One Way??? (pt.2)
There was a knock at the door. He told me to stay where I was while he went to open the door. My heart was pounding in my chest from arousal and from excitement.

"Hey Love. It seems you arrived in time for the excitement." He kissed what looked to be a female on the lips. "I caught this little distraction and thought we could have some extra fun."

I wanted to smile inside. My breasts were aching to be touched. My mouth yearned to taste his cum. I wanted whatever would happen next.

"Sure" The female said. She shut the door behind her and locked it. "Come here and kiss me."

It took me a moment to realize she was speaking to me. I walked over to her and began to move my lips towards hers. My lips got an inch from hers and I could feel her breath on my face. She smelled like roses and honey.

I pressed my lips to hers. It was different kissing her. Her lips were so smooth and moist. I felt like my mouth would fuse with hers. My body pressed hers against the door. I moved my hand up her thigh.

I could tell I was turning her on because my fingers brushed her panties. The seam of her underwear was so moist. I continued to move my hand to her breast.

She threw me to the floor. "Did I say you could touch my breast?" She said grabbing a handful of my hair.

"No" I said.

She sharply tugged on my hair. "Say no mistress!"

I sucked in a sharp intake of breath. "No Mistress."

"Good, but you still have to be punished." She stood up and stepped on my back. I did not look where she went, but she came back.

I felt a sting on my exposed ass and heard a crackle. She was whipping me and the pain felt good. For some reason it made my body ache I wanted something but I did not know what I wanted.

"Mistress, give me more please!"I moaned for more of something.

"You hear that! She wants more." She mocked me.

Orlando walked over. He grabbed my hair and lifted my head up. Before I knew it, he had his dick in my mouth. I felt tears sting my eyes as I gagged a little. He had forced his dick down my throat.

"Bitch suck my dick, you little slut!" He grabbed the back of my head and forced his dick deeper in my throat.

Finally, I caught rhythm with his hips. I moved my neck in a circle while his hard dick went in and out my mouth.

I tasted the first few drops of pre cum and that made me want more. I sucked harder and moved my lips to the tip of his penis. I licked the slit there with my tongue catching a couple drops of pre cum.

"Mmmmm you little love my dick!"He moaned as I deep throated the shit out of his dick trying to get him to cum.

I took my hand and gently grabbed his balls. I messaged them using a circular motion. He was moaning out of control and I felt so empowered.

About this time, I was wet than I had ever been in my life.
"Get up" he told me.

I got up and he told me to sit in a chair. He got on his knees and began to kiss the inside of my thighs. Meanwhile, the female had put on a strap on. My desire intensified. I wondered what she had in mind.

Orlando kissed my clit and gently began sucking on it. I started moaning wanting more and feeling a bit teased by him.

"You like what he's doing?" The female asked me.

"Yesssss" I moaned as he had now begun to use his tongue to move my clit from side to side.

"Suck this. Get it nice and lubed up."She pushed my head to the strap on.

I began to suck the dildo holding back a moan as Orlando had slipped a couple fingers in my wet, throbing, pussy. He was hitting my spot making my gush more juices.

I had the dildo covered with a thick coating of saliva. I stopped sucking and began moaning from how the combination of Orlando finger fucking the hell out of me and his tongue stroking my clit.

The female stood behind Orlando and inserted the dildo. He began moaning as she slid in his ass. "MMMMMmmm deeper! Deeper!" he told her...

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