One Way pt.3
I watched the way she was pumping the strap on in and out of his ass. His eyes were blazing with passion. The way he was moaning was turning me on, making my pussy melt. My breast were tightening so much that it hurt. His dick looked so hard as pre cum just squirted out the tip. I guess she was working him good.

He went back to teasing me with his mouth. I could not stop the screams from escaping my lips. The way he was sucking my clit, you would have thought it was a now and later. I felt my body cum like crazy in his mouth and he moaned as he just drunk it in.

I started playing with my breast. Squeezing my nipples that were so hard they were aching. "Let me have your dick Papi, please." I moaned to him. I wanted his dick shoved in my tight, wet, pussy so bad.

"Good idea."The woman said. I want to see if this little cunt can ride you as well as I do." She snorted at me.

For some reason the way she said that made me a little hot. "Bitch I am pretty sure I could ride him better than you." I walked over to her and kissed her hardly on the lips. "Watch and learn bitch." I smiled at her.

I slowly began to straddle Orlando. I held back a moan as I summoned the will power to let only the tip of his dick in. I moved my pelvis in a circle, moving upward, as he tried to thrust in deeper. "Uh huh Papi, I am in control of this dick." I told him. I let him in an inch deeper. He moaned a sound that sounded like pain mixed with pleasure.

The woman had now sat in the chair and she was popping her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I guess I was turning her on more than she thought I could. "Hey" I called her. "Come here."

She walked over with attitude in her petite hips. I guess she did not like the reverse role. "What?"

"Bitch get on the floor." She got on my nerves with her attitude. You could tell her dumbass was turned on and it was because of me.
She did reluctantly.

"I think I could take you both on" I started gently licking her stomach. I wanted to make this trick wait since she wanted to try to have an attitude. While doing that I moved my pelvis in a circular motion down on Orlando's dick. He took in a deep breath and let out a moan.

I smiled, as I got lower to the girl's clit. I traced the outline of her clit with just the tip of my tongue. She was beginning to moan a little. Her hips were moving closer to me. I ignored the motion and instead began to outline the lips of her sex. Her legs opened wider. She was getting so wet. It seemed she might cum before I had a chance to do anything.

Before I knew it, Orlando had flipped it to where it was doggy style taking my ass out of control. He slapped my ass so hard making me gush some cum. "Yeah you little slut...You getting wet for my big dick aren't you. Your tight pussy feels so good."

I moaned as he grabbed my hips pumping his dick in and out of my pussy. I started getting louder to the point of screaming as he repeatedly hit my spot constantly. "I am going to make you cum so hard." He moaned as he continued to thrust so deep in me. Tears were stinging my eyes from the sobbing of my pleasure.

I pulled the girl down to me. I looped my arms on her legs to keep me steady. I started sucking her clit. She was so slippery. I bit her clit and she yelled in pleasure. I slipped three fingers into her and her pussy tightened on my fingers.

I moved back and forth in rhythm with Orlando making hid thrusting more intense. We were all moaning. A trio of screams and groans...the song was pure sex. Sweat was coming off my chest dripping on the girl. My hand was getting so slippery.

I felt her muscles clench and spasm on my fingers as she came. Orlando's dick pulsed in my deep pussy squirting his thick cum in me as my own cum gushed and mixed with his. I yelled my own release as our two juices mixed and ran down my thighs.

The release was so intense that everything just went black. I was so fatigued from the passion and just how great it was....
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