Our holiday together
I awake in an unfamiliar room. The sun is shining and creating dappled patterns on the walls. I see you laying next to me and remember that we are on holiday together.

We have had such an amazing time, such happiness and love, day and night. Each day trying to find new ways to please each other.
Today, we have had our siesta, I have an idea, I want to try something different to excite you.

I rise quietly from the bed so as not to disturb you.

You look so beautiful. A thin sheet covers your naked body. I can see every curve and shape that I have come to know and love.

You remind me of a porcelain statue, perfect in every way.

I gather the things that I will need. When I return to our bedroom, you have not moved.
Every morning, whoever wakes first, wakes the other with a kiss. A wonderful way to start a day.

I lean down to you and touch my lips to yours. I feel you stir beneath me as you slowly awaken.

I know you are awake now as you return my kiss.
I whisper to you to keep your eyes shut. I move to the bottom of our bed, and gently and slowly pull the sheet down your body, knowing that it will feel like a soft caress to you.

You still look as if you are asleep, your eyes are closed but you now have a tell tale smile on your sweet mouth.

I kiss you again, I would kiss you all day if it were possible, such a lovely mouth.

I watch you stretch, your arms reach above you, your body arches towards me, your body offered to me.

I grasp your hands above your head and hold them there, you are gently restrained.

Now I am ready. You jump as a drop of cold water touches your lips, you look puzzled. Then you feel the icy coldness as an ice cube touches your lips.

I trace a pattern around them. I have to kiss you again. Your lips are cold but I can feel your passion glowing from deep inside.

I slide the ice over your chin, down your lovely throat. I feel your body tense up, you know what is about to happen, you are excited by it.

The ice is now in that valley between your breasts, it is melting fast, but I have more. I slide it up that glorious curve of your breast to your nipple. I hear you gasp.

Your nipple is responding, it is hard. I slide the ice once more down one breast and up the other. I have to kiss it, I have to feel your nipple with my tongue. Tease it with my teeth.

Now the journey down your body begins. The ice is now too small, I replace it with a larger piece. Over your ribs to the hollow of your tummy. I laugh as a small puddle forms in your tummy button.

I still hold your arms, but your body is beyond my control. You raise your hips eager to feel the thrill of the ice.

I hold it just above your pussy, a small trickle runs between your legs, you gasp, but open your legs. I rub the ice over the petals of your pussy.

Your body opens to me. The ice has melted now. It has served its purpose.

Now we lay together. Your breath hot on my neck, your arms and legs engulfing me, your hands searching me, so eager to return the pleasure.

The ice has fired your passion not cooled it.

Are you ready my love ?
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