urgently biting his lip "Pinch my nipple hard"

Jim had one hand around her waist pulling her firmly against his teased cock. His other hand now squeezed her breast and pressed her nipple deep into her firm breast.

"Harder" Sarah begged, now pulling her straps down to let her dress fall to her waist, exposing her deep pink areola's, swollen red nipples and freckled covered breasts.

Taking her nipple into his mouth Jim licked and teased it with his tongue. Sucking the firm nipple inot his mouth Jim would hold the extended nipple firmly between his lip covered teeth. As he bite down he pulled on it teasing the tip like he would the cover to her clit. Sarah's nipples were her magic spot because they were connected directly to her clit. This sucking and biting sent shivers of pleasure throughout her body.

As the heavy music became drowned out by the blood beating in her own veins she pressed herself wildly against Jim as her cunny was now on fire. Sarah needed more, much more and NOW!

"You like cock sucking?" Sarah asked with a seductive smile while sliding her body down Jim's till her knees were on the dirty floor.

"Sarah, I..." again Jim's words were lost in the air as Sarah had quickly undid the buttons to his fly, fished out his cock taking it deep into her mouth with one deep suck.

Sarah felt her own juices flowing as his pubic hairs tickled her nose and his pre-cum dribbled down her throat. Wrapping one fist around his nut sack she slipped a tiny fingertip into Jim's ass as she had seen the girl from Berkley do to the drummer.

"OH SHIT" Jim exclaimed as his legs jumped at his first experience with anyone going near his ass.

As Sarah sucked his cock she timed a little finger twirl in Jim's ass with each deep thrust of his cock into her mouth. As she was doing this she became very away that she had discovered that she would like to feel his mouth on her clit with fingers deep inside her dripping vagina as well as her virgin ass.

"Not yet" she spoke aloud to the now throbbing thick cock in her hands as she felt him begin to boil.

Squeezing his balls hard Sarah knew how to further stiffen his erection but slow the building eruption.

"Take me" she then ordered as she quickly stood.

Sarah was now in charge as her dress began slipping to the floor around her ankles. Jim was focused on her perfect breasts as her right leg raised to slip around his waist while she ripped his shirt open to reveal a very hairy chest.

Lifting Sarah completly off her toes Jim turned to place her back against the wall as she locked her legs behind his back. Kissing her deeply Jim was further teased by her breast now coming in contact with the hairs of his chest. Using the wall for leverage he pressed his fat throbbing cock head against her swollen and wet pussy.

"I'm very thick" Jim warned her as he slowly penetrated her tight hole, knowing it was going to be like losing her virginity all over again, with him.

"I don't CARE" Sarah moaned between her teeth and using her strong thighs thrust herself down impaling herself on Jim's thick shaft.

"OH FuuuUCK, OH GOD... OH FUCK.. YES" Sarah growled as she felt herself ripped open and then squirmed and bucked bringing her exposed clit firmly against the hot wet shaft.

Jim, with his hand s against the wall, keep thrusting deep into Sarah who hung on his hips. Once implalled by his thick shaft she could not have fallen off.

"MMMM, OH fucking aaah" was all Jim could say, each thrust a new wave of pleasure as her hot young pussy massaged and teased his cock with each thrust.

The desire pound though Jim's head and blocked out any sound around him. He could see her scream but could not her her sounds because of his own animal grunts leaving his mouth each time he plunged up deep inside of her. He wanted to her, he wanted to possess every inch of her and leave her empty, save when she was with him.

"I'm cuming" Sarah said to the ceiling, her head rolling with each thrust, her legs began shaking uncontrollably with the fullness pounding deep into her teased cervix.

"Meeeeee tooooooo" cried Jim as he slammed into her hard one last time feeling the boiling semen explode up inside of her.

Each new spurt of hot spunk sent spasms into her body. Shaking Sarah continued to claw at Jim's back, her legs clamping and unclamping as if to draw every drop of cum from him.

"Shit" was all she could say as her sweat soaked face came to rest on his neck.

All Sarah could do was lick and purse her lips to kiss the still throbbing vein in his neck, as she felt after one after shock, then a second and then a third wrack her body with continued pleasure. Finally, after slipping off his semi-rigid cock her toes touched the floor. Sarah then felt the flood of his cum, mix with her own juices, flow in long rivulets from her extended lips, down inside her thighs and then onto the floor.

With her head resting on Jims still heaving chest she spoke softly laughing "I hope no one slips out here in the dark!"

His heart still racing, Jim began to hear the music, other than their lust. He bent to kiss her softly knowing once was not going to be enough
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