Our first night together
We had an amazing time together so far. I had dated the perfect man for about 4 months now and the sexual tension was building like an avalanche. We had managed to be friends for a few months before dating and that's when I thought my breaking point would be where I just grabbed him and let loose. I had managed to somehow stay a lady and knew I couldn't be one for long. Tonight we went to a very romantic little Italian place; the ones with the candles everywhere, dark wood, the smell of garlic and other enticing spices. We sat in a booth close together talking about how much we enjoyed each others company and various other things when he reaches his hand over to my knee and starts to slide it up my leg, then up my dress and stops at that little place on your thigh that just drives you wild. Then we look at each other and see that we need he is raring to go and I am very wet with the thought of him touching me everywhere. As we are driving home there is just silence and my vagina going wild. Finally we reach his house which is a small cozy fairly new home simply decorated with a vintage feel like how we both were. He leads me to the hallway where we stop and he leans me against the wall, wraps my leg around him, and he french kisses me with a delicate passion moving down to my neck and chest, then back up.

At this point my hands are running all over his chest and belt as he takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom. He has a lovely large tub with steps that he begins to fill with nice warm water. He then turns to me and begins to take off my dress and then my shoes. He stops to take his clothes off and I see his slightly muscular and meaty figure while he is looking at my curvy half naked body. He finishes stripping me and then says,"I want to be in that lovely bouncy butt so bad. Oh it looks like so much fun!" So he shows me a bottle of lube and I say yes to his request and bend over the counter. He squeezes my cheeks and then rubs it all over his 9 inch long perfectly fat cock and then spreads me. He slides in slowly getting me used to the feel of this and I let out a few little whimpers. He slides fully in and begins a rhythm pressing against me, and reaches around to stick two fingers in me and his other hand massages my clit. Oh this feels amazing.... so amazing I start to shake. He likes this and goes faster and faster until i scream and convulse so much he pulls out.

We then get into the tub and just soap each other up, hands going everywhere and the alufa running up and down my chest. The bath wath short thank goodness because by now he had gotten me so ready I was about to yank him out of the tub. We go to his room and he lays me on the bed and begins to kiss me everywhere. His tongue guides my hard nipples into his mouth when he begins to nibble and suck on one and then the other. He takes the whole breast into his mouth and then makes a "mmmm" noise. He kisses down my stomach then gently licks my fold all around the lips making his way to my clit. He sucks and tongues it furiously while holding onto my cheeks and suddenly stops, looks at me and he knows he has me. He puts my kness back to my shoulders and pushes into me with all he has. He feels so good and so long that I can't talk or make any noise. I just lay there push after push wanting to cry out in ecstasy but can't. He then gently turns me over, props up some pillows, and once again starts pushing my hips onto him. He is hitting my spot so well that I finally muster up a yell. Harder and harder he goes grunting, my back arching and relaxing and I feel my body finally relax as we both cum. We both collapse onto the bed panting with all of our energy spent and fall asleep wrapped up together.
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