Our party in Las Vegas
I used to fantasize about fucking and sucking more than one guy. My fantasy got me to cum more than once, when I would masturbate. Well I am a believer that is when you want something to happen it will happen.

About a month ago, my husband Scott, and I were invited to this party in Las Vegas. The room and food was free. We both knew the kind of party it was to. My friend that lives in Vegas said to expect the extreme. Why would I be surprise my hubby likes to watch me fuck other men in front of him. The hotel we were staying at was Caesars Palace very nice we had a beautiful suite on the 20th floor. The party was at the top penthouse.

When we arrived the room was packed with people of all types and ages Men, young men women, girls. I glad we didn't wear too much to this party because by the time we got there everybody in the rooms were naked. We heard moaning and muffled sounds. We immediately got naked, after that I never saw Scott the rest of the night.

You could smell the musky pussy, and cum in the air. It was invigorating. There was this one room full of people that were naked rolling around on the floor I was like pulled in to the pile of people, and OMG I had a cocks in all my holes there were girls licking balls, pussy's, asshole and anything you could imagine was being sucked on fucked and eaten

At one time I had these 2 guys fucking my ass at the same time the pain was almost too much. I managed to free myself and get up to go to bar to have a drink, and I needed one.
I was standing at the bar drinking a rum and coke and this guy comes up from behind me with a huge cock and bends me over and rams it all the way up my asshole my drink went everywhere.

This guy was amazing fucking me. I could feel his huge balls slap my ass every time he rammed it in me. He actually made me cum hard right there in front of everybody. My knees were so weak I had a hard time standing, after he finished me off. I never thought I could be in a place where there was too much sex, but I was there.

The night got worse, I was fucked and sucked on every way but loose. I am glad there was tubes of KY around, I would have never made it. About 3am in the morning I saw my hubby Scott with these (4) guys fucking him, he was sucking there cocks like crazy. I finally got his attention; He got up and could hardly walk himself. I said Scott are you ok?

He told me that, he had been with guys all night no women. I said ahh what you are trying to tell me, he just blurted it out. He told me he was gay and that was It, he didn't want to touch me anymore. That he wanted to separate. We are at home now trying to deal with this. I told him I understand his desire for guys I have the same desire for girls and women, but I thought we had a good thing, anywho got to go. If anyone has any advice for me I would appreciate it

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