One of his rare visits
It was a cool autumn day. Not to cold but not to warm either. On my way home from work. I noticed the leaves were changing rather quickly. Quicker than normal for this time of year. To my surprize there was a car in my drive way. I couldn't hide the smile that relayed just how happy I was to see Him. As soon as my car was parked along side His. I rushed through the front door only to have His strong hands spin me then push my breast against the wall. I wanted to speak but the long tight grasp of his fingers let me know now wasn't the time for words. He leaned in rather closely and whispered against my left ear. "You have a dress, and things laying on your bed. Go shower fix your hair the way I like it and get dressed. I don't want to see you until your task is completed. Then with a playful push I rushed off to the bathroom peeling off my clothing. Tossing everything in the hamper and dashing in the shower. I scrubbed like there was no tommrow. I wanted every inch of my body perfect for him. He seldom came to see me but when He did. I could tell what mood he was in by the first few seconds at the door.

After my shower was completed I dried off and fixed my hair. The way he liked it was very simple. He enjoyed it lose silk falling down my back and over my shoulders. He said it was easier to grab hold of that way. My stomach was growling, I had picked an awful time to skip lunch. I didn't care, I knew my belly would be full enough very soon. What with was the question.....He'd carefully laid a silk red v neck dress that always hung to lose around my breast for my taste. For him I didn't care, for underwear he'd left nothing. That was simple, he hadn't forgotten. He just didn't wish me wearing any. He did leave a garter belt and thigh high fish net stockings. Which I swiftly yet carefully put on. The one thing I didn't want to do was look slouchy for him. What seemed like hours only took a half hour for me to get ready. He'd left a pair of 6 inch heels on the bed next to the dress. A bit to high for my short frame but I was happy to wear them. Once the last buckle was latched around my ankle. I examined myself once in the mirror then looked at my jewelry box. He'd left a black leather choker necklace.... I'd never seen it before. So I picked it up and looked it over. In the front was a silver heart. Very plain and simple with the intitals of his name on it. My heart started pounding in my chest as I slipped it on. Like most it tied in the back rather than snapped. Looking myself over once more I trotted back off to the living room.

Much to my surprize He was standing by the front door with a pair of cuffs and my jacket. I couldn't hide the surprize on my face. He simply smiled and said. "Turn around" Without a moments hesitation I turn my back to him and slid my hands behind me. Knowing from times before what he desired. As usual he slide the cool metal bands around my wrist. Pushing them one click at a time until they were snug. Then he slid my jacket over my shoulders and guided me through the front door. Down the walk then opened my car door for me and helped me inside. I knew I didn't dare ask where we were going. I was going to find out soon enough. Once the car was in gear and we were driving down the road. He asked rather casually if I were hungry. I nodding slowly and said "Yes Master, I'm starving" He said "Good, I have just the thing for you." Without saying another word. He reached down in his lap with one hand and undid his pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear and the pants were lose enough that his cock was fully displayed. His hands went up the back of my neck and guided my head to his lap. Out of pure instincts my tongue and lips curled around his semi soft meat. Within moments he was rock hard. The lights flashing through the car with every car or truck that passed made me jump. I just knew I was going to jail for public sex or some ridiculas crime. That didn't stop me, the harder fuller he got. The more I feasted. With his deep throaty moans I could tell he was getting lost in the feel of my nice hot soft mouth. Working his tool like a well skilled mechanic. Within moments the fingers along the back of my neck grew tighter shoving my mouth down all the way. His cock jerked once twice the third time was a hot thick blast of cum. He shot right down my throat, the next few spasms were much like the third. One load after another until the last was gone. He left me there to lick him clean. We'd finished just in time, With his fingers in my hair he pulled me back into the sitting position. Then pushed the gear lever into park. "Well done slut".....was all he said. I kept licking my slightly swollen lips. I knew there was a drop of cum just beneath my lower lip. I just couldn't reach it with my tongue.

He buttoned his pants, zipped them up. Then took the keys from the ignition. He slid from the drivers seat and walked behind the car. When he reached the passenger side. He opened the door and helped me out. He smiled and brushed his fingers through my hair. "Should we leave it there or wipe it away?" He could tell by the look on my face. That I did NOT want to go into the resturant with cum on my chin. So he simply wiped it from my chin to my lips and fed me the last drop. Then wiped my mouth with his hankerchief. With the strength in his guidence. His hand along my lower back he guided me into the resturant. The waiter seated us immediately in a dark corner. He took our drink order and rushed to the kitchen to get them. Master looked at me and smiled. He leaned rather closely and whispered against my ear. "What do you think of that young man?' I shrugged and said he looked fine I guess.....As the waiter appeared back for the first time I noticed that he knew Master. He asked about the private room he'd asked about on the phone. The boy said "Its this way Sir"....Master left our drinks and took me into the room. There was no one there but Master, the boy and myself. He said "You do remember our arrangement don't you Kevin?" The boy smiled sheepishly and nodded. Master nodded as well. I looked between the two baffled and had no idea what they were talking about.

Master guided me on inside there was nothing there but a simple table in the center of the room. A smaller table and chair in the corner and nothing else. The boy asked if the room would work. Master nodded and agreed that it'd do fine. The boy left and Master took off my jacket uncuffed my wrist and took my dress from me. Leaving nothing on my body but the garter belt, fish net stockings and the high heels. He guided me to the table where he found rope already attatched to the corners. I laid down as he instructed with his hands. Then he tied me as if nothing were going to happen. I couldn't believe I was in the back of a resturant. Stark naked on a table not knowing what would happen next. There was a light tap on the door. Master walked over and smiled letting the man in. He was a nice looking gentlmen. Around forty or so, dark brown hair brown eyes. Clean shaven wearing a well taylored suit. He walked with Master to the table and looked me over. "Well, what do you think Ron?" The man looked and nodded..." I think she'll do fine"...."I think so too"....another knock and then another. One after another men came in. Men I'd never seen before of every shape and size. After ten were there Master looked around did a head count and said casually..."It seems as tho you've all made it. Now who shall go first?".....At first they hesitated then Ron spoke up..."I will, any limits?"......Master smiled and shook his head from side to side...."None". Ron smiled even wider and nodded. As if winning a race he took off his cloths one artical at a time. Placing them on the table before he walked back to me. I was so amazed at the size of his cock. It was every bit of 12 inches and was so thick. I knew there was no way it would fit inside my body in any hole.....He just grinned then reached out and twisted my left nipple. At first the stinging pain hurt. I opened my mouth to yell only for him to slap my face with his cock. "Open up bitch" So I did as he said. Master had taken a seat in the chair and was watching closely. He'd fired up a thin cigar as he always smoked. I could tell he was enjoying this very much. He was already hard again, I could see how hard through his pants. Ron shoved as much of his cock in my mouth as would fit. It felt as tho he was going to rip my lips. He tasted tart but yet creamy. I sucked and slurped his knob like it was my first time and he was my high school boyfriend. With his moans and groans I could tell he was happy with my style. After only a few minutes all the men started stripping.

A sandy blonde haired fellow who was later named Jeff walked over and slapped my bald cunt. I was amazed at how wet this was making me. Then another there were hands touching me pinching me, gropping me, doing everything to me every where. Wait boys an older man said. This parts mine, with that he slapped my cunt hard. I cried out and whimpered around Rons thick meat. Two of the other men held my cunt lips apart while the older man licked sucked nibbled my clit. Slowly slide in two fingers, then three, then four I thought he was going to rip me apart. I could tell by his hungry groans that pussy eating was his ultimate fetish. He licked harder sucked harder than any man had ever. I whimpered and whined with my mouth full of cock meat. My hips were twisting bucking against his mouth. I was on the verge of cumming and he knew it. He leaned back licking his lips and smacked my bare clit hard. I simply groaned. With that Ron groaned as well and his thick hot seed shot down my throat. Load after load, one after another til he was empty. He walked away as tho his job was finished. He leaned against the wall next to Master. Then I couldn't see him, another man shoved his meat down my throat. He wasn't as thick or as long but was every bit as hard. I sucked again like a greedy cum whore.

My body was beyond carring about how much pain or swelling it was going through. Its only thought was pleasure. Jeff had pulled my clit hood back and was biting chewing my little nerve with his teeth. I screamed out suddenly and came harder than I had ever. Jeff groaned and crawled up on the table. The man had the smallest cock I'd ever seen but he fucked like there was no tommrow. It didn't do anything for me but he tried. Within minutes he shot his load off and walked away just as Ron had. Another man which was one of the last to come in smiled and untied my hands saying sassy things like "Poor little slut" I had no idea what he was talking about but I was going to find out. The man had a cock about the size of the first man and he was sitting on the edge of the table pushing the thick bulbous head against my asshole. Its a good thing Master used this hole often or I'd be ripped for sure. With alot of trying alot of spit and cum from my cunt. He suceeded in shoving all 12 inches in my ass. I was fuller than I'd ever been in my life. Sweat was pouring off my body as if it were rain. Another man moved in front, He was packing pretty well too but thankfully he wasn't as thick as the first. Close but not quite. Its a good thing I was wet, with one shove he went balls deep. I could feel his cockhead slide along the underside of the mans cock that was in my ass.

I cried out but my cries wasn't heard for long. Another on each side was stroking their meat at my mouth making me suck one then the other then back again. The cocks moving inside of me simutaniously was driving me crazy but it wasn't going to end there. The man in back reached around front and started playing with my already swollen abused clit. Which made me rock back and forth between the two men on their fuck poles. The one fucking me from the front was biting chewing my nipples. It wasn't long tile they both groaned and filled both holes full of cum at the same time. They moved away and the two I was sucking took their place. My asshole and cunt was swelling around them. I'd never been so used in my life. Hours and hours of nothing but sucking and fucking. Finally they'd all finished and had walked away leaving me laying drenched in sweat and cum lying on the table. Master was congradulating them all on a task well done. They were all putting their cloths and one by one they left. As the last left Master came back to me and redressed me. Slid my hands back behind me and recuffed me, put the jacket back over my shoulders as he had before. He cleaned my abused mouth. My lips were deep red and swollen. Making it look as tho I were wearing a dark shade of lipstick.

He'd guided me back through the resturant. People at every table had stopped and stared. I had no idea what I looked like but I knew how I felt. Master guided me to the car beneath the parking lots light. He bent me over the hood instead of letting me inside. Shoved my dress over my hips and crammed his cock balls deep inside my pussy from behind. He growled as his fingers dug into my hips. "They forgot this position slut" His hips pulled back and he thrusted in again. Within minutes I felt the hot spray of his jiz inside me all over again. After he finished cumming I heard him zip back up and opened the car door and guided me in the car. Leaving my dress over my hips, cum dripping from my ass and cunt. I slid into the seat then he shut the door. He walked around and got inside shutting his door as well. He drove us home without saying a word. I had no idea if he were angry or upset or what. He guided me into the house and uncuffed me....."Go clean up" I didn't say a word. I just trotted weak kneed into the bathroom. I couldn't believe the site that beheld me. At the first glance in the mirror I saw cum in my hair, on my face, down my clevage. No wonder everyone starred at me. I undressed and took a nice hot shower. I was no longer hungry, My belly was full of cream. Once I'd finished bathing and had my hair dried I returned to find him laying in bed naked watching the tv. He patted the bed next to him...."Feel better pet?"

I nodded I thought he meant the shower. He said good but I'm not quite satisfied....My eyes grew wider when I saw the swing he was pointing at. He'd gotten a sex swing. He slid off the bed took me by the hand and helped me into the swing. With the curtains open wide for all the world to see Master fucked me slow and gentle. One loving thrust at a time. I came so hard I passed out.....The next morning I woke up in bed with his arms wrapped around me. Sore, safe, secure and full of love for the one who owned me..............>the end
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