Our Anniversary
Yesterday was our anniversary; we have been married a year now. Last night was one of the most memorable nights of my life. We went out to eat at a steak house and then walked around at the pier some. There was some jazz music playing ad lots of people around, the wind was blowing the tide was going out. I was so nice out; we sat down under one of the gazebo and just looked out at the water. The jazz band that was playing out there left, but there was still lost of people around and I was starting to feel a little horny.
I told my husband I wanted to take a walk next to the water. So we started walking, the water felt so nice on my feet. The stars were out and the breeze felt so good on my face. I looked around to see how many people were around and there was none, guess we walked far enough. I was so horny so I grabbed my husband and had in front of me and started kissing him. I could feel his cock growing in his pants, so I unbuttoned them and pulled his cock out. He sat down on a rock and I bent over and started sucking on his dick. It felt like we were being watched and I didn't care. I got up and pulled my skirt up and moved my panties over and sat down on his lap. I slid his cock into my hot and ready pussy. We had our backs to all the home's so we really didn't know if someone was watching but I could feel it. I was grinding on his cock and it felt so good, until we seen some people walking down the beach.
We stood up and I helped put his cock back in his pants. We stood there kissing for a minute then started walking back to the truck. I wanted to finish what we stared, so we drove to a park. We got marred at this park a year ago, no one was there and all you could hear were all the wild animals making all the noise's they make. We walked over to the spot we got married at and started kissing; I rubbed his cock and felt it get hard under my hands.
He looked around and found a tree that was perfect to fuck on. We walked over to it and I bent over holding on the tree and he moved my panties over and slid his hard cock into my wet pussy. We could see cars not far from where we were, that made it even more exciting. It felt so good feeling him slid in and out of me. I was so loud and I didn't care, I wanted someone to hear me and watch up fuck. He pulled it out and turned me around and I got down on my knees and sucked his dick with all my juices all over it. I sucked him hard and fast till I felt his dick get harder, I knew then he was about to shoot his hot cum in my mouth. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth faster and faster till he filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed it and licked my lips clean, got back to my feet and fixed my skirt.
We got back in the truck and drove home, and didn't waste any time getting out of our clothes. I pushed him down on the bed and sucked his cock till he was nice and hard, and crawled on top of him. I slid just the tip of his dick into my pussy; he wanted it all the way in but I love teasing him. Then all of a sudden I went down hard on his cock and he moaned so loud. I grinded on him till I was about to cum. He held my ass up and fucked my pussy fast; I could hold out and came all over him. He rolled me over and fucked me hard and fast, when he started to cum he pulled it out and came all over my pussy. His hot cum felt so good on my pussy, he laid down next to me and we fell asleep.
It was the best and most exciting night I have ever had. I found that I really like feeling like someone is watching us or that we could get caught having sex in public. I hope we do it again soon..
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