Our Wedding Day
I do..

The words came out of our mouths. We were finally getting married. It has been over due.

As we walked down that aisle, I saw how happy he was. Everyone grabbed their things and headed out the door for the reception hall. Which was a few miles away. They saw us off in the limo.

Once we drove off, I told the driver to take his time to get to the hall as I rolled the black divider up. Max opened the bottle of chamapane. Before he could pour it into glasses, I put it back on ice.

I pushed him back into the seat. He asked what I was doing. I simply smile and started to unzip his pants while I am kneeling on the limo floor. My dress hiked up a little of course.

I pulled his dick out, he was semi hard. I started to stroke as I took the tip in my mouth. I love the feeling of him growin in my mouth. As soon as he is hard, I deep throat him. I can hear him moan. I pulled back a little bit so I can breath for a moment before doing it again.

He couldnt do it for to long, he cums so fast when I deep throat him. He pulls me up and lays me on the other seat going long way. He hikes my dess up a little more, noticing I wasnt wearing any panties. Only my gurdle. He drove him wild.

He kissed my legs up to my wet pussy. He slid in one finger, then another as he stayed on my clit. My fingers went through his hair, pushing him on my clit more. I loved how he ate me out.

He soon stopped and got on the seat next to me. He slid his dick in between my lips. Waiting for me to beg him to fuck me. I grabbed at him and pulled me towards me. I kissed him, as he thrusted into me.

I couldnt help but moan. He fucked me good, fast, and deep. After all we had to make it fast since we were only a few miles away from the hall.

He held my legs on his shoulders, my heels right by his head. Kissing my legs, feeling my legs as he fucked me good.

He pulled out. I turned over on all fours. My dressed pulled up over me. He came up behind me and surprised me with the back door. My moans were flying out of my mouth. I couldnt help myself, I was cumming. I started to play with my clit. It was a little difficult to go around my dress.

He fucked my ass slow at first to get use to the feeling. He started to pick up speed. I knew I couldnt hold back any longer. I came all over. He pulled out and slammed back into my dripping wet pussy.

I was weak, I couldnt hold myself up. He wrapped his arm around my chest and pulled me back towards him so I am sitting back on him. He thrusts deep, but fast enough, cumming in me. He kisses my neck, and slowly releases his grip.

I pull away from him. We have just arived at the hall. I fix my dress before we head in. He kisses me and say "Now you are my wife."
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