One Afternoon
It was a Saturday afternoon and I was super horny. My son was away at school and it had been a couple of months since we had sex. I missed his big cock. He knew I had other sexual partners and I knew he was fucking different girls at school. I was thinking about who I could call. I decided to give John a call to see what he was doing. John is a young black guy that works out in our distribution center warehouse. He is a 26 yr college student. He lives in an apartment near work. We have had some great sex over the last year. He has a really big cock and knows how to use it on me. He really loves my tight white pussy and even though I am 39 he usually will fuck me whenever I want.

I called John and asked him what he was doing. He laughed knowing why I was calling. I told him I was really horny and needed his cock today. He teased me a little saying he was busy and made me beg for it. Finally he laughed again and said for me to come over to his place in about an hour. I giggled with delight and hung up to get ready.

It really didn't matter what I was going to wear because it wouldn't stay on long. I had a tank top and jeans on so that was fine. I checked my makeup and then headed over to his place. As I walked up to his door I wondered if anyone was looking at me. A white woman knocking on a young black stud's apartment door. He answered it and smiled as I walked in. He pulled me close and kissed me. His wide tongue sliding into my mouth. I pulled away and walked into his bedroom. He slapped my ass in a playful manner.

My top was off by the time I reached his bed. I wasn't wearing a bra so my big breasts were free. I laid down on the bed and undid my jeans. He helped me pull them off. My panties came off with them and I was naked before him. He stripped too and I smiled at the sight of his big cock that was getting hard for me. He climbed on the bed with me and we explored each other. I always marveled at the contrast in our skin color. He was very dark and muscular. Even though I got a tan during the summer my skin looked lily white against his. I grabbed his cock and stroked it as he kneaded and squeezed my big tits. I wanted his big cock in me now. I rolled him on his back and climbed on top. He was fully erect and I lined it up with my entrance. I knew there would be a little pain when he first entered me but that was fine.

I was reaching behind me to guide him in. I was very wet and he was leaking precum. The big head touched my lips pushing them apart. My hot pink entrance at first resisted the intruder, but started to open as the pressure increased. I stretched more and then my pussy sucked his large head in. He groaned from my heat and tightness. I used my weight to slide more of his shaft inside me. He bottomed out with a few inches of his cock left to go. The first few strokes felt like my pussy was being turned inside out. It got easier the more I went up and down. My hands were on his chest and his were on mine. This felt so good and I wanted him to really fuck me hard.

We rolled over so he could be on top. He was taking long deep strokes in and out of me. I was grabbing his black ass urging him on. I was talking dirty to him and he was calling me his white bitch. He told me I was a slave to black cock and I said I was and right now he better fuck me harder with his. He started to speed up driving harder. He was wearing my pussy out today and I loved it. His big black cock was making sucking sounds as it went in and out. I felt his stomach tighten and I knew he was close. I told him I wanted him to fill me up with his black seed. He gritted his teeth and groaned as he started to unload in me. His cock jerked and throbbed each time he shot a rope of his cum. I was beneath him totally helpless to his will. He was owning me with each shot of his cum. I came hard too and squeezed him tighter. My pussy milked more semen out of his shaft. There was a lot of it and it started to leak out of where we were joined. Finally spent he collapsed on top of me.

We stayed like that for a minute or two until I slapped him and told him to get his black ass off of me, he was too heavy. He laughed and got up, his long snake of a cock slipping out of me. I looked up at him and stretched on the bed. I told him that was great. He smiled and asked when I would be ready for round two. I said as soon as he had a big black cock hard I would be. He smiled again and asked if I wanted to play a little today. I asked him how and he went to his closet and came back with some silk ties. He said, like this, as he tied one around my wrist and then to the headboard. I laughed and said so that's what you meant by playing. I let him tie my other wrist back and then my ankles. He then took one last wide tie and used it as a blindfold on me. My heart was beating fast but I trusted him. There I was spread out on his bed unable to move much with a blindfold on.

I heard him say that he needed a moment to recover and he would be right back. I heard him walk out of the room closing the door. I felt a little sense of panic but soon it became excitement from the anticipation of what was next. I was totally exposed and vulnerable being tied to the bed like that. Him leaving the room just added to the anticipation.

It was about 10 minutes later when I heard the door open. He came back into the room quietly. I could tell he was standing at the foot of the bed. He was looking at me, I knew it. Without saying a word he climbed up onto the bed with me. He didn't waste any time getting in position. He held my legs open and I felt his cock head press into me. My pussy was stretched from our earlier fucking and his cum was still leaking out so he should just slip right in. He pressed harder and I felt something weird. He was having trouble getting in me. He pressed again and I felt some burning pain from being stretched too far. I was breathing hard but didn't say anything. Even though I was blindfolded I squeezed my eyes tight and winced. Finally his big cock head slipped inside. As he shoved more in me I felt much fuller then before. When his cock was all the way in me I knew something was different. I could feel his pubic hair on my pussy lips. John didn't have any pubic hair since he shaved. This was a different guy.

I said hey wait a minute, who are you? In a deep obviously black voice he told me to shut up you white bitch. He said that since I loved black cock so much he was going to fuck me. His cock was wider then Johns but not as long. It was really stretching me open as he pumped me. It had to be the fattest cock I had in me in a long time. He was a big guy too and his weight was pressing down on me. What could I do? If I started yelling he would probably just put his hand over my mouth. I decided to just let him fuck me. I had been set up and would deal with John later. My pussy was gripping his cock and he was having difficulty stroking. I imagine he had ruined a few pussies before.

He kept calling me a hot white bitch and telling me to take his big cock. He said I wouldn't want to fuck white guys any more after him. He was sweating with his effort. He said he was going to fill my white pussy up with his cum. He didn't have Johns stamina and I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Despite my situation I felt an orgasm of my own building. His big cock was feeling really good and my clit was being rubbed by it. I arched my back some and he said, that's it bitch take my cock. My pussy spasmed on it's own and that set him off. He grunted as he unloaded in me. His breathing was hard as he slammed into me trying to get deeper. He was finished and his big sweaty bulk climbed off of me. I admit I was breathing hard too as I heard him leave the room.

I waited for John to come untie me. His little game was shocking but I admit it had got me excited enough to cum with that stranger. I heard the door open and told John to untie me now please. I felt him reach out and wipe my leaking pussy with a towel. I knew the bed must be a mess from all this cum. So he was cleaning me up before removing my restraints. As soon as he was done I felt a weight join me on the bed. He quickly spread my legs wider and started to shove his cock in me. I waited to see what this was about. His cock was big and long. It had a very pronounced upward curve to it. I knew at once this was another stranger. A third guy was fucking me. He wasn't as big as the last guy. He was about Johns size but not as muscular. My pussy was a little loose from the last one so this guy had no problem stroking in me. I asked him if he fucked a lot of white women. He said that he did all the time. That once they had his cock in them they had to keep having it. As he stroked I could see why. The curve of his cock was causing the big head of it to rub across my G-spot. I started to move my hips in time with him to increase that feeling. It felt really good. I asked him how he liked my white pussy. He said it was hot and tight.

I could feel the pressure building in my gut as his cock went in and out of me. His big head was rubbing directly on my G-spot. I started talking dirty and so did he. He called me his white whore and I told him to fuck this whore harder with that black cock of his. If I could have wrapped my legs around him I would have but they were still tied to the bed. He had grabbed me by the ass and was driving deep. My big boobs were flopping all around as he slammed into me. I could feel the pressure and I knew this was going to be a big one. Not being able to move like this was maddening.

I couldn't take it anymore and I yelled at him to pull out. I guess he was shocked some because he did just that. As soon as his cock head cleared my entrance I came hard and squirted a long stream out. It hosed him and the bed down. I shot two more times. Put it back in I said. He did and immediately began to unload in me. He was the third black guy today to cum in my pussy. He shuddered and strained as he finished in me. When he was finished once again he pulled out and I heard him leave the room. That one took a lot out of me and I was getting tired. My pussy was soaked from all the cum.

A few minutes later I heard the door open again. Did I want to be untied or did I want this to keep going? I wasn't sure. A towel was used on me again and I heard some whispered voices. There had to be more then one guy in the room. I couldn't make out what they were saying. The door closed again and I knew someone was standing there. He stood there for awhile, I guess looking at me and deciding what he was going to do. He finally climbed on the bed with me. I could tell by his weight he was a smaller guy. Without saying a word I felt him reach out and cup my breast with his hand. He squeezed it and played with the nipple some. I asked him if he like my big boobs. He said yes they were great. I could tell from his voice he was young, how young I wasn't sure. He played with my boobs some more. I told him he could suck them if he wanted too. He thanked me and bent forward and took a nipple into his mouth. The other guys had been all about fucking. This guy was exploring my body like he hadn't seen a naked woman before. As he was sucking on a nipple I felt his hand move down my stomach to my pussy. It was pretty sloppy but he wanted to explore it too. He rubbed it feeling the swollen lips. I was smooth and freshly shaved. He found my clit and rubbed that. He felt around the entrance and inserted a finger then two.

I guess exploring time was over because he let go of my nipple and removed his hand from my pussy. He got between my legs and scooted forward. I could tell he was stroking his cock with the hand that was on my pussy. He was shaking a little bit as he guided it towards me. I would have helped him if I wasn't still tied up. He would have to do this on his own. He pushed forward and the fourth black cock today went inside me. He was the smallest of the four, but still much bigger then average. As he buried his cock in me I heard him say, oh fuck. I asked him if I was his first white woman. He said I was his first woman of any kind. So this young man was a virgin and I was his first. I told him he was doing just fine and had him slow down some to enjoy it. I tried to distract him a little because I knew he wasn't going to last long. He said he couldn't believe how hot and tight it was inside my pussy.

I told him how big his cock felt and that he could kiss me if he wanted too. He leaned down and gently touched my lips with his and pressing harder put his tongue in my mouth. As he was kissing me he grabbed one of my breasts again with his hand. His hips were working well getting a nice rhythm going. He was able to get all his cock in me and it felt really good. I felt him groan into my mouth and I knew his time was close. He broke our kiss and he was breathing hard. I told him to go ahead and cum inside me, that I wanted to feel him do it. He suddenly sped up and rapidly pumped me like a jackhammer as his cock started to erupt. He kept saying, Oh God, over and over. He was shaking and shuddering as he came. He emptied himself in me and kept pumping even as his cock was deflating not wanting the feeling to end. He finally stopped and whispered to me that this was the most incredible feeling in the world. He said he would never forget me and thanked me. He got off me pulling his now soft cock out and left the room.

Was it over? I heard the door open again and wasn't sure. I felt hands start to untie the restraints. First my ankles then my wrists. They left the blindfold on and left the room. I took it off myself and blinked from the light. The bed was a mess and so was I. The room smelled like pure sex. Before I got dressed I decided to take a shower in John's bathroom. I rinsed all the cum and sweat from me. As I stood under the warm water I thought about what had happened. Was I pissed? I basically had been raped if you thought about it. I had come over here looking for sex though and boy did I get some. Instead of just one black guy it had been four. I felt my swollen pussy and smiled knowing I had enjoyed today. I turned off the shower and dried off. I got dressed in what I worn here. Putting my jeans back on hurt a little because my pussy was sore. I opened the bedroom door not knowing what I would find.

I walked into the living room and there on the couch watching TV was John, all by himself. I looked around the room and then looked at him and smiled. I sat down next to him waiting for his explanation. He asked me how I was and if I enjoyed today. I smiled and said I was fine but would be sore for a couple of days. I said that this was not what I had expected but that I had enjoyed it anyway. He reminded me that I had come over for some hot sex. I asked him who the other guys were. He said all 3 were friends of his. He said they were all clean and I didn't have anything to worry about. I asked him about the last guy. He said that was the younger brother of the guy with the curved cock. I asked him how old he was and he declined to tell me. I asked him if he knew I was his first fuck. He said yes they all knew and that was part of the plan. I told him that since I had performed such a valuable service today that he would have to take me out to dinner to the place of my choice. He smiled and knew he was going to have to pay a price.
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