One of the Sluttiest Things I Ever Done Part 1
One of the Sluttiest Things I ever Done Part 1

This is NOT a fantasy, it is a real event that happened in the early 80s

While in the Air Force in the early 80s, Hubbie was stationed in West Texas. There was a change of command ceremony for his wing one after noon. That evening was the officers dinner with the new wing commander at the officer's club. Hubbie wore his dress blues. Oh how I like a man in uniform. I actually get more turned on when he wears his flight suite.

I wore an elegantly dressy romper with a matching vest. The shorts portion were wide legged blue velvet and looked like a mini skirt. They were about 3 to 4 inches below the bottom of my butt cheek. They zipped up the front. The top was a cream colored silk blouse that buttoned up the front with a matching blue velvet vest. It was not real sexy unless I wore it braless with buttons undone. I wore a cream colored lace, low cut, hook in front bra, with black all sheer panty hose. I never ware panties with pantyhose. A nice pair of CFM high heels completed my outfit.

I got several compliments, even one from the new wing commanders wife. After dinner we had a dance featuring one of the most popular local bands. They were playing some of our favorite songs. So we stayed for a couple of hours. They played mostly slow songs and I danced about half with Hubbie and the other half with a good many of the single officers.

They played the long version of "Three Times A Lady" by Lionel Richie. While Hubbie and I were dancing to it he mentioned that he noticed how one of the other pilots was dancing with me. How he was holding me much closer than any one else was. He ask if it had turning me on? I let Hubbie know it had turned me on very much. I also let him know he was pressing his hard cock against my leg and cunt. And he was talking to me rather suggestively. That combined with the song got us both worked up.

Hubbie suggested because of the full moon, the song, him watching me dancing so close with the other pilot, knowing he was pressing his cock against my leg and cunt, he felt rather kinky. By this time I had already been shared with Steven and Col D. The romper I was wearing was bought for me by Col. D, a 46 year old bomber pilot who was more than twice my age. He was a squadron commander from the bomber wing on the base.

Col. D had become a widower about a year earlier. He had taken me to Dallas for a long weekend. He had bought me two of the romper suites along with other sexy clothes, shoes, jewelry, and a few other things. I started fucking him about a week after Hubbie had offered me to his best friend Steven. Other than Steven we did not play with other members of Hubbie's wing. Steven is still hubbie's best friend and the only other man I make love to. Every one else I fuck, we call it sport fucking.

Because we felt so kinky Hubbie suggested we take a ride to one of our parking spots in the hills about 20 miles south of town. While driving out Hubbie began to rub my leg and worked his hand toward my cunt? As he got close he said, "damn Brandie your are so fucking wet".

"I told you he was turning me on. His fucking cock is big and felt good. He told me that any man would get turned on dancing with me because I was so sexy. If he was not in your wing I would want to bring him with us tonight. I am in the mood for some strange cock tonight. Your full moon affect is rubbing off on me too, tonight."

We turned off the side road onto the drive into our favorite parking spot. We had to drive around a mud puddle to get to the clearing we used. There are a lot of mesquite trees out there so the drive weaves around the trees. We got to the small clearing parking in our usual location. Hubbie left the parking lights on for the orange glow they added to the bright lite of the full moon now over head. As usual we got out and started hugging and kissing. Hubbie began slipping his hands under my romper feeling my ass.

I unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock knelt down and wrapped my mouth around it. Then began giving him a blow job. He told me,"that's right you fucking whore suck my fucking cock. You get all turned on teasing another guy and it makes you hungry for a mouth full of cum. You fucking slut. I should have invited him out with us so you could blow him and then fuck his brains out too". His name calling is getting me even hotter.

I'm hungry for and crave the taste of his cum. I started deep throating his cock while he kept calling me vulgar names. I began to rub that sweet spot just in front of his ass hole. That always works. I felt his body stiffen then start to tremble. He came hard with a big load and when his first rope hit the back of my throat I also had a very strong orgasm. I swallowed all of his cum as he shot 3 or 4 more ropes into my whoring mouth. He said,"you fucking whore, eat my fucking cum, clean it all off bitch. You fucking lying white trash whore".

When I finished cleaning him up I stood up looking him right in the fucking eyes and told him, "that's right you married a fucking Irish Chanel, well used whore. I fucked a bunch of guys, including one of my teachers. I fucked them because I fucking like sex. No I love sex and crave lots of it. Teach got me to gang bang his biker gang and fuck other teachers and the janitor at our school. I even ate his cum out of another one of the gangs whores. I wish you would have invited that other fucking pilot. I would have fucked him right in front of you. In fact I was wanting him to fuck me. I'm a fucking Irish Chanel slut and you love it as much as I do, you fucking bastard".

He grabbed my hair and pulled me to him and said, "you fucking slut you are really asking for it, you fucking whore. Now strip bitch, get your fucking whoring ass naked and you better do a fucking good job of it. Start strutting bitch".

He walked to the car and rolled down the windows. He put in a tape of our stripper music and turned up the volume. As the music started playing I started strutting just like a stripper on Bourbon Street. He told me, "now strip you fucking bitch".

I strutted around and as I passed in front of him took off the vest and threw it to him saying, "catch you fucking bastard". He laid it on the hood of the car. I strutted around leaning over and shaking my ass at him. I unbuttoned my top all the way to the zipper. My cleavage was swaying as I danced to the music in the glow of the parking lights and the full moon. He was calling me names and whistling cat call like he was in a strip club.

I stood in front of him and slipped the top off of my shoulders letting it fall off my arms. I stepped up to him and told him, "if you want to see my cunt unzip my shorts mr cuck". He unzipped them then he slid them off my hips and they fell to the ground. I stepped out of it. Then took one foot and with the suit on the toe of my high heel kicked the romper in his face. He laid it on the hood with the vest.

"Now let me see your fucking cunt whore". I strutted over to a tree in the middle of the clearing. It was different than the mesquite trees as it had a single trunk rather than being more like a bush. I turned my back to him and pushed my panty hose down. Leaning on the tree I kicked off my heels and slipped them off of one leg then the other. Slipping my heels back on, I danced and strutted to the music. My tits, still in my low cut lace bra bounce like the slut I am.

As I reached the car I put my panty hose in his face, telling him, "one of your fellow pilots made my panties soaking wet. I wish it was his cum in my mouth and he had fucked my cunt and ass after I drank the first load of his cum". I then noticed the gym bag on the hood of the car. I think, "what's going to happen now, The gym bag is full of a lot of adult goodies".

"So my whoring wife wants some strange cock tonight".

"Yes your whore wants more cock. I'm so horny I would do a gang bang right here tonight. I would fuck them all right in front you Mr Cuck. And I know you would like watching your slut wife fuck and suck each one. I would even let them fuck my ass and take them around the world".

"You fucking Irish Channel slut. I should beat your fucking ass, you fucking whore".

"That's right, you married a fucking whore. You want to put me down because I like to fuck as much as you do, you bastard.
You know you like it. No you don't like it, you crave it just like I do. Remember, when you found out I had lied about giving you my virginity after you overheard Teach and Mr Joe talking about how they fucked me. You got so fucking hard you had to lean against the wall to piss in the fucking toilet. Don't forget how hard you fucked me when we got home that night. So don't put me down. It was you that offered your wife to your best friend to fuck any way he wished. Your the one that told him no holes are bared".

"Cum here you fucking bitch and turn around".

I did as he instructed. He pulled me against him with my back against his chest. He put one hand around my neck and the other on my tit pinching my nipple threw my bra. Then he pinched my other nipple and I moaned as I could feel the sensations travel straight to my cunt. He then unhooked the front hook of my bra and grabbed both of my tits and started pinching and rolling both of my nipples. He started licking my neck, then in my ear, calling me his whore. I felt the electricity traveling to my cunt then out throughout my whole body. I moaned loudly as my orgasm builds to its peak. I almost collapsed.

Then he caresses my nipples and cups my tits. He reaches behind himself and as his hand returns to my tit I feel the heat of the chain that was laying on the warm hood of the car. Then the stinging on my left nipple as he places the nipple clip on. I feel the warm steel teeth bite into my nipple. Then he places the other clip on my right nipple. He reaches back again and I feel the warm leather collar being placed around my neck. As he buckles it around my neck I say to him, "My Master, my body belongs to you, use your whore to your wildest desires I submit my whole body for your pleasure Master".

He clips my leash to the collar. Then removes my bra and places it in my pile of clothes on the hood of the car. He changes the tape to erotic Gothic music. The music adds to the erotic nature of the scene beginning to unfold under a full moon. There is a slight breeze of warm dry air surrounding my whole naked body. He grabs the gym bag and leads me to the tree.

I know I've pissed him off. He takes out two pieces of nylon rope. Each one has a loop on one end. He throws one over a limb in the same place we have been using going on a year now. He slips the end through the loop and pulls it tight against the limb. Then he does the same with the other rope. They are about 6 feet apart and each in a chosen place that will not let them slide in ward.

He then places the leather cuffs around each wrist. Then he loops the ropes through the D rings on the cuffs and takes up the slack. Then tying the rope snugly. This has my arms pulled up and out. He stands behind me and places his arms around my body grabbing both tits. He nibbles on my neck and ears putting his talented tongue into my ear. He knows that drives me crazy with lust.

Then he whispers in my ear. "Would you really have liked for me to bring some guys out here to fuck my whore"?

"Yes master I would fuck them for you. I would blow them and deep throat them sucking their hard cock until they each got off shooting their hot cum down your fucking slut wife's throat. Then drinking their cum as I clean ever drop off their fucking cocks. Then I would like for you to offer them my ass too. Any thing you wish master".

"You fucking slut". As he caresses my tits.

"Yes master I'm a fucking slut. I'm your slut. My body is ready for your pleasure".

He slaps my ass with his open hand. I jerk as it stings my ass. He takes more toys out of the bag. Then he kneels down beside my left leg and attaches a leather cuff to my ankle. He grabs my ankle and spreads my leg open. He drives a stake into the ground and loops another piece of rope to a ring on the stake and then ties it to the D ring on my ankle cuff. He does the same to my right ankle.

I'm now spread eagle in the vertical position. Another toy comes out of the bag. He places the ball gag in my mouth and buckles it tight. As another thought runs through my mind. "I must be in for it, if he needs to muffle my screams". Fuck we are in the middle of no where there is not a house with in 4 or 5 miles of this place. The only noise beside the gothic music is the faint sound of the light breeze thought the trees and the oil wells pumping up and down all around us.

He sets the bag aside and walks back to the car. He changes the tape again, to a more dungeon type gothic music. He walks back and gets something else out of the bag. He steps up behind me, he places a flogger over my shoulder. I can feel the handle and know it is the one with the big carved wooden cock. He puts his arms around me and presses his now naked body against mine. His hard cock pressed against my ass.

That flogger is big, bigger than Stevens cock. It's at least a foot long and two inches wide. It has 36 thin swade leather straps about 18 inches long and they really sting when applied right. He loosens the ball gag. "Are you ready for your punishment whore"?

"Why are you punishing me Master?"

"Because you fucking lied to me bitch. You made me feel like a fool when I over heard Teach and Mr Joe talking about what a slut you were. How you fucked them any time Teach instructed you too. That teach was your Dom. How you had worn the same dress to your alumni dance that Teach bought for you to show off your cunt to him from your desk. Then meeting him in the upstairs teachers lounge to fuck him at the school. And this was going on while we were dating. You fucking lying white trash, Irish Channel whore".

"Yes Master I did do that. But I have told you I needed to get fucked regularly, and you were not even trying to feel me up, much less fuck me".

"You had no right to lie to me, bitch". He steps back grabbing the flogger off my shoulder, I hear the straps swishing through the air as he swings it close to my naked ass. He swings it close enough to feel the air on my ass several times with out striking me with it. Then with out any warning he lands the first one hard against my ass with a crack like a whip. The stinging spreads through my ass.


He steps up and caresses my ass with his hand. Then he puts the ball gag back in my mouth and tightens the buckel. He steps back and I hear the swishing again and just the tips of the straps sting my ass. Then again as he is now twirling the straps around and around just letting the tips graze my ass. He steps up and pulls on my nipple clips. I moan as the stinging of the flogger and the biting of my nipple clips converge at my cunt. Sending unexplainable sensations of pleasure from my cunt through out my whole body. I feel my juices flowing out of my dripping wet cunt.

I "moan" loudly. He pulls again harder and I "moan" even louder. He steps back and twirls the straps again now letting them graze my ass a little harder. Then he stops and starts lightly flogging my ass and the tops of my thighs. Then the swishing sound of a forceful one cracks against my ass. My brain thinks, "OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK, YOU BASTARD" my attempt to scream comes out as just a muffled sound. Then another one even harder. The same muffled attempt to curse him is just a loud muffled unintelligible noise and a moan. Another thought goes through my mind, "He is really pissed".

I receive two more each getting harder. The ball gag muffling my attempts to screams. I believe he is trying to get me to use my safe position since I can't speak. But I refuse to let him win and I leave my ass sticking out as his target. The crack of the flogger against my ass with the hardest force so far sends sensations through out my cunt into my whole body producing a strong orgasm. My whole body begins to jerk with the awesome sensations of an extremely strong orgasm. I begin squirting copious amounts of my juices with each convulsion of my body.

Part 2 to follow shortly
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