One failing student
My name is Tonya, I'm 5'3 with C-cup breasts and red hair. I'm 28 and I teach math at a community college. I have one student who keeps failing quizzes. I handed back a quiz and he didn't do so well on it, but I came up with an idea on that Tuesday when I gave it back to him.

"OK class dismissed," I said to the whole class.

Then he came up to me wondering about his grade.

"I can't believe it, I could have sworn I got all this down," the student, Jack, said.

Jack was 22 and he was 5'11 with black hair and brown eyes.

"Well, how long do you study everyday?" I asked.

"At least a couple hours a day," Jack replied.

"Well, have you considered getting some after school tutoring?" I asked.

Then he sighed, I could tell he wasn't into the idea, but he was out of ideas.

"OK who do you suggest?" Jack asked.

"Me. I'm teaching you, I know you, so I'll be the best candidate," I replied.

"Well can we at least have one tutoring session and let me redo this quiz?" Jack asked.

I could see he was serious and he really wanted to pass, so I threw him a bone.

"OK, but we gotta do it right now though," I said.

"OK I guess," Jack replied.

But then the next class came in the room. So I took him to an office I had, it was small, but great to have where I could grade papers or read in peace. Plus by then it was going on 4:30 and I had some time to kill. So I spent about an hour with him. As we were just one on one, he was actually finally learning something. So after that we arranged one more study session for Wednesday as well, but on that Wednesday afternoon, I was a little pissed as we met in my office.

"What's wrong Tonya?" Jack asked.

"Well a guy just canceled a date I had set up for tonight. Don't worry about it," I replied.

So I tutored him a little more even though I was pissed off, but he noticed I was really pissed by time we were done.

"You know what, why don't we go out for a drink or something?" Jack asked.

Obviously it was a rule not to date students, but this seemed casual though, so I said yes. We went out to a sports bar and had a few drinks and some buffalo wings too.

"Thanks Jack, this is just what I needed," I said.

Then I noticed him looking at my boobs, but I didn't bust him on it though because I kind of liked it.

"I thought so, you seem well, you know?" Jack asked.

"Tightly wound?" I asked.

"Those are your words, not mine. Don't you ever go out and hit it anymore?" Jack asked.

"No, not so much honestly. I guess shit happens," I replied.

Then unfortunately I really started drinking. He had me put my guards down, usually I'm a prude truth be told, but being out with him just brought the fun out of me I guess. About an hour into out casual outing, I started actually getting drunk.

"You know Jack, I'm not sure why people go to college, I mean what are the odds of actually getting the job you go to college for?" I asked as I slurred a bit.

"Well, life sucks sometimes Tonya, I think we should get you home. I'll give you a ride," Jack replied.

Then he helped me get to his car.

"Where do you live Tonya?" Jack asked.

"Small green house at the corner of Jefferson and 11 th street," I replied.

Then we made the short trip to my house. I couldn't believe I drank that much, but it was sweet of Jack to give me a ride though. Then as we got there, he helped me into my house and brought me to the bedroom.

"I'm gonna go get some bread for you, it should help," Jack said.

Then he went and got me some bread to eat to soak up the beer.

"Here eat this and you should feel better," Jack said.

Then he was about to leave, but I pulled on his shirt.

"Wait don't leave just yet," I said right before I took a bite of bread.

I didn't want him to just leave me even though I'd be OK without him. So he sat on the bed with me.

"Why do guys always cancel dates?" I asked.

"I don't know Tonya, I wish I could tell you, but I wouldn't ever cancel on you," Jack replied.

Then I smiled and leaned up to give him a not so friendly hug.

"You know you are a cute guy," I said.

"And you are a very attractive woman too. That guy is an absolute moron for canceling on you," Jack replied.

With a mixture of alcohol and him being so sweet to me, I got the courage to just kiss him, but it was a long kiss though, and he didn't stop me.

"OK Tonya, we shouldn't do this," Jack said.

"Why not? I like you and you like me, it's win-win Jack," I replied.

"But isn't it a rule for teachers not to get involved with their students?" Jack asked.

"Oh fuck the rules, it's a stupid rule, now let's fuck each other," I replied.

"But you are drunk though," Jack said.

"Who cares? I'm not gonna say you violated me, and I got some bread in me too. We're two people who like each other, so why not?" I asked.

Then I pulled him down with me and we started making out. He was right about breaking the rule, but who was gonna find out? We were both horny for each other and I was drunk while he still had quite a few beers in him, I guess he could handle alcohol better. So he was still responsible enough to make sure we used a condom. He undid his pants, pulled them down a bit along with his boxers and put a condom on. I pulled up my dress I was wearing and he pulled down my thong as well. He slowly inserted his cock into me.

"Oh yeah, now this is what I've been missing Jack," I said.

Then he started thrusting his cock in and out of my tight pussy.

"Damn Tonya, how long has it been since you last had sex?" Jack asked.

"2 years now," I replied.

"Holy shit Tonya, well prepare to be fucked," Jack said.

Then we both wrapped our arms around each other. He leaned down a little and gave me another kiss on the lips. We both looked right into each others eyes even though we both were still a little drunk, it was like we were each others ways to get sober fast.

"You are beautiful Tonya, I never truly thought of you as a sexual person until tonight, now I wanna more of you," Jack said.

Then he got up off me and stood up. Then he grabbed my hand and brought me up with him. He took his pants and boxers off completely. After that he pulled my dress off completely as well. He put his hands onto my boobs and pulled my bra down just little for my left nipple to stick out. Then he leaned his head down and began licking it a little. I felt more than a little titillated.

"Oh Jack, you are a good student," I said.

He laughed a little at the comment, then took off my bra and pushed me down onto the bed. He took off his shirt, got on the bed with me and climbed on top of me, then reinserted his cock into me deeply. He had a good sized cock, about 8 inches when it was hard, and I had every inch of it inside me.

"Come on Jack, ram your teacher and show her whose boss," I said.

"I will Tonya, make sure you don't forget this lesson either," Jack replied.

Then he began ramming me hard in missionary position. I felt really good and I started moaning like I never moaned before honestly.

"You like that Tonya? Tell me you like it, tell me now!" Jack yelled.

"I fucking love your cock inside me, jam it in there as deep as you can, now!" I yelled back.

He jammed his cock into me really deep as far as he possibly could and put his hands on my boobs.

"Shit Jack. You are quickly becoming my best student. Squeeze my boobs now, squeeze them as hard as you can and make those boobs yours for me now," I said.

He squeezed them hard and it hurt a little, but I still liked it though. He was gentle with me, even though it was just a free fuck. I'm not sure why, other than he was a sweet guy.

"I love sweet guys, and you are a sweet guy Jack. Now don't be so sweet when you plow me. So plow me now Jack!" I screamed.

So we switched positions to doggie style so he could really pleasure me and make me moan really loudly. He began spanking me as well.

"Oh yes Jack, I knew you had a kinky side. Yes, spank your teacher hard, I know you've wanted to for awhile now," I said.

He was thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy hard. My pussy actually started to get a little sore already truth be told, but I didn't wanna stop, I wanted him to keep his cock inside me as deep as he could for as long as he could. Then a minute later, he pulled me up with him. He put his hands onto my big boobs and pinched my nipples as well. Then I felt titillated once again and my pussy got a lot wetter as well.

"Oh my lord Tonya, you are one sexy lady, are you sure you are not 22 like me?" Jack asked.

"No, I'm 28 Jack, but thank you," I replied.

Then we both turned our heads and gave each other a kiss. He put his right hand onto my very wet pussy. I don't think it had ever been that wet before. This was more than a free fuck, this was special. As he slowly began thrusting his dick in and out of me once again, I put my hands on the back of his head and he put one hand on my stomach, and the other on my pussy. He held me there and began thrusting in and out a little faster. Then my pussy began getting really sore. It was a pleasurable pain you could say. It was pain, but it was something I just wanted more of.

"You should know a wet pussy turns me on to no end," Jack said.

Then we kissed once again and we both laid down on our sides, my back to his chest. He still managed to put his hands onto my boobs and titillate me once again. He kissed my neck and cheek numerous times as he began thrusting his cock in and out of me some more. He seemed more than comfortable having sex with me even though we were drunk. Maybe he really did like me, and not just wanna get into my pants, I don't know.

"Well you are my favorite teacher now Tonya, even though you don't make me call you Miss. Reed," Jack said.

Then I laughed a little and then he put his right hand back on my pussy once again. He rubbed it softly for a minute, then he brought it up to my mouth, he let me lick his hand mercilessly for over a minute. Then I rubbed my pussy and had him lick my hand.

"Oh, I like that Jack," I said.

"I know, I saw you licking your hand in the classroom once, it was hot too," Jack replied.

"Were you spying on me Jack?" I asked.

"Maybe, you are a tight ass, but very sexy too, and I wasn't about to just walk away from a free show. And you know how to put on a show," Jack replied just before he spanked me once again.

"And you know how to spank a lady you sweet man," I said.

Then we kissed once again and then I got down off the bed. I got on my knees and ripped off the condom. I started blowing him and he immediately let out a few good moans. He put his hands onto my head as well.

"Damn you are a sexy and sweet woman," Jack said.

"Would you say I'm just that good, or are you just being sweet?" I asked.

"Both," Jack replied as he smiled.

Then I took his dick back into my mouth once again he laid down on his back with his eyes closed. He was breathing rather steadily at first, but he quickly started breathing in and out rapidly. He put his hands onto my head and I began to deep throat him as well. He let out a very big moan.

"Holy fucking shit Tonya, you have some fucking mouth down there," Jack said.

"Thank you, I may give you an 'A' now," I replied.

Then we both laughed for a couple seconds and I grabbed onto his cock and began licking his balls as well. It tickled him a little and he giggled a bit. I also began licking the sides of his cock gently multiple times. Then as he just could not take the pleasure anymore, he began moaning some more and moving around as well. He was about to erupt big time.

"Holy shit Tonya, I'm gonna cum," Jack said.

Then I got back a little and he shot 4 good shots and another half shot as well. I was impressed truth be told that I made him have an orgasm. Then I climbed up on the bed with him and kissed him once on the lips.

"Aren't you glad you broke the rules now?" I asked.

"Damn straight I'm Tonya," Jack replied just before he kissed me once again.

We both cuddled for a few more minutes in silence, then he put his hand back onto my pussy and began finger fucking me nicely. He was determined to make me cum as well. So I closed my eyes and let out a few soft moans, so soft he could barely hear them, but I was feeling really good.

"Oh yes, you are a very good lover Jack, too bad my class isn't on lovemaking, you would get an 'A' all on your own," I said.

"Thank you," Jack replied just before he kissed me again.

Then one minute later I had to cum.

"Oh shit Jack, yes make me cum all over my bed too," I said.

I exploded all over his hand and then I was breathing very heavily too.

"If there was one rule to break, that was the rule to chop up into itty bitty little pieces," Jack said.

"So you never fucked any of your other teachers though?" I asked.

"Nope, you are the only one truth be told, and I got no regrets, even if you were drunk," Jack replied.

"Trust me I noticed, but the bread did help though. You are a kinky guy Jack, I had no idea you were such a sweet guy even in the bedroom," I said.

"Well thank you then Tonya. I may need to do this again sometime, I'm gonna need some stress relief. My math teachers like to give us a quiz every single week. It's maddening," Jack replied.

"Well, we'll see if we can't get that tight ass teacher of yours to get that stick out of her ass and not give a quiz every week," I said.

So even though I was drunk, I still really enjoyed our sex session. It was one really hot fuck for both of us, and we fuck every now and then, sometimes we gotta do it twice when there is a test coming. Plus the final is coming up in a few weeks too, I think we're gonna be pretty busy. If anything comes of it, I guess we'll know soon, but I know this, he won't be a failing student anymore.
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