Our Separate Ways
I had met her when we were in college. Actually, she was the girl friend of a good friend of mine. She immediately caught my attention when he introduced us. She had gorgeous caramel skin, long flowing black hair and her dark brown eyes that lit up the room when she would get excited about something was what caught my attention. She is what I'd call a passionate person and she had the ability to get loud and boisterous when we were out having fun. Something about that wild side drew me to her. I was jealous of my buddy from the get go, but obviously wasn't going to do anything about it. Social media pictures, my hand and an imagination would have to be what allowed me to scratch that itch.

Many years went by and her and my buddy ended up going their separate ways. She married someone else and moved on and I married my love and built a life.

One weekend my wife was out of town during a wedding that we had been invited to. With nothing else to do, I attended the wedding for some friends of ours and was having a great time. It never even crossed my mind that this gorgeous ex-girl friend of mine would even be there. We ran into one another and gave one another the big hugs and courtesy talk that old friends have that haven't seen each other in quite some time. We both went about the reception on our own and would run into one another at the bar, buffet, etc. We had a great time catching up and discussing life and what not. Much to my surpise as the night wore on, I couldn't stop looking around the room for her. She was wearing a black cock tail dress that fit her body perfectly. Her toned arms were very eye appealing and her thick, muscular thighs stretched the dress to where it needed to be. Her hips were gorgeous as she'd dance and walk around. The dress went just below mid thigh. Enough to show those beautiful legs off, but not college aged slutty high.

As the reception came to and end I wasn't quite ready for the party to be over, so I found a quiet secluded bar a few blocks away. I hadn't much thought about where my night was headed, but was pleasantly surprised and shockingly nervous when I saw this woman come into the bar by herself. I for some odd reason was a little bit more nervous than any time prior to that night, and when I saw her walk in I tried to play it cool, but inside was begging for her to sit down beside me.

Leianna sat down next to me with a big smile and ordered a drink. I looked over her shoulder to see who she came with, but she appeared to come alone. Wow, what a coincidence I thought. This will be fun. As the night got longer and we kept drinking, the conversation turned flirty and open. We were having a hell of a time not worrying about anything and just enjoying one another's company. She was drop dead beautiful as she laughed and smiled through out the evening. Truth be told, I couldn't wait to get home so I could jerk off to her.

It was late and the rest of the bar was quiet. It was dark, dimly lit with a few other patrons in there sitting at their tables. No one was paying any attention to anyone else as the music played. I needed to hit the restroom. I stood up and headed that direction. As I went down the hallway to the restroom there was an old pay phone booth to my left. It still had the pay phone in it with the glass door to shut for privacy. I thought to myself that this was a pretty cool feature for this older establishment and was impressed with the decor of the place. The old time feel was something I enjoyed.

As I came out of the bathroom, Leianna was coming down the hall, headed to the women's restroom. We nervously smiled at one anther as it was the first time we were actually alone and I think it hit us both that we had been very flirty and open out there. It was an awkward smile for both of us, but neither one of us really moved out of the way as we headed towards eachother. Our hands kind of touched as we passed and shoulders rubbed together as we kind of both moved and kind of didn't. We made eye contact and both gave a nervous smile and look that we knew something was about to happen, but that it probably shouldn't. She broke the tension as she pulled away and headed towards the restroom. I took a deep sigh as she walked away and I watched her, knowing that that was for the better. But something inside of me (probably my dick talking) told me to wait for her.

I leaned up against the wall and waited for her to come out, trying to be a gentleman. As the door swung open and I saw her come out, my heart raced and my stomach turned. She turned and saw me and nervously smiled again. I went to hold my hand out of escort her back to our seats. Leianna was obviously on the same page mentally as I was. She again grinned at me and we locked eyes again. In an instant we both lunged at one another, kissing eachother deep and passionate. The hallway was around the corner from the rest of the bar, so we were secluded.

Her gorgeous lips were so soft, her wide mouth taking all of my mouth in. Her hands were in my hair as I grabbed her ass and pulled that tight, thick built body into me. My dick was hard as I pulled her in, I could feel her stomach up against mine as her hips searched for mine.

The old phone booth was mere feet away. I pulled her into it and slammed the door. It was dark in there minus one very dimly lit light that basically just showed the shadows of someone being in there. The music of the bar faded as the door slammed and now all I could hear were Leianna's slight moans and our heavy breathing.

This was all a fantasy or a dream in my head I thought. Until she got down to her knees and pulled my raging hard on from my pants. It damn near slapped her in the face when she sprung it from my pants. Fuck I was hard. She spit on my cock as she started to stroke me, up and down, long and slow. I ran my fingers through her hair, begging for her to take me in her mouth. Leaianna had a big mouth, perfect for giving blow jobs. And when she finally took me in her mouth...holy fuck did she know what she was doing. I watched her tongue as she glided all over my cock, taking me all in. She knew exactly how to stroke my cock with her hand as she followed it with her mouth. As I looked down and watched, I noticed she had pulled her dress up, wearing a perfect tiny black g-string. She was sitting on her heel of her foot as she slowly ground her pussy on her heel. I tried to pull her up from my dick, but she was loving my cock in her mouth, determined to suck me dry. I wasn't ready to cum and it was probably going to take more than her perfect mouth. I tried to pull her up again as she resisted. Finally I got underneath her arms and pulled her up forcefully, my cock making a "popping" sound as I pulled her mouth away.

I gently but forcefully shoved her up againt the wall, grabbing her neck every so slightly as I had her up against the wall. I looked her deep in the eyes as I went in and kissed her hard, tasting my precum from her lips and tongue. She squirmed as I kissed her and tightened my grip around her neck. I kissed her cheek and down her neck and back to her ear when I whispered "I'm going to fuck you hard, fast, slow and long" dragging my words out but letting my heavy breath breathe into her ear.

I started out with my hands as I pulled her dress up to her hips. She was squirming and had already pulled her own tits out of her dress to where the dress was just under them, holding them up. To my surprise her brown nipples were pierced, hard as rocks as I continued to explore her.

My big hands and thick fingers caressed and massaged her thighs, working my way to her middle. Her hips thrust forward, her pussy begging to be touched. I pushed her back harder against the wall, whispering in her ear again "you just fucking wait, I'll get to that pussy when I'm ready" This drove leianna crazy as I teased and controlled her. She was grabbing at my cock, stroking it, trying anything to satisfy her urge.

As I gave in and found her mound, I started on the outside of her black panties. She was already soaking through the satin. I kept one finger on the outside of her g-string on her clit with pressure as I slid two more under her panties. Finding her slit and rubbing my fingers up and down it as I teased her pussy hole, she was already having her fist orgasm. "Good girl..." I whispered in her ear as I grabbed her bare ass with my other hand. She was still shoved up against the wall. She needed to be fucked as she begged me to fill her. She lifted her leg up and placed it on the opposite wall of the phone booth. My two finger slid into her with no resistance when she did this. By now I had gone all the way under her panties with my fingers. I grabbed her ass tighter as I teased her ass hole with my finger. I had her right tit, hard as a rock in my mouth. The taste of metal from her nipple ring and her sweet smoothe skin filled my mouth. The rocking of her body had that nipple ring banging off of my teeth. At this point I had three fingers in her while she rubbed her clit against the palm of my hand. She tried to grab my cock to give me some pleasure, but it was no use. She was using it more as a handle to hold onto as I finger fucked her pussy into her second orgasm.

As she caught her breath, I pulled my fingers from her wetness. I pushed her body up against the wall as I looked her deep in the eyes again. I pulled my cum soaked fingers up to our faces. She reached out and took each one in her mouth, never breaking eye contact with me. She tasted herself while looking me dead in the eye the entire time. This was too much for me.

I found her tiny little g-string and grabbed it. In one motion I pulled it fast and hard, snapping the tiny string as I ripped it from her body. She let out a little squeal as I did this. She obviously loved it by the smile on her face but all I knew was that I needed to fuck her. I picked her up by her waist as she wrapped her legs around me. I grabbed her ass and smashed her back up against the wall again, lowering her beautifully laser shaved pussy onto my cock. We both knew at this point this was wrong but we both had to have each other. The foreplay and blow job and fingering seemed like you could justify it in your head, but fucking was a different deal. We both paused for a split second, but at this point, we needed each other. Leianna began to buck her hips against me as I adjusted my arms and hands. I now had her legs on my shoulders with my hands holding her waist. I thrust deeper and harder, slamming her back against the wall with every stroke. Neither one of us cared, we needed more. She came again as I slowed down, but I had to have that gorgeous ass from behind. I set her down gently but forcefully turned her around and up against the wall. I leaned into her and kissed her neck and ear lobe, my heavy breathing almost dropping her to her knees. I slid my cock between her ass cheeks, her cum lubricating them as I teased her ass hole. I dropped a touch lower as I found her pussy, filling it back up with my cock. I grabbed her hips with both hands and slammed into her. I could hear her pierced titties tapping against the wall as I railed her from behind. Her moans and the sound of my hips slamming against her ass began to fill the cubicle. I reached up with one hand and covered her mouth, trying to quiet her. She wrestled away from my hand. She bounced her perfect little ass back into me, taking me deeper and deeper. She was rubbing her clit with one of her free hands as she came again. I felt her pussy tighten it's grip on my cock and I was about to cum. As I was about to release, Leianna spun around and dropped to her knees...taking me all in again, right as I released stream after stream into her mouth. She kept sucking as I fell back against the wall, trying to get her to stop but also loving every second of it. She took all of it, swallowing it all with out a problem. As she slowly stood back up, I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. I couldn't help it, I slammed her up against the wall again, kissing her long and hard, our tongues intertwined, tasting her and me together.

As we both came back to, we looked over, only to our surprise to see a young college age girl leaned up against the wall, outside the glass door. She obviously had been watching us, masturbating herself to orgasm. Leianna and I looked at one another and giggled as we composed ourselves. I put my sport coat on her shoulders as we exited the bar and I walked her to her car.

"Well that was something" she said, as we kissed one last time and went our separate ways.
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