Open Door Policy

I met Adrian two nights ago. She hitch hiked across country to get away from an abusive boy friend. The sadness in her dark sunken eyes radiates throughout the length of her petite slender body. The dark mesmerizing amber hue of her skin reveals possible Afro/Asian ancestry awakening memories of the most awesome swinging partners I have the privilege of enjoying from time to time. She has a striking resemblance to my Hawaiian girlfriend on the island of Kauai.

After spending a few hours of restless sleep I decide to go for a midnight drive. Nights like this are filled with memories of Lolani. I sit at the edge of the beach where water flows in from the waves to tantalize my feet. I fantasize about how she's doing the same.

Our hearts beat as one, our hand waving smiles reveal a desire to be together again. Each year we get together for two months. One month I spend in Kauai then she comes here to Malibu for a month.

Never will we forget meeting at a swinging party. Our eyes met, the radiance of her body, pure magic. Without hesitation we were in each others arms followed by tongue sucking kisses that spiraled into a night of unrelenting sex that spanned the realms of oral, anal penetration, uncontrollable tongue swirling madness, cock, pussy, tits, hand and mouth stimulation, topped off with massive amounts of cum splashing orgasmic bliss.

Lolani (she prefers just Lani) and I have talked about marriage but then we're two sex craving maniacs that enjoy multiple relationships. After an awesome month of sex twice a year, we intimately share our sexual adventures with other partners. We both end up realizing sex has never been better than with each other. Yet, there's that burning desire to be free. Lani says that's the very essence of why we crave each other so much. Then she said, "Let's keep it that way." Who am I to argue with success?

I begin to focus on Adrian's awkwardly lazy stroll down a dark dimly lit street carrying a back pack over one shoulder and sticking her thumb out in the direction she's headed, apparently not caring if anyone ever notices.

When I pull up along side her and stop, she stops, then hesitates before turning to make eye contact. Her hand twitches, her cheek wrinkles as if she's thinking, "What the fuck do you want." I hit the unlock button, she hears the click, hesitates even longer before opening the door announcing her intentions...

"Look, I'm in no mood for conversation, sex or any other fantasy you might have in mind. I just want to get to a motel and crash. I sure would appreciate it if you could take me to a quiet, comfortable location. I'll pay for your time and support in helping me out."

Adrian's on the brink of breaking down but seems to proud for letting her emotions get the best of her.

"Climb in, relax, I'm not out looking for a one night stand, I just needed to get out of the house. I enjoy cruising up the coast highway. Hi, I'm Rod and yes I do know of several quiet locations where you can relax and enjoy the comforts of a peaceful environment with ocean waves splashing on the beach. Sound inviting?"

As she finally breaks out with at least a half smile she introduces herself, "Hi, I'm Adrian, thanks for stopping. I'm so tired my body aches, my legs are numb, I'm so exhausted I just want to collapse."

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way but you would be welcome to stay at my place. It's quiet, private, comfortable, no one will bother you. You'll have your own bathroom, bedroom and free run of the house. Just relax and stay as long as you like."

"You don't even know me! Why are you being so generous?"

"Let's just say I would enjoy the company, no strings attached, no expectations, no devious hidden agenda."

Adrian must be feeling the same comfort level I'm feeling with her. I've only felt this way a few times throughout my life. I'm quite intrigued with the fact that she's one hell of an exotic looking woman. Her casual intoxicating beauty is without a doubt strikingly appealing. However, call me old fashion but ethics and morals mean more than flighty, momentary, sexy desires.

"I'm going to take a walk on the wild side and accept your offer. I didn't mean to be rude I just need some rest and relaxation. I've been hitch hiking from Georgia. Had to get away from this guy I met six months ago. He seemed like a nice guy at first but then he got so forcefully abusive. He started treating me like his whore making sly suggestions about becoming my pimp. So, a month ago I ran away. I'm so tired of running. Take me home, put me to bed, I just want to curl up under the covers and disappear"...

As Adrian slowly drifts into unconsciousness her words become quietly distant.

"I'm so tired...I just need some rest"...

Her body slumps into mine, her head landing on my shoulder. I reach around her back pulling her next to me in a more comfortable position. She twists into an even more comfortable position placing her hands between my thighs. Her fingers lightly dance their way into the flaccid thickness of my cock. Her head shifts around with a pleasant smile on her face. I feel her ice cold hands and her body slightly shivering so I turn on the heater. She goes unconscious in seconds. The ride home is about a half hour.

I'm hoping the automatic garage door opener doesn't wake doesn't. Lifting her petite body is effortless. Placing her in bed, removing her sandals doesn't disturb her already deep sleep.

I hear her get up to the bathroom a couple of times throughout the next fourteen or so hours. Other than that she sleeps solid through late next afternoon when I hear the shower come alive. As the forceful water spray settles into a smooth quiet rushing sound her voice belts out the scat vocals of an old rhythm and blues tune, " I Need Your Lovin Every Day."

I haven't heard that song since like forever. But I can still recognize the Don Gardner, Dee Dee Ford classic. As she gets into the fervor of taking a long hot shower her vocals become intense,"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, mmm, whoa..oh, whoa..oh...I need your lovin e..ver..y day...whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, mmm, whoa..oh, whoa..oh...every hour...set my soul on fire."

I quickly dig trough my record collection, grab the old 45 rpm disc, set it up in motion having it ready to kick on as soon as she shuts off the water...


The smile on her face is precious, her bad-ass cocked legged stance high lighted in the doorway...elegantly nasty, the towel around her unbelievable Melanie Brown look-a-like sculpted body, a treasure to behold...

"You have no idea the kind of trouble you can get yourself into playing that record with me in the same room...and I mean trouble with a capital T.R.O.U.B.L.E."

"It would be the most welcomed kind of t.r.o.u.b.l.e, I could possibly ever imagine."

"If I wasn't so hungry that trouble would already be in your alluring lap."

"Tell you what! I'll make us a late afternoon breakfast, then we'll take a sunset stroll down the beach, build a camp fire by the back porch, sip wine and play oldies all night long."

"You're On! Just as long as you start our evening concert with "Trouble" by Elvis, you know that song he does in the movie..." She hesitates trying to think of the title...

"King..." As she snaps her fingers trying to remember the title I merely assist her memory...

"Creole! Yeah, I just love old time movies...almost as much as old time rhythm and blues."

"I've got several old Elvis movies, King Creole is one of them. If you'd like to enjoy a movie night, I'm flexible."

"Let's do concert night tonight, movie night tomorrow night then keep alternating nights."

Adrian's enthusiasm is overwhelming. Yet, there's that hint of wanting to keep running, lurking behind a most alluring smile. Our eyes meet in a freeze frame mode as she approaches...

"Mind if I just stay in this towel while you fix breakfast?"

"Just relax any way you choose." Our eyes stay focused as if penetrating the depths of our thoughts.

"I don't know why but I feel so comfortable around you. So, tell me! What makes you pick up a perfect stranger, invite her to stay with you indefinitely, without any expectations or hidden agenda? Don't tell me you're some kind of savior saint for homeless, wayward strangers."

As I prepare some cinnamon French toast and cut up some fresh fruit I pour some mango, orange, passion fruit juice for us and begin answering her questions.

"I enjoy an open door policy kind of life style. Friends stay with me from time to time because they enjoy the casual life style I live. We fulfill all our desirous sexual pleasures which is why we're able to be free from a needy, self seeking, frustrated existence."

"You mean girl friends, right?"

"Right. I met most of them years ago at swinging parties. It was such a turn on for me that I've pursued an entire lifetime of enjoyment with people who have no need to play games, hang out in bars searching for miss or mister right, or pick up strangers hoping to immediately get laid on a bar stool or in the back of a van."

"Do you think the swinging scene would be worth while for me to consider. I've been frustrated with every relationship I've ever been in. This attractive body can be a curse in disguise."

Adrian pulls the towel away as if checking herself out with no one else around. As her head lifts up she catches me glancing away...

"Don't tell me your the shy type. I'm comfortable being naked in front of you. Come on, get naked with me, let's relax in the nude."

"I'm comfortable getting naked if you don't mind seeing someone get arousingly excited. After all, your body is something to get excited about. I'm sure your more than aware of how you affect men and probably some women. They probably trip over their own feet looking over their shoulder catching an eye full of your stunning appeal."

"As tired and cold as I was when you picked me up I still managed to feel your excitement expanding down your thigh. Strange how comfortable I feel with you. It usually takes me weeks to check out most guys. Something about how relaxed and secure you are about yourself turns me on. I want to know more about you. So, how about we start with how you became interested in the swinging scene. Maybe then I'll get my answer. But first, how about sharing a glimpse of that muscular body bulging through those shorts and t-shirt."

"Sure, why not." As I slip out of my casual apparel Adrian's eyes slowly scan the length of my body.

"You've got to be working out at a gym to have this awesome body, especially at your age."

"Hope my age doesn't interfere with the possibility of our getting to know each other more intimately."

"I like what I see and I pursue what I like."

As I continue preparing breakfast Adrian steps into my path between the refrigerator and stove, "How about a hug? I'm feeling the intensity of your desire and that turns me on more than anything else, hungry or not."

As our bodies intertwine we manage to dip the ends of the French toast into maple syrup then toyingly feed each other. We hungrily gnaw at the toast as if displaying the desire to rip into each others flesh.

Her body presses into mine with such subtle pressure I feel her tightness flex through the pores of my skin. She reaches down positioning my cock along the top of my thigh then straddles it with her wet pussy. Her pussy lips are so moist they glide up and down with slippery smoothness. Their soft and flowery touch spreads around my shaft with slippery temptation dripping down my leg. Immediately her clit emerges swelling to an enormous size. We kiss spontaneously as if we've known each other forever.

Her hands reach down wrapping around the shaft and head of my cock. She massages her liquid essence into the foreskin. Her fingers slide into the opening of the foreskin coating the inside with her essence and combining it with my pre cum. Without seeking any guidance or knowledge of intent she lifts her hips and inserts her clit into my foreskin. Holding my shaft to steady it's direction she begins slowly fucking the foreskin of my cock, then swirling her clit completely around the inside folds igniting a fury of intense sensations around the hood of my crown, sensations I've never experienced.

Her clit slides up and around the inside of my foreskin randomly following her hip movements. Her expertise is overwhelming as she guides her clit in such stimulating ways the crown of my cock expands into a swollen giant mushroom. I feel her clit expand just before she adjusts her position to enter the large opening to my engorged penis. She slowly drives her clit into my penis deeper and deeper. I feel my girth expand as she penetrates with such skillful technique I'm speechless with unanticipated excited wonder at experiencing a new sensation that is so overwhelming I'm ready to explode into orgasmic heaven.

Adrian feels my intense excitement with the same intensity I feel hers. In a burst of hot deep penetration she fucks me into an orgasmic stupor. Her clit expands to an overwhelming size, my cock bulges into an enormous expanding bulge to large for both her hands to hold. She reaches back grabbing my shaft pulling forward, her clit dives into the open gateway of my penis so deep it stretches me wider and wider. Instantly I feel a surge of pain which is gone as soon as it arrives. I wonder if that's what a women feels when a cock breaks through her hymen.

A strong desire overtakes me as my hands reach down to feel her clit fucking my cock. My fingers work our cum into her clit which has grown to the size of a cock. I begin wrapping my hands around it's extreme narrow length stroking it as if masturbating my own cock. Her voice turns me on, "Yes, stroke my clit just like that. Guide me deeper into your cock. I want to cum all over your cock and balls."

My hands pull her clit deeper into my penis. At first I wonder how deep she'll go without getting painful but the sensation is so overwhelming I get lost in how blissful it feels. The deeper she goes the longer her clit becomes. I reach back with one hand to feel how deep her clit has penetrated my shaft. My face flushes with excitement as I realize she's half way into the length of my cock. As we slowly thrust toward each other her clit expands further. Her hands steady my shaft, I continue massaging her clit. If this is how awesome a woman feels when her pussy is penetrated then I'm finally
experiencing why some girls love prolonged penetration.

The build up to our synchronous orgasm is beyond belief. I try to hold back but I'm totally at her mercy. Her hands pull my foreskin over the hood of my crown time and time again as we speed up our forceful thrusting. The crown of my cock starts penetrating her pussy lips. My hands reach around folding her lips completely around my cock. Cum begins oozing out of my cock spraying like a shower head. Her hands reach down massaging my balls. We go crazy with random uncontrolled hip gyrations. The force of her cum blasts over my groin as if breaking through a dam.

She goes ballistic with such an intense orgasm, cum floods over our thighs, down our legs, onto our feet and toes. I feel my cum forcing it's way around her clit. The dull ache turns into a throbbing blissful feeling turning my orgasm into an ecstatic realm of body quivering hip spasming gyrations that both of us are spellbound to understand. She continues to fuck me harder. Just when I think I'm going to split wide open a rush of roller coaster orgasmic pulsations take complete control over my body. I start fucking her clit as hard and fast as she's fucking my cock. We're both gasping for air with forceful moans, grunts and groans. We reach the peak of intensity which takes our breath away with a long gasping, body flexing, random hand massaging, out of control, total sensual seeking frenzy. The entire scene becomes a slow motion altered state of consciousness type of experience. Time stands still, forever becomes now, ecstasy becomes infinite.

Somehow, while we calm down from a furious pace of penetrating madness Adrian withdraws her clit then guides my cock into her pussy. I back into a padded stool pulling her onto my hips. Her legs spread wide then wrap around my hips. Her pussy slowly inhales my cock. We balance our bodies with her breasts pressing into my chest as I lean back slightly. The force of her body is intensified when she lowers her feet under the struts of the stool. I'm aware of her next move but never imagined it could feel so awesomely blissful.

With my cock three quarters of it's length into her pussy it feels like there's no room to penetrate deeper. But then, Adrian knows better. She pulls her feet upward forcing her body onto mine. It's hard to breathe but suddenly my cock bursts so deep into her pussy it's buried to the hilt. Adrian starts rotating her hips and the sensation multiplies geometrically. We both cum nearly simultaneously with an orgasm that builds from a subtle cum seeping tingle to a full blown volcanic explosion.

I lift her up onto the center counter of the kitchen. We rotate into a thunderous thrusting position. Her legs spread wide around my waist, her heels dig into the sides of my waist pulling me forward. My cock withdraws to the tip of the crown. As if our thoughts are in unison I thrust hard into the fathomless depths of her pussy, she pulls my hips into hers with equal force. The tightness of her pussy is a thrill to behold. As her body relaxes we glide together like a shooting star penetrating the enormous wondrous expanse of space.

We fuck each other into a level of insanity beyond numbness, beyond pain, into a realm of pleasure neither one of us new existed. Our grunts, screams and heavy forceful breathing shatter the quietness of a calm, peaceful sunset.

My last deep thrust downward is matched with her equal force upward. We're locked in a trance like state of quivering ecstasy hoping that this moment could last forever. Our moans harmonize in unison expressing pure joy. We seemingly stop breathing without any immediate sensation of needing air. Rainbow colors surround our bodies as we descend into a hallucinogenic stupor. The backrest of the stool slowly leans backward, our bodies relax into a mesmerizing blissful feeling of unparalleled satisfaction...

Adrian's last words before climbing into bed together are, "Thanks for letting me fuck your cock. I've been wanting to do that with someone who's cock can take me as I am. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"I've only been able to insert my little finger all the way in but your clit opened me up to an awesomely pleasant sensation worth repeating over and over again."

"I never had such a thrilling experience. I also never knew my clit could grow to that length. I've never been stimulated to such a degree of ecstatic orgasmic excellence. I want to be your swinging partner if you'll let me."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa...mmm...whoa, whoa, whoa"...

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