Our overdue sex vacation
My name is Jill, I'm 47 and I'm married to a wonderful man named Rich who is 46. We've been married for 20 years now and have 1 kid named John that has moved out and gotten married himself. We live alone now and I think we are stuck in a rut. Neither one of us could really figure out why though. We were still in love and had sex every now and then still. Rich likes to read Playboy, not that I mind honestly. Every now and then I take a look myself honestly, not that I'm bisexual or anything like that. Anyway I picked up his December 2011 issue of Playboy that had Leeann Tweeden on the cover. One thing I really enjoyed about it was that every month they do some interesting statistics. Most things people don't think about. I found one little piece of information in there. It said 'Most couples have more sex during a 1-week vacation than they do during 2 months at home.'

"Are they serious?" I asked.

Then I just really wondered about that, and the more I did I realized that's true. On our honeymoon trip to Jamaica and a trip to Florida we did have more sex then. Maybe it was just the aspect that we were on vacation. So I thought about it a little more and then about 40 minutes later Rich came home. He came in the room and saw I looking at that page.

"Yeah it does say 'Entertainment for men' but you can prove them wrong," Rich said just before he kissed me hello.

Then he laid on the bed with me and put his arms around me.

"Watch are you reading about? I had no idea that an avalanche could travel up to 190 miles per hour," Rich said.

Then I kissed him again.

"Well, they got me thinking about something," I replied.

"What?" Rich asked.

"This one, 'Most couples have more sex during a 1-week vacation than they do during 2 months at home.' I mean I think they are definitely onto something there. I mean you remember the trips to Flordia and Jamaica?" I asked.

He thought about it for a minute.

"Yeah you are right sweetie, I guess I never really thought it," Rich replied.

"I know, right?" I asked.

"Well we haven't done anything like that since Florida, so let's get on that," Rich replied.

"You really mean it?" I asked.

"Of course I do, we both have been working for years, John had that big wedding we mainly payed for, we deserve a vacation," Rich replied.

"Thank you, I love you," I said.

"I love you too," Rich replied.

Then over the next few months we began planning a little trip. We decided to go back to Jamaica, we had the time of our lives there. Of course we also didn't have that kind of money gathering dust in our bank account, so we saved up some too, but we bought the plane tickets right when we decided to go because we could get a discount if we payed for them in advance. We told John and his wife Jane that we were going ad agreed we needed it. So about 4 months after we decided to go we finally got on the plane. We were calling this our overdue new honeymoon. When we got to our hotel room and we were a little overwhelmed honestly.

"Holy shit this is nice," I said as he came in our suite.

"No kidding," Rich replied.

Then he set down on bags and got on the bed. It was really comfortable to say the least.

"I think I may have an orgasm juts from laying on this bed," I said.

"Well, let's get on that sweetheart," Rich replied as he got on top of me.

Then we began making out passionately for a couple minutes as we both wrapped our arms around each other.

"I tell you I love you lately?" I asked.

"Maybe once or twice," Rich replied.

I was wearing a dress that day, so he slowly climbed down and pulled up my dress.

"Oh the green panties today?" Rich asked.

"I felt extra sexy," I replied.

"You are always extra sexy," Rich said.

Then he slowly pulled down my thong as well and exposed my pussy. It was already wet of course, it was such a turn on that we were on vacation in Jamaica honestly.

"Someone is horny," Rich said.

"Maybe a little," I replied.

Then he undid his pants and took them off with his boxers as well. I made sure to bring some birth control for our trip, so we'd be covered. Then he stuck his cock inside me.

"Oh yes Rich, that's what I want," I said.

He began thrusting his cock into me slowly, of course we didn;t wanna have hardcore sex just yet. As was thrusting he leaned his head down and we made out as well. We bot wrapped our arms around each other once again and he just kept thrusting his cock making feel so damn good. I was already getting a little sweaty honestly, it was so damn hot honestly.

"Let me take off my dress," I said.

Then he got off me and let me take off my dress and my bra as well. He always loved my boobs, it was like he was mesmerized by them. He just starred for a minute.

"If you were any other guy I'd slap you," I said.

Then I got up and took off his shirt as well, so we both were completely naked. I got back on the bed and on top of him and he inserted his cock into me. We both looked at each other with some really lusty eyes and he put his hands on my boobs. I thought he'd cum right then, but then I started to ride him. I began boucning up and down slowly. He made yto sure to squeeze my boobs firmly. I he knew I liked that, so he heighten the pleasure he also pinched my nipples as well.

"Oh shit Rich, you know that's what I like," I said as I moaned.

I just kept bouncing up and down a bit as we both began to get sweaty. We only had been having sex for a couple minutes, but it was already really hot and kinky. I was moaning really loudly and makin some noise already.

"Shh, we need to keep it down a bit, we are in a hotel," Rich said.

"Oh fuck that we're on vacation," I replied.

"Fair enough," Rich said.

Then he leaned up with me and we both wrapped our arms around each other once again. We made out very passionately for about 3 minutes straight. I had my boobs pressing up against him a bit and then my pussy just got wetter.

"Oh I fucking love you sweetie," I said.

"I love you too my dear," Rich replied.

He leaned his head down just a bit and began sucking on and licking my nipples. He knew just how to titillate me, it was like magic how could get me off then. I wondered why we hadn't had more sex, I mean we weren't always busy or anything like that. I put my hands on his head and it just made him suck on my nipple a little harder.

"Oh fuck me Rich, fuck me hard," I said as I moaned.

I didn;t give him the chance to answer, I just kept my hands on his head and he kept going as if there was no finish line, he just had to keep going until he was just beyond tired of nipple licking. Of course with every single lick my pussy just got a little bit wetter.

"Fuck yes Rich," I said as I moaned.

Then he took my boobs in his hands and squeezed them one again. Then he had me lay down as he was still on top of me. He began thrusting his cock in and out of me once again slowly. We both looked at each other with some lusty eyes and smiled as well. We kissed each other numerous times all over each others faces.

"Why don't we have sex more?" I asked.

"I don't know, but we're gonan be having a lot more sex now," Rich replied.

Then he kissed me on the forehead once as he stopped thrusting.

"I love you sweetheart, I love everything about you angel, I wanna have sex with you every single day for the rest of our lives, I don't know why we've been in a rut, but I want you Jill, no one else," Rich said.

"You promise?" I asked.

"Of course I promise," Rich replied.

"Then make sweet love to me," I said.

Then he began thrusting once again. I put my arms around him and held him close to me, of course then he couldn't thrust as much, but he don't think he minded as much. My boobs were were completely squished of course sense I was holding him so close to me, but call me crazy I don't think he minded having my boobs pressing against him.

"OK I know you know I like to make love, but I also like it rough, so show your wife that age doesn;t mean a damn thing when you can pound me hard," I said.

Then he laughed a little began thrusting much harder when I stopped holding him so close. Then if the people in the next room thought my moans were loud before, they had another thing coming. I began maonign really loudly all of the sudden.

"Oh hell yes Rich, just like that, but harder, harder!" I screamed.

Then he cracked a smile and put his hands on my boobs. He kept thrusting his cock like mad and just couldn't stop to save his life. I laid my head back as far as I could and closed my eyes as well. I continued to moan as if I was in an moaning competition. After a couple minutes we heard some banging from the next room.

"I guess we better keep it down," Rich said.

"Fine, I'm giving you a hand job in the hot tub later," I replied.

"Deal," Rich said.

Then he leaned down and we began making out once again. He put his hands back on my boobs and just pinched my nipples a bit. That made me belt out one last big moan before I just couldn't take it anymore. I exploded everywhere all over the bed and his cock.

"Well shit sweetheart, I knew I could make you feel good, but damn," Rich said.

"Well we should be having more sex, a lot more," I replied.

Then he took his cock out of me and laid next to me. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it like mad. I could always give him a good hand job.

"Oh Jill, that's why I married you," Rich said.

"Remind me to kick your ass later," I replied.

I just stroked his cock like mad for a minute and my arm almost immediately got tired, bit I didn't mind though, hell I liked it.

"Oh sweetheart I love so much," Rich said.

"I know, I love you a whole lot as well," I replied.

He laid his head back again and had his eyes closed, I was making him feel all too good.

"Yes, make this guy cum like a fountain Jill, I want you to see it everywhere," Rich said.

"I wanna see it my sweet man, now cum for me like a fountain, a 2 story fountain Rich, I wanna see all of it," I replied.

With my hand grabbing his cock and stroking it very quickly it just became too much for him after a few minutes.

"Shit sweetheart!" Rich screamed.

Then I saw him shoot his load everywhere as well. Then we both laid down together under the blanket.

"And that was just the first time we had sex here too. We're gonna be here for 7 long and sweaty days, are you ready sweetheart?" Rich asked.

"I think so, you really wanna sex with me that much though?" I asked.

"Fuck yes I do, you are even sexier now than you were 20 years ago," Rich replied.

"Aren't you just as sweet as cheesecake?" I asked.

"Sweeter, I'm the one that always made sure to get an anniversary and birthday gift every single year," Rich replied.

"No kidding, you are some kind of man," I said.

"I know that, thanks for the newsflash," Rich replied.

"But a smart ass comment always come out of that mouth every now and then as well," I said.

"Well you'd get tired of me if I was just 100% sweet 100% all of the time," Rich replied.

"You say it's like it's a bad thing," I said.

Then he laughed and kissed me once again.

"Who said old sex isn't good sex?" Rich asked.

"I don't know, but I love it," I replied.

That was just the first time we had sex on our vacation. I did give him a hand job in the hot tub later, but we were alone at the time. We had a full 168 hours together where we really did have more sex in that week than 2 months we had alone. It cost us a little more than we could afford, but it was so worth it though. The sex we had was amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world. It was close, but it was still the best vacation ever.
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