Once was not enough, part IV
Three hours later the show was about to kick off and Jim had just completed his introduction of Deep Purple to the packed house. His duties were completed, at least until the band finished their first set. Jim's thoughts turned back to the young lady with the firm breasts, cute mouth, tight wet pussy and freckled nose that he had parked behind the speaker stack hours earlier.

"it is really important that you not leave this spot" Jim had cautioned her as he sat her down behind the massive speaker stack.

"If you look through here" Jim motioned for her to lean way forward "You can see the whole stage without anyone seeing you.

"Ok" Sarah replied "But what do I do if they ask me why I'm here?"

Kising her softly Jim smiled down at her. "Just tell them I brought you in for the band."

Seeing her concern he added "No one should bother you. Just act like you are important to the show."

With that Jim had hustled away to complete the preps for the main act to go onstage. The tickets lines were all a mess, lighting had to be restaged and security was doing a poor job keeping the young female groupies out of the men's room. Jim had a lot to sort out before he even gave a thought to getting the band on stage.

As Jim approached the area where he had left Sarah Jim saw Ritchie moving back towards the stage fumbling with his fly.

"Dam Ritchie I just introduced you guys and Ian is in the Intro."

Pressing firmly in Ritchie's back and moving him onto the stage Jim asked "What the HELL were you doing?"

Grabbing his double neck Ritchie rubbed his crotch and shouted over the noise "FUCKING A GREAT MAN"

Turning back to where Jim had left Sarah he heard her voice above the opening licks of the lead guitar for Smoke on the Water "No I don't have too, you only said THE BAND".

As Jim approached he could quickly tell Sarah was in distress. Her hair was all bunched up above her shoulders and she was wiping something on her dress from both her hands. The flashing black lights made the fresh stains on her face, hair and dress flash like neon.

"What the hell?? Jim exclaimed at the stage manager "has everyone gone nuts back here"

Jim grabbed the grease ball stage manger, who had dropped his pants and was pumping his semi-hard cock while staring at Sarah with a dog in heat like lust in his eyes.

Ignoring Jim's approached he shouted at Sarah "At least show me those hot tits".

"Please Jimmy" she pleaded as she continued to wipe the now drying cum from her face and arms "Please don't make me fuck him, he is old and he stinks!!"

Jim quickly caught on to what was going on.
"Get the fuck out of here" Jim said as he roughly pushed the stage manager back to his seat near the back door.

The man nearly fell on his face as his wide bell bottom pants caught up in his sandals. He flipped Jim the bird as he sat down, leaving his semi-hard dick, dripping with pre-cum, hanging out in front of him.

"Sarah? Why would you think you would needed to fuck him, or anybody else for that matter."

Sarah looked around confused. "That man" Sarah indicated the stage manager now struggling to pull up his pants "Asked me if I was here for the band?

Smoothing dwon her cum filled hair "You said that if anyone asked I was to say I was here FOR the band, so I said Yes."

Oh shit, Jim thought to himself.

"Next think I know Ian is standing in front of me all smiles and tender like and then he pulls his dick out of his pants."

"That MAN", again angerily pointing at the stage manager "Shouted at me Suck, Suck, Suck it GOOD!"

When I asked Ian what he wanted he just smile and said "Blow Job! You are the Fluffer, right?"

"Jimmy, I don't know what a Fluffer is but he" again pointing at the stage manager "said a Fluffer gets the band off so they can concentrate on their music."

Now she was almost in tears "He said it was your job to bring a Fluffer and If I was not it you could lose your job."

"I don't know what to say." Was all Jim could manage as he looked at his soiled Princess.

"Well Ritchie said I was the best Fluffer they had ever had and you should get a bonus!"

Then with a small smile she added "He said he never comes, but I took of my dress to get him to cum all over my tits and that got him off really, really good!"

Jim did not know what to say, let alone what to do. If he told the girl she had basically been ganged raped the whole band would go to jail and she would feel the pain for years. If he kept quite he became part of the crime as the pimp.

"How do you feel" Jim gently probed her feelings hoping some solution would offer itself.

"Well, I wanted to get to know the band" at this she laughed "But I didn't think I would get to KNOW the band that well."

Turning back to Jim she reached out to take his arm as she had when they walked down the street.

"The worst part of this.." Jim tensed for the bomb he knew was coming as Sarah choose her words carefully and then continued "as I said the worst part is this, I'm covered in cum, my mouth is sore but my pussy is aching to be filled and not one of them offered me any pleasure, AT ALL."

Jim hugged Sarah close to him like a child that needed comforting, his desire for her rising again along with the jealousy of those who had taken advantage of her and HIM.

Laughing softly so only she could hear Jim turned her to face him, his mind now racing as to how he could keep from losing this sexy beauty before him.

"Sarah, I know you think it is all about the band but really it is something bigger going on here. The people, like myself, who put on the show , are really the ones who create the magic. Because of their ego's we let the band think it is all about them. But do you want to know a secret, one that you can't tell ANYONE?"

Sarah rose up on her toes and closed the small gap between them. "Tell me she whispered in his ear."

Jim spoke very softly and looked around as if someone might be trying to ease drop.

"The band is supposed to warm up the Fluffers, for ME!"

"Oh MY GOD" Sarah squealed with delight, pressed herself tightly against him, and then in a low conspirator tone "But I did not need any warm up, you did that already honey, remember?"

Caressing her hair Jim pressed one hand between them so he could play it softly across her breast.
"Yes, I know" he whispered in her ear, kissing her below her tiny ear lobe "But I did not get back to yell the band and move you away before the band headed for the stage. Can you forgive me??"

"For what" she asked as she kissed him deeply, her cum covered tongue playing deep into his mouth.

Taking his right hand Sarah pulled up her dress and pressed his fingers against her cum soaked pusssy. She groaned as her swollen lips began to get some of the attention they needed.

"For What??" she repeated while grinding herself on Jim's fingers probing up inside of her.

"I just had the greatest climax in my life, sucked more cock that I ever dreamed of and now.." her eyes captured his and sparkled "and NOW I'm going to get the DEEP HARD fucking I EARNED, RIGHT??"

Kissing her deeply Jim lifted her off the floor so her breast were mashed against his sweaty chest.

"Right" Jim mumbled between their entwined tongues "I promies you will get MORE than you earned."
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