Out Back,Up Front, 9 - Assessment of the Bull Ant Damage.
Assessment of the Bull Ant Damage

Rochelle was disappointed. The bull ant stings were painful and it was difficult to be comfortable in the ute. She wanted to be closer to Jeff, to lean against him and share their warmth. She felt that there was a distance, a hesitation, she wanted it to go away.

Her misfortune with the bull ants seemed to have left awkwardness, Jeff was so very solicitous and there were times when his concern for her injuries seemed greater than for herself. She knew that he wanted more than was happening and she wanted to participate. That she had difficulty with so many things was disappointing. She wished she could walk properly, that she could check the tires with him and they could stop and go for walks.

Rochelle decided that the chaffing of panties was unacceptable. She dispensed with them. She thought it incredible that insects could inflict so much pain and complained that her pussy was puffy. It's not funny she told Jeff when he smiled, grateful that there weren't more problems than she already had. She wondered whether Jeff really understood.

"Can you stop, please?" she asked. He stopped the ute and she got out. Though she hobbled with the pain, it didn't take long; she was quickly back in the passenger seat. He saw that she had her makeup mirror in her hand. From her bag she found her camera and set it on a small tripod and placed it on the dash.

"I'd like a record of what they did," she explained. She slid forward in the seat and put her feet up on the dash. She pulled her skirt out of the way and put the mirror between her legs.

"Let's see what they did," she said. He turned off the motor. "Thank you." She was able to spread her knees further. He watched as she carefully delved with her fingers. "I think it's the biggest my clit has ever been," she said. "It looks angry." He leaned forward and towards her. "Can you see?" she asked.

"Yes," he replied.

"It's normally a healthy pink color. Now it's dark red." He looked at the engorged little protuberance. With her fingers she pulled the hood away and pushed her flaps to the side so that it stood tall in its circle of flesh. She touched it and shuddered.

"Painful?" he asked.

"Very. Those bull ants sure made a mess of me." Her fingers went down further and opened her lips to explore. With the mirror she could see the bulky tissues. Her labia were swollen and looked uncomfortable. "This one is swollen," she said as she showed him, but the one on her right was severely distended. It looked so sore and he felt a lump in his throat as he appreciated the pain she would be feeling.

"Can you put a finger there," she asked. He put it on the outer labia and as she pulled herself open from the other side they looked at the entrance of her vagina. He could see how distended it was and the unevenness of the swelling. She carefully slid a finger inside. He watched the pain reflected in her face as she explored. "I don't think they got all the way inside," she said. "That's a good thing. It hurts here though," and she pointed at the left side near the entrance.

"Can I have more of the anti sting medication please?" He got out of the ute and hunted in the back before returning with it. He unscrewed it and offered it to her. "If you could hold me open I'll hold the mirror and try to put it on." He carefully prized her lips apart as she watched with the mirror.

"That's good," she said. "Hold it like that." She dabbed the goo around. "I guess I'm lucky this works." She loaded her finger, plunged the goo deep inside and spread it around. After several more applications she handed the tube of medication to him. "Your fingers are longer than mine."

"Ok." He carefully loaded his finger.

"Can you help to hold me open? I want to watch." With his left hand he helped to open her as she observed with the mirror. Slowly he pushed his index finger inside her and soothed the medication around. "Another one?" she asked.

"Ok." Again they watched as her pliant tissues gave way to his hard finger. Carefully he spread the medication.

"Thank you," she said. He took his finger out and they looked at her vulva again.

"It still looks angry," he assured her.

"Yes. And it needs a shave."

"When you're ready," he promised.

"Thank you," she said as she pulled her skirt down and kissed him. At last, she felt, they were doing something together and it wasn't simply about her being a recipient of his attention. He put the tube on the dash.

"I hope my pussy will be fully operational tomorrow," she said, and they both shared a smile.

"Me too," he murmured and kissed her.

"And don't think I'm the only one who does introductory tours!" They both laughed.

To be continued.

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