One Night
What a night it was at work!!! I was beyond stressed when I finally got home. All I wanted was a nice hot shower, something to eat and then time to relax and unwind. An hour or so later when I crawled into bed, ......... you were sleeping so soundly, and didn't even move as I snuggled up to you. I kissed your shoulder and neck gently, and then rolled back over to try to go to sleep.....
Honestly, sleep was not what I wanted right then. I had been thinking of you all day, thinking of your rock hard cock, and what I would do with it. I wanted to take you in my hand and stroke you as you grew longer and harder. I wanted to watch the heat and desire darken your eyes. I know how to please you, I know you love it when I tease your cock with the tip of my tongue. As well as when I lick you from your balls all the way to the tip, and then take your head in my mouth and begin to suck you. Continuing these thoughts was making me hot and wet. Before I knew it, I had one hand on my breast, twisting and pulling the nipple, as I imagined your mouth on it instead. The other hand was between my legs, rubbing my pussy gently. I ran my finger up and down my slit, feeling and spreading the moisture around a bit. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter with each stroke of my finger. I wanted your cock to fill me. I was entirely too aroused to even think about sleep now, but waking you up obviously wasn't an option.

I get up,and retrieve my toy from its spot in the bathroom, and return to my chair. As I wait for the computer to start, I again begin to stroke my slit. I listen closely to make sure you are still snoring before I begin to press my toy on my clit. Although I have the vibrate set on low, the lightest brush of it on my clit makes it zing..... I lean my head back and enjoy the sensation, the pleasure, and the building pressure.

I pinch and twist my nipples as they harden and become more sensitive. I slide just the tip of my toy into my pussy lips, just enough to get it wet. I then bring it up and let it vibe on my right nipple as I like my juice off the tip. I love to taste myself..

Meanwhile I continue flicking my clit and gently rubbing my lips with my fingers. It's not going to be long now before I will have to allow myself to cum. I think of you and of your hard cock, and imagine it rubbing between my pussy lips, preparing to drive deep inside as I tease those lips with my toy. Your fingers teasing and flicking my nipples, making them ache for more as your mouth descends and devours them.

It's as if I can feel you move more solidly between my legs as you thrust deep inside me. I shove my toy deep in my pussy and make love to it like it was your cock. I cum quickly and intensely, my juices are running out of my pussy, dripping onto the chair. I run my fingers thru it and bring it to my lips and taste my saltiness as I wish and dream it is you......
Maybe one day........
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