One way??? (pt.1)
He was already a beautiful man and I didn't think he could get anymore beautiful. I watched from one way mirrior as he brushed his long black hair and put it in a bun.

His hair looked so silky and I just imagined being naked and his hair covering me like a sheet. I shivered and looked on with more interest. He artfully applied make up to his face. I loved the way his full lips looked with the red lipstick covering them making them look all the more ripe.

I crossed my legs trying to put pressure on my aching clit. His green eyes looked so much more green after he had applied a smokey brown color on his lids.

He looked amazing. He had on a red lace bra and matching lace boyshorts. His slender body looked so soft. Also so diffrent from the man she had seen so often from a far. He let his long black hair down.

He was so beautifulthat I couldnt contain myself.

I slid my hands down my pants and rubbed my wet and aching clit. I also couldn't believe I was even more attracted to him now that he was this other person. And he didn't even know my name.

I began to rub my clit a little more and began to moan from the good feelings.I was getting lost in the pleasurable feeling. Getting lost so much I never heard the door open and close. So lost I never smelled the cherry blosom perfume. I began to breath harshly as I came.

"So this is the noise I was hearing." Orlando's voice snapped me into reality. There he was. He was beautiful.

I opened my mouth to say something. Like how I even got into his house. Before I could say a word he kissed me. His silky black hair carressed my shoulder.

I got goosebumps.

He looked smelled and even tasted beautiful. I moaned just for the beauty. He began making a trail of kisses down my jaw to my neck. From my neck to my breast. His hand rubbed my clit where I had been aching.

The feeling was intense I wanted to close my eyes but he demanded I stare at him.

"No! I want to see your eyes turn to smoke when you cum."

All I could do was moan a feeble yes and stare at him. His gaze was so intense and it turned me on even more. How could something so beautiful and feminant be so masculant and dominering at the same time.

"Stand up." He said.

I stood shakily. My legs felt weak.

"You know I am always getting fucked....I never do the fucking."......

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