Our First Meeting {'.'} Part Two
This is a story of two V-9 members meeting for the first time,it is a fictional fantasy. ==============================================
You have nothing on but a smile,you step close to me to help me get out of my jeans and boots.As my cloths fall to the floor and I stand before you nude you step back and look at me as if to be admiring a new toy. Then you pull me close and pull my head down to your amazing breast,I suck one hard nipple into my mouth and bite gently while pulling and pinching the other.You let out a little squeal as this brings a delightful pleasure to you.You pull me even closer as I suck on your hardened flesh.You whisper in my ear how much you're enjoying this but you need more,much more.You and I,have wanted and waited for this moment it seems forever. We are like two wild lustful animals.


Our hands are roaming all over,exploring each others body.I pick you up and carry you over to our waiting bed and gently lay you down. Your tender fingers find my hard dick for the second time as I push a finger into your wet pussy. I continue to suck on your rock hard nipples and kiss you all over.You are so beautiful laying there before me,more than words can express.
I kiss you from your lips down to your long slender legs and back up again.
I stop at your warm wet pussy to breath in your sweet aroma and tease you by lightly licking and kissing those moist sweet lips.Then I surprise you by quickly stabbing my stiff tongue deep into you.You stiffen beneath me as I tongue fuck you, Oh baby your tongue feels so good in my pussy,eat me,eat my hot pussy.You raise your hips up higher pushing hard against my thrusting tongue. I can tell by the way you're starting to tense that you are getting close to your first release. You push your hips even higher and put your hands in my hair holding me even closer as you ride my face.
Oh my darling lover,you are making my pussy ache,I'm going to cum. Please let me cum on your face. I managed to say under a muffled voice to hold on just a little longer. You are bucking and going crazy with desire and wanton passion as you ride my tongue and my finger as I massage your g-spot.



You almost scream that you can't hold back any longer,you are going to cum. My lover is withering and bucking,thrashing and holding me tight against her as she is exploding in spasm after spasm.Wave after wave of heated pleasure coming from her hot pussy.Cumming and cumming after being denied of it for so long.
Oooooohhhhh Babbbbyyyy,your mouth feeellllsss so fuucckkiingg ggggooodddd!!!
I'm ccccuuuuuuummmmmmmiiinnnggggg!!!!


Breathless... I lay beside you as you are catching your breath,holding you tight.Your are just simply beautiful laying there with your hair a mess and tiny beeds of sweat that have formed between your heaving breast. I trace the word love in your sweat between your breast and down your flat stomach.My fingers go on down to your soft close trimmed mound and tickle your still hard clit. You jump as the sensation from cumming is still strong.You pull me down and kiss me with such passion,tasting your creamy juices on my mouth and face.


You raise up and quickly push me back and climb on top of me.You slide your hot pussy up and down the length of my hard meat. Now the tables have turned,it is I begging.Begging you to let me enter the place that until now I have only fantasized and dreamed of.
Please,please lover let me in.I lower my butt into the soft bed and try to push into your hot wet pussy,you pull away smiling, telling me not yet. Please,we both have waited for so long for this very moment. Yes my Darling that is why we must wait a little longer. You continue to slide back and forth,back and forth driving me almost insane. Then you just stop and lay there motionless...but there is nothing I can do because you stopped at my aching balls,then you raised up and reached under you and grabbed my hard cock stood it up and slammed your hot pussy down hard. I've never seen a woman move that fast. You slid up and down fast at first,then you slowed your pace.
Your pussy was so fucking hot,we fit together so good. We both were moaning in the heat of the moment.As you rode my hard dick I pulled and bit at your nipples. I wet one of my fingers with your juice and slid it in your tight ass.That was it,that drove you over the edge,your pussy squeezed down hard on my dick as you went up and down,faster and faster.


Lover,I going to cum,please cum with me.
You tell me,I need to feel you shoot your hot load deep in my pussy. Ohhhh,Plllleeeaaassee....I'm, I'm going to
...ooowwwwweeeeGoooooodddddddd,NOW BABY..,NOW BABY I'M CUMMMIIINNNNNGGGG. OHHHH OOOHHHHHHH, Cum with me Baby.

I held off as long as I could but your pussy was clamping down hard as you fucked me crazy and I couldn't last any longer. I lay back and grabbed the bed with both hands holding on for dear life. I raised up and met your rythm as we fucked. I felt my own orgasm start and even tho I tried still to hold it as long as I could your pussy just sucked out all my hot cum.
You fell forward onto my heaving chest and waiting arms. At that moment we were in heaven,we didn't care who heard or saw the two loved starved crazy people in room 212...

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